Kinlessa Limandria Geminiel

It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.

Concept: Warm-Hearted Leader
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Geminiel
Gender: Female
Age: 162
Birthday: 12/30
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Highborn
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Pale Gold
Eye Color: Smoke Blue
Skintone: Fairest Ivory
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: A woman with very soft features, Limandria embodies elegance and grace. Her smokey blue eyes gaze out with appreciation for all life. Her skin is fair and milky with pale blond hair often braided with flowers and other fine things. Limandria carries herself in a very gracious and gentle way, speaking in melodic but self assured tones.

Personality: Don't let Limandria's soft expressions or elegant way of speaking fool you. She has her mind set and maintains a fiery conviction beneath the soft way she presents herself. In conversation she is gracious and willing to listen. On the senate floor, she has a commanding presence. Still quite young and optimistic, Limandria always seeks to find the best solution to any given problem.

Background: Born the daughter of a diplomat, Limandria was very quick to take up the art of conversation. Her father, Senator Vincere Geminiel, spent a lot of his time teaching her the ways of the world and the ways of negotiation. When Ithiriel Elexia would come to visit the Duindar, Vincere always made sure to have Limandria with him. She sat quietly and listened as they would talk about the unification efforts. And when their conversations started to become more grim around the time of the Mortal Strife, Vincere never asked Limandria to leave. She was treated as an equal by him all throughout her life.

During the Eradication War, Limandria took point on making sure supplies and communications were happening swiftly to and from the front lines. She never saw the Host herself, but the letters she read described the horrific unrelenting way they fought with enough detail to give her nightmares. Sadly, one of the letters that came in brought news of her father's passing. This all happened right around the time Ithiriel Elexia made the final call to travel to Aarandor. With a heavy heart, Limandria packed up and left with her uncle, cousin and sister Nyrena for the new world.

When they arrived and things began to settle, an election was held to replace Senator Vincere's spot in the senate. Limandria won the seat handedly, campaigning on a premise of unity and a renewal of faith and a time of peace. She has vowed to the Duindar that she would keep their prosperity and happiness in mind as they continue to figure out this new world together.

Relationship Summary

  • Teroleus - Senator Teroleus is a spellblade who served our armies well in the war, but I believe his service and losses have left him cynical about the direction our people should go in.
  • Saqurius - They are another young senator, but they hold to a stricter view of the past than anyone else I know. Sometimes the old are not wise at all, but have committed mistakes we should learn from.
  • Theleria - I hope to someday be as wise and as a beloved as she is. She has guided us through so much and although sometimes I think she's a bit old fashioned, she has much acumen I could learn from.
  • Elizaldian - For one so young, he's lost so much. He represents so many of our people in that. Sometimes it's as if there's a stone slung around his neck which makes me feel terrible for him. As long as it doesn't affect his decision making, he's entitled to act as he sees fit.

  • Family:
  • Audreus - Our leader of the Spellblades, General of the Amethyst Order. My cousin (or my aunt, depending on who you ask) is such a charismatic woman. She is wise when it comes to her tactics and when I need military guidance, she has never steered our family wrong. She may be a little too paranoid sometimes about threats which have yet to manifest after all this time.
  • Deoca - Gloomy Uncle- You always seem so sad but that is expected of Glanor's priest. I would love to see your heart lightened but I know the burdeon of maintaining the shrines to the dead in Thelos is a heavy one. It's made you a harder man than I remember as a child.
  • Nyrena - Without my sister's support, his road I'm traveling would have been that much harder. She has been there for me, even when we were little playing our little games. I know she has her own path to travel, but I'm glad she's done this at my side.

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