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Past Actions

Action by Aurelian

(Public Action, OOC Date: Sept. 3, 2019, 8:25 a.m.)

House Geminiel is going to go and explore the lands southeast of the Syreian Split ( Aurelian will be using his skills to organize supplies for the expedition and to map out possible terrain for a road to head to the new lands, and will also use his talents to try and find a place that will be good hub for trade in the region.

Magnus will be coming along on this as an armed escort spellblade. Being an evocation specialist, his main job will be keeping the mission safe with evocation magic, though he'll be happy to help lead expedition forces if need be.

Part of this is to create a new way of life for Geminiel, and with that, Katara will be giving out the blessings to all who venture into this new land, and call upon Acharon's blessing for their new home - in whatever form that takes.

As head of House Geminiel Limandria does her best to provide leadership to her house as they set out on their first exploration. She directs the resources and the explorers, coordinating all of the efforts and encouraging her household to apply themselves to their highest standards. She knows it is important to her family and bloodlines that they continue to fund their futures, directing their explorations to the branches of Duindar's rivers in hopes of setting up a settlement that will provide the opportunities for Geminiel to profit from trade routes with the rest of the Duindar, and someday perhaps with the Faenor as well, if either branch reaches the seas. But before they can settle, they must explore and map the land, so she does her best to oversee such efforts, providing the leadership and dedicated support her family has come to expect from their head.

Aurelian, Audreus, Katara and Kiros found a rather foggy and bog-like terrain down the southern river. Though they ended up burt and split up, eventually they came together to discover that the area they found is absolutely defensible. A military marvel! Some of that they may keep to themselves, but the word begins to spread to the others soon enough.

Though the stories that come back from House Geminiel are a little murky, one thing is for certain. They have absolutely found a very defensible location along the southern Syreian Split. Those who try to find it on their own come back without the foggiest of clues on where specifically the trail is taking them. But all rumors, shrouded in mist or otherwise, point to the fact that House Geiminiel has begun sending stone down river to build themselves a stone keep. The impressive structure has been named Murkhold.

((Settlement built and an extar 1500 military resources added to your bank))

Action by Lunan

(Public Action, OOC Date: Aug. 22, 2019, 10:36 p.m.)

Now that the Army of Trees has been defeated, it is time for Naevon to continue with their own progress and explore the world around them, in hopes of finding a location suitable for settling and establishing their own city. To this end, Lunan Naevon spearheads the efforts for his family, gathering the supplies, and elves needed for their efforts. His goal is to move further along the river to the north east, past the Syrian Split in the direction of where Lorawin is located. With his wooden bear figurine from Kiros in hand, he will assemble his team and march on.

Magnus has been very interested in making the most of resettlement of nearby lands, and has volunteered to assist Lunan in the expedition. As an Evocation specialist spellblade with an affinity for fire and lightning, Sentinel Magnus Geminiel will be acting as armed escort, and will help with management as a leader as necessary.

Rekke will work as a forward scout. Primarily he will be moving by way of trees and whatever highground he can find to relay information to the others.

The Senator is aware of the difficulties that come with leading a Kinship. She's more aware of the difficulties that arise with leading a Household. The Senate is pushing all Duindar families to fund an exploration of Duindar's lands, and to build a settlement that will help both their families and their Kinship to grow. Rather than leading the way by pushing forward a Settlement in her own families name, she has chosen to support the other Duindar families first. She's made it a priority to see the other families of her Kinship find safe and trustworthy places to establish the roots of their family trees. As such, she has offered the Naevon her political and financial support. She has offered her presence and her talents to the family, as well as her personal resources, eager to see Duindar grow and prosper.

Lunan and Rekke set out past the Heroic Seven's expedition spot along the north river. Surprisingly, they werent attacked by any plants at all. Very strange. But when they made their way further up river, the whole forest began to go dark, thick with canopy over head. Lunan gave them a little illumination and Rekke went off down to the river to save a horse that sounded like it might be drowning.

The horse ensnared Rekke and dragged him under the water, keeping him submerged for a long while. At the river bank Lunan did everything he could to stop the horse. Eventually he landed a spear in its neck and used it to conduct a bold of lightning. Rekke was able to wrangle it back to the shoreline where it died shortly there after. Reliazing the beast was no ordinary horse, they concluded this must be the rumored Kelpie.

Luckily for them, neither elf died during this encounter. And in fact they found a rather perfect spot along the river bank that would make a great settlement!

((To name the potential settlement, just send a +request and we'll put it on the map!))