Lady Elder Starling Brixtien

Anything is possible as long as all sides have an open mind. And when they do not, it is my job to open them. Some enjoy this more than others. ~Starling Brixtien on Mediation

Concept: Holistic Mediator
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Brixtien
Gender: Female
Age: 313
Birthday: 09/13
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Restorationist
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Silver
Skintone: Porcelain
Marital Status: Single

Titles: Professor at the Galithryn Acadeum, Knight of the Blessed Order of Solaris

Description: It is hard not to notice this lady, no matter her environs. If her striking poise or graceful movements don't draw one's attention, her cascading curls of scarlet red hair are likely to do so. Though she is slight of frame, she carries herself as though a titan. Eyes the color of seafoam, flecked with silver, soak in the world around her with equal measure of shrewdness and eagerness. Her nose is delicate, but well formed, and sits above lips that are sensuously full. Fine but not overly pronounced cheekbones frame her face, and lead down to a regally angled chin.

Personality: Starling looks at the world with a certain starry eyed innocence. It is not that she is without guile, or isn't aware of the guile in others, but rather that she wishes to believe in the best of people, and thus does. As a negotiator this proves to be a virtue, as she also seeks to show both sides of a dispute the positive qualities of their opponent, which in turn helps to foster compromise and understanding between the disparate parties. At times she can come across as shy, but often this is merely her exercising restraint and caution as she observes before she acts. How deeply she is connected to the life well has affected how she interacts with other as they speak of spells, or the education surrounding its use.

Background: Starling was born soon after Estril's Feast into an offshoot of the Brixtien Duchy and a member of the Serannar family. While of diluted royal blood there must of been something within her blood that helped deepen her connection to the wellspring, that is if you asked her mother. Her childhood was of meeting people in the Duchy, visiting distant cousin and making friends that she learned to enjoy helping others get along.

But such a balance within the Lifewell could not be dismissed and as the years went on Starling began using her gifts to heal those around her, she did not go to a mage collage but she did gather each bit of knowledge and teaching she could find. And this came in handy when the land started to change, when the mortality she watched in her human friends began to over take many elves she knew. This she fought against with other healers until the Host appeared and then it was all hands on to fight for any life within her people. Somehow she and others of her family made the migration and it was on the voyage that both her skills; of the healer and the mediator were put to the test once more.

As they arrived Starling found herself in the role of teacher and role model for the younger generations that made the same voyage or was even born in the new lands. This was strange for her as there was always someone older and more skilled. But she stepped up to the task and has become the mediator for the royal house while still offering her healing talents to any who asked.

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