Tamora Geminiel

I don't know which is better, making my way through lush and untread forests or working in my shop. Maybe I just like my hands getting dirty.

Concept: Artificing Explorer
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Geminiel
Gender: Female
Age: 304
Birthday: 05/01
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: White Gold
Eye Color: Violet
Skintone: Light Tan
Marital Status: Married

Description: Graceful and long of limb she stands about six foot. With hair that is a pale white gold that shines in the sun. It falls, when unbraided, to nearly her knees in soft waves. An hourglass figure is not as willowy as one might expect. She apparently does some sort of physical work, for lines of muscle can be glimpsed in her limbs. Rounded bust and hips pair well with her long legs, but her beauty is a rugged one. For callouses can be seen on her hands and other subtle signs of work outdoors in the wilds.

Personality: There is no denying that there is a fire that burns in Tamora. A passion for invention that is only matched by the joy she takes in forging new trails through the wilderness. It can sometimes show through in impulsiveness and excitement, but mostly it shines in her dedication and loyalty. Above it all she is a true Geminiel and thoroughly enjoys being of service to her kinship and family.

Background: Born after Estril's Feast, she was free of some of the horrors of it. Raised on the stories. She led a peaceful childhood and found a love for invention and magic. With a skill for prestidigitation and abjuration, she found combining them with artifice to be of great joy and use. It was late in her second century that she became a Senator for one term. But the call of her workshop proved greater than her want to help through politics. So she returned to the place where she felt most at home.

When the horrors of mortality began to settle over the land, she was one of the first to begin seeking answers. Of course her own efforts proved fruitless, but not so much when The Host arrived. Now her skills at artifice allowed her to help with the designs of some of the siege weapons used during the Eradication War. It was on the field that she met her husband, Magnus. They did not need battle to ignite the passion between them.

When word of the crossing was spread again Tamora stepped forward. She offered her skills to try and reinforce the boats that were going to be used to cross over. She and Magnus agreed if they both made it through the crossing, they would seek Baridon's blessing to marry. Both of them almost didn't make it. Tamora fell ill towards the end of the crossing, having exhausted herself through magic in trying to keep the fleet safe. Repairing damage and enduring nights without sleep to see to the safety of others. But despite this, she did make it. Her recovery took some time but it didn't slow her down.

Even from bed she drew and submitted ideas for building and planning. She went over maps and became fascinated by the stories told of the other places seen. When she was well enough, she sought to visit them herself. Awe taking her as she went from place to place. And then the land began to offer up wonders and mysteries of its own. She found herself helping to build the city that would be swept away by the floods. And would blame herself for the losses everyone suffered.

A few years after the Flood she and Magnus agreed to seek out Brundir's blessing once more. With the terrible losses, her own sister and niece among them, she sought to help rebuild in more ways than one. Their son was conceived with great ease and born with great celebration. He showed his father's great aptitude for magic, but had his mother's curiosity. Once things were rebuilt, Tamora sought to begin exploring the lands around them. As her son grows into adulthood she finds herself feeling more able to go and seek new treasures to help the Isalspire and her family.

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