Lord Heir Relios Aenorr

I will find real power, true power, and protect my people from what others could not.

Concept: Resilient Faenor Heir
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Aenorr
Gender: Male
Age: 381
Birthday: 12/21
Patron: Baridon
Vocation: Evocationist
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: argent silver
Eye Color: ice blue
Skintone: fair
Marital Status: single

Titles: Squire of the Sacred Order of the Blood Templars

Description: Tall, though not overly so, Relios stands with an authority about him. His self assured nature stands out in his unwavering features. Piercing blue eyes and an angular jawline give Relios an intense look about him. His physique is lean, though broad shouldered and stately.

Personality: Relios is an introspective sort. He likes to listen and contemplate before taking charge and speaking. Though, when his words do finally come, they are pointed, quick witted and precise. He is not overly emotional, but he does have a very strong sense of justice and honor. When things are not done for the right reasons, he is the first to speak out.

Background: Relios was born during a relatively peaceful time in the history of the Faenor. Ithiriel Elexia was in power, the world had recently been rid of the treacherous Harbingers, and Cayn and Sheelah Aenorr were looking to reestablish their line of succession. Relios was born high in the Crystalline Peak in the city of Khelwen, just as it should be. Away from corruption and temptation, away from the things that lead his older brother Rikir down a dark path. Cayn was set on keeping Relios from the horrors that forced his hand in ending his eldest son's life. Neither his father or mother spoke much of Rikir as Relios grew in to an adult.

Having found his path in life through the art of evocation, Relios was well and ready to help the war efforts when the Host arrived. Fearless evocationist that he was, he insisted on joining the front lines with the Faenor Military to help defend his people as fiercely as possible. He pushed much harder in that war than most would. Allies being burned left and right, humans, dwarves, his fellow elves, men and women he had grown up with. It was only by luck, or perhaps a helping hand from Rithor, that kept Relios from falling to the fires of the Host himself.

When the decision was made to abandon the races of Larandor in search of new promised lands, Relios fought against it adamantly. This was not honor. This was not oath. When his father's final vote was cast at the Council of Five, Relios was furious. But, rather than stay behind, he decided to join his father and help establish and protect the Faenor in this new world. Now that they have been here for fifty years, Relios seeks new ways to better his people and hold them to a higher standard than the rest.

Relationship Summary

  • Rikir - My brother, why did you have to betray everything we stand for? You left me to carry your burdens.

  • Friend:
  • Thorin - I have few people I can trust in my life to be constant. I can expect Thorin to be himself; charming, witty, and loyal even if his views are contrary to much of our Kin. I was pleased he represented our Kinship when he went through the Portal. Sometimes I think of him as a mischievous little brother, even if his own brother Falron doesn't appreciate him that way.

  • Parent:
  • Cayn - You bend too easily father. There is so much more we could have done and your vote may have condemned us all.

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