Blade Sworn Zymandi Devrien

We needn't always deal with our enemies in the open, even if the desert DOES kill most of them.

Concept: Sly Blade Sworn
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Female
Age: 112
Birthday: 10/16
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Scout
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Glossy black
Eye Color: Gray-Green
Skintone: Almond
Marital Status: single

Description: There is an almost feline grace to the way Zymandi carries herself, from the deftness of her movements to the way her murky green mischievous eyes observe the world around her. Said eyes are framed by fine eyebrows that are the same color of her lustrous black hair. Her small frame is athletic and lithe, and her hands are etched with smooth pale scars.

Personality: Passionate and mischievous, Zymandi has very strong feelings about loyalty, in particular to the Kinship and staying true to one's heart. She is insightful and observant, clever and a little stubborn. While she's capable of witty banter when she wishes to be, she often takes a more quiet approach, actually listening to the world around her, and learning from it.

Background: A Lorandi and a Thalerith finding love together would be considered strange by most. Yet, so it happened with Rhasym Palinnar and Deanna Devrien. As the youngest son of three and brother to the Marchioness, Rhasym was able to fully indulge in his spirit of adventure. During his travels, he found himself in the Sand Dunes of Nasheri, where he was promptly mugged, robbed and kidnapped by a young Deanna Devrien. It was love at first sight, at least as far as Rhasym was concerned. It took a little longer for Deanna to warm up to the Palinnar, and his belief that blood and sand poetry was a thing within the Thalerith didn't help. Still, love blossomed between the two, and marriage shortly followed. Rhasym joining House Devrien was a given as far as Deanna was concerned, and House Palinnar agreed to the terms as long as Rhasym wasn't harmed. Zymandi was their first born, and Deanna immediately begin grooming her to eventually take over House Devrien.

She took to the teachings of her mother well, becoming a quick learner of the path of shadows. However, she had inherited some of the innate nobility of her father and was also fond of her father's stories about the knights of his homeland loyally serving their kinship. By the time she reached adulthood she knew she wanted to serve the kinship in some manner, and with her younger brother Alakir showing a distinct lack of interest in taking over the House, she knew convincing her mother to let her follow such a path would be next to impossible. Her father, who was more insightful than many gave him credit could see his daughter's distress and offered to help her. However, that never happened, for the Third Migration took the ever mirthful Rhasym from the Devrien family.

Rhasym with all his quirkiness had truly become the heart of the family, and without him, Deanna lost a bit of her spark. The rift between mother and daughter grew after her father's passing, and Zymandi found herself drawn to her uncle Belstrom. It was Belstrom who encouraged her to trust herself and follow her instincts. She was pondering this when she witnessed Sylindra defeat Gorgath in a challenge to become Warlord. The fact that Sylindra had challenged family to find her way was not lost on Zymandi, and brazenly she approached Sylindra asking to become her blade sworn. Of course, Sylindra who knew Zymandi only as Deanna's daughter, rejected her at first. A few weeks later, Zymandi was at the training pit throwing her frustration at one of the training dummies, when she realized Sylindra had been watching her. Sylindra approached and asked Zymandi why she wanted to swear her blade to her, and Zymandi just gestured around, and replied that she wanted a chance to make the Kinship better, to serve a higher purpose. To this day, Zymandi isn't sure why Sylindra changed her mind, but Zymandi swore her oath, and now intends to make sure she's true to that answer she gave to her Warlord.

Relationship Summary

  • Belstrom - My uncle has always been there for me. He listens when I need him to listen, and speaks when I need to hear words to calm me or encourage me. He understands what I'm going through, since he faced a similar situation back in the day. He's like a father to me, and I'm always appreciative of his counsel.

  • Parent:
  • Deanna - My mother has her ways and I have mine. I know she's disappointed because I didn't want to take over the family as she wanted me to, but, I have to do what I feel is my duty, I have to go where my heart is at. Serving the kinship, swearing my blade to my Warlord, those are things that just feel right and I hope one day my mother will understand.

  • Sibling:
  • Alakir - He can be such a goofball at times. Nobody knows him like I do, and I don't think anyone knows me like he does. I'm glad he's not giving me a hard time about my choices, glad he's been as supportive as he's been. I worry sometimes that he might just be doing things to please our mother, but if he is, he's never told me.

  • Ally:
  • Sylindra - I was so disappointed when Sylindra didn't take me as one of her Blade Sworn. I was also surprised when she showed up not long after and asked me why I wanted to join. I want to serve our people, I want to protect our Warlord. I'm very grateful that she's given me the chance, looking past my name to let me prove myself.
  • Aganor - He's always been encouraging, always seems to have the right word to say to make someone feel better. He treats me with the same respects he treats Kalagos or anyone else, really. He's a good husband to Sylindra, a good balance to her fire. I think the two of them are stronger by having each other.

  • Friend:
  • Joran - The Warlord's son has become a warrior in his own right. But he can be so... direct. He needs to learn a little subtlety, and I think I'm the right person to teach him just that. He's good company, when he actually speaks about things other than fighting. He can sound very wise at times even.
  • Kalagos - If I need someone to just punch things in the face for me, Kalagos is the one to call. He's certainly honest and direct, which I can appreciate most of the time. He lacks any subtlety, but I don't know if getting him to change his ways is even possible. He's loyal to Sylindra, and a fellow Blade Sworn, and a good man to have at your side.

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