Lord Heir Rigoth Morinen

If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you've lost.

Concept: Tempered Storm
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Morinen
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Birthday: 12/13
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6"7
Hair Color: Silvery Blond
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Single

Titles: First Knight of the Order of the Barbed Star

Description: Hiding behind a demeanor of collected calm often lies the twitch of a grin, as Rigoth carries himself with visible enthusiasm whenever he's in the middle of the action. His lithe frame speaks of agility, with broad shoulders and well defined muscles serving as testament of his strength. With sharp blue eyes framed by strong silvery eyebrows that match the color of his hair, Rigoth often moves with effortless and deft readiness.

Personality: Rigoth is an optimistic youth. The general peace of his lifetime has imprinted a much more carefree attitude than the majority of his kin. He smiles, on occasion, and laughs when appropriate. But mostly, he gives in to his passions rather easily. He is quick to indulge and even quicker to rely on his instincts. Though, Rigoth can lean in to his military discipline when he needs to.

Background: Born just as the Host arrived in Larandor, Rigoth's early childhood is a mix of tragedy and confusion. He never had a chance to meet his father. High Lord Venerith Morinen abdicated his title to Rigoth's older brother Emyrion at the beginning of the Eradication War. He rode off in to battle never to be seen again. His mother did her best to keep Rigoth safe from war and away from tragic effects of the Mortal Strife as much as possible. Tragically, she perished on the journey to Aarandor, leaving Rigoth in his brother's care from the age of five years old.

Emyrion made sure his younger brother was well take care of. He set him up with scholars to learn tactics and politics from and fighting masters to train him. It was easy to see that Rigoth was drawn to the blade. And that he was growing taller and stronger here in Aarandor. With a mind for both strategy and combat, Rigoth began looking in to the Knights of the Argent Moon. But he found their piety not to his liking. The Faenor Military looked much more his style and so Rigoth struck up a friendship with General Lathia Keir. He may have much to learn, but he is determined and optimistic enough to take on the challenge.

Relationship Summary

  • Emyrion - Truly I am thankful for all you have done for me. As your heir I will do my best not to let you or the family down. You have my word and my blade.

  • Friend:
  • Lathia - There is no better sparing partner than Lathia! She taught me more in the ring with bruises and cuts than a scholar could ever do.

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