Admiral Talien Reymar

It is better to be feared than loved. Love is preserved by obligation which is broken at every opportunity; but fear preserves you by the dread of punishment which never fails.

Concept: Ruthless Admiral
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Reymar
Gender: Male
Age: 219
Birthday: 1/17
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 6'9
Hair Color: Midnight black
Eye Color: Stormy blue
Skintone: Deeply tanned
Marital Status: Single

Description: Imposing, tall and athletically slim, Talien's build reflects a life of constant and vigilant physical work – whether with sword or sailcloth in his grip. His jet black hair is kept short, framing a face that holds in it a sort of roguish, cunning charm. A strong, wide jaw sits below gaunt cheeks, offset only by high, prominent cheekbones. More often than not his lips are twisted upwards in a subtly arrogant smirk, or otherwise a ruthless, fiery scowl. Perhaps his most striking feature, however, are his eyes. Bright and stormy, the azure orbs hold a singularly unique intensity, instilling in all who see them a sense of the Admiral's utter lack of self doubt. Talien carries himself with the air of a predator, a shark in elf's flesh.

Personality: Stern and stubborn, Talien is a man of his word and convictions. He is often blunt and tarse and in his eyes, he is simply removing doubt and room for interpretation in those he is speaking to. Quick to make a decision and ask questions later, Talien likes to get things done. His scowls peel back the very thin veil on his emotions, showing quickly when his mood changes from amiable to angry. Though he is direct, he is not completely without his charm.

Background: Loramar, Dream of the Seas. Talien loved watching its flickering lights and bustle of activity from aboard his father's ship out in the harbor. The way the lights danced on the waves was absolutely captivating to him. He always felt at peace keeping it at a distance. Civilization is a beautiful thing to be protected with ferocity, but for him, not something to be actively a part of. His quick temper seemed to get him in to trouble far more often than it would be a help to him. So, he kept his distance. Odissin fed in to his son's fears, and taught him that he was better for the people and things he loved if he was at sea. Talien leaned in to those teachings and in his youth, became incredibly adept at sailing and maritime warfare.

When the day came for Talien to receive his first tattoo, he sat kneeled on the floor in front of the Wave Speaker and asked her to etch upon him a symbol that would help guide him and send him down a path of purpose. She looked at him, placed her hands in the bowl of purified water beside her and then pressed them in to both of his shoulders. Silently she stared at him, almost as if she were baring in to his very soul. And then, she smirked. "I know just the thing." Was all she said. When she had finished, Talien was left with two mirrored marks on either shoulder. A wave whirled around a pair of crossed blades. When they began to glow, he was filled with a sense of pride that never quite seemed to fade from him.

Empowered, though a bit reckless still, Talien bagan his ascent up the ranks. Failures at sea lead to lessons learned, and eventually he began to resemble someone the other sailors might even follow. The Admiral took note of this and claimed Talien as his Captain. And when the Third Migration claimed the life of that Admiral, Talien took his place. Sense their arrival, Talien has worked steadily to establish a strong naval military force and delegated their land efforts to his own Captain, Elleth Alcaldia.

Relationship Summary

  • Vindal - I wish he would take things a little more seriously. But I am proud of him and all he has acomplished.
  • Lucrezia - The day we left our home for the last time, I carried Lucrezia onto my ship bundled in my arms. I've watched her, taught her, fed and clothed her. Raised her. She still has a good deal more growing up to do, but she's well on her way to true greatness. I love her with all my heart, and I would do anything for her - including visiting terrible vengeance on any who might harm her.

  • Ally:
  • Elleth - She has done more for me than she might ever know. Hard worker. I appreciate her ability to get shit done that needs doing with out complaint.
  • Rythadrien - Too dman cheery. But he's got a good head on his shoulders. He keeps them ordered at home and I'll keep them protected.
  • Velandria - She is an odd one. But I admire her detication all the same. She likes telling stories and when I have the time to listen they are actually rather enjoyable.

  • Parent:
  • Odissin - He taught me everything I know. And for that I will always be greatful. He is hard on me because he wants me to be the best and I have no intentions of letting him down.

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