Duke Rollant Tenlindil

I have no regreats in life, only very hard lessons learned.

Concept: Jovial Old Soldier Duke
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Tenlindil
Gender: Male
Age: 620
Birthday: 4/7
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Ashy Brown
Eye Color: Stormy Blue
Skintone: Lightly Tanned
Marital Status: Widowed

Description: Rollant's years as a soldier has done quite a number on the man: notwithstanding his fairly tall height, he has broad shoulders from years of swinging a sword to cleave elf-foes in twain and a strong physique that belies an arduous discipline for labor and form. Ashy brown hair is usually swept back in a few braids so he can see everything laid out before him. Beneath stormy blue eyes, often glinting with mischievousness, there is a faint scar above his right cheek and further below is a closely kept beard, showing signs of his advanced years. More often than not, a smile comes easily to Rollant's distinguished features.

Personality: Rollant loves laughter, jubilee, and portrays a demeanor that never takes life too seriously. As a Duke and as a soldier, most would expect a dour outlook and a hardened demenor but what is the point of living if one does not enjoy it? Rollant definitely squeezes life for all it's worth. One can only hope not to be on the wrong side of Rollant's personality though; all that carefree and joyous attitude can turn on a coin. When it is time for austerities, the aged elf can only be described as stoic and sharp, determined beyond measure, and possibly a little bloodthirsty.

Background: Born nearly a century after the battle of Bloody Harbor, Rollant's childhood was rather peaceful and allowed to be set on the path he was born to walk. He was to take over the line of House Tenlindil and lead the fierce warriors of the army of Lorandi in defense of the Valley of Toren. He had his sights set on the role of General, but it would never come to be. In a territory dispute between House Tenlindil and the neighboring human kingdom of Crelania, Rollant ordered an attack and demanded no mercy. When they surrendered, he did not relent. Under his command, the majority of Crelania was wiped clean, warriors, villages, peoples homes burned to the ground, leaving their families left with nothing more than cinders to call home. He called it a victory, the other houses of Lorandi called it a disgrace.

Outcased by his brutality, Rollant was always kept at bay when military matters were concerned. Rage is not rewarded among the Golden Elves, and Rollant's dreams would suffer because of his ruthlessness. As time passed and his white hot rage was tempered in to cool, hardened steel, Rollant took up the role of Duke with grace and dignity. He was a good leader of his people and they prospered under his rule.

When the Host came to Larandor, the General of the Lorandi Army knew exactly who they would set to the task of obliterating this strange new enemy. Rollant took up this opportunity and lead one third of the Lorandi army at the Host. The battle was hard fought and Rollant and his warriors made great progress, but it was an uphill battle. The stream of fiery warriors seems to push back against them with unrestrained ferocity and when Rollant's own son, Ector Tenlindil, was engulfed in their flames, Rollant called for the retreat. His wife of many years took ill on the voyage across the rough seas and succumbed to the Mortal Strife before their immortality returned to them.

Now in Aarandor, Rollant looks to lead his people once more. He is proud his grandaughter has taken up the role he once dreamed for himself, and likes to help guide and teach her. But his focus is on the Tenlindil Duchy and working with Houses Nalduine and Monstald to see their prosperity as well. He looks at this as a second chance at a better life for himself. One where tempered actions reap the better rewards.

Relationship Summary

  • Averadus - Your wisdom is welcome, but you really need to take a moment to enjoy the life around you. You can be so gloomy sometimes, listen to your teachings and put them to use. Life is a whole lot more than a dream, friend.

  • Family:
  • Helene - You are everything to me now, child. I will make sure that you will never stagger in step... just promise me to lighten up. You remind me of me far too much.
  • Arminel - Nephew. You are young but you are wise beyond your years. I believe you will help guide us in a better direction than before the voyage. We are fortunate to have someone so levelheaded for this new chapter.

  • Ally:
  • Audreus - Audreus Geminiel serves as a general of the Amethyst Order, the Duindar elite spellblades. We discussed tactics and the like when fighting the Host. She's quite charming when she wants to be. She also suffered great losses during that war.
  • Celestria - You keep the coin coming and I'll keep back whatever tries to get through our walls. Now is as good a time as ever to start working together.
  • Sorgath - A mountain of a man and a dirty scab from the deserts. We know the truth though. We've seen what had came knocking at the door. I respect the Thalerith cur, even if he's daintier than a Lorandi maiden.

  • Name Summary