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Past Actions

Action by Kaelyn

(Public Action, OOC Date: Aug. 19, 2019, 4:43 p.m.)

Now that she knows fully that her Goddess does not feel they should be in Aarandor Kaelyn has made it her mission to either appease her Goddess or find out where Garwen wants them to be. She is amping up her daily prayers to the Goddess and, with those willing, travelling to the highest peaks she can get to. At each peak she stays there for hours listening to the wind and seeking the guidance of her Goddess. Each peak she gives a prayer to her Goddess and strives to bless the land. She takes no weapon of any sort, leaving herself open to the whims of her God.

Garett is not a scholar, he is a knight. But he is dedicated to the Lady Garwen and doing his best to please her. He will accompany Kaelyn on her journeys, showing the resolve of his purity to stand against the ailments and what may come of them. Hoping that she may find pleasure in his devotion

Kaelyn has told Thorin to accompany her on this expedition as part of his penance. He will accompany them in only his traveling clothes and a pack with only the supplies he and his wolf and raven need to survive the trip. As a medic in the Healers Guild, he will provide restorative healing to any who might need it on the journey.

While Rollant is not a follower of Garwen, he is venturing along with at his cousins request, to lend her his sword should the need arise. Joining him are a few of the Tenlindil soldiers and their famed hounds. At each peak, the men simply stand guard over the vigil's, remaining in silence as the Lady Priestess prays and when they continue on, they take to the fore and rear, to ensure that no harm may come to Kaelyn or her entourage.

Helps offer protection if needed to help aid Priestess Kaelyn on her voyage, hoping to help find the answer as well. She take a leadership role in offering the protection detail.

It doesn't take long on the pilgrimage for the followers of Garwen to begin to understand why their Goddess is not aligned with their presence here in Aarandor. Everything about this place points to it being a place of divinity. The Domain of the Gods. Certainly not a place that Elves or Men or any other of the immortal races of Larandor should be allowed to exist unvetted. The truth of that epiphany settles in with the weight of the knowledge that they are indeed, by the eyes of Garwen, trespassing.

Having this knowledge does little if there is nothing that can be done about it. The Elves of Larandor can not go back to their homeland at this time. They must make a new home here in Aarandor. Knowing this and showing a sign of mercy for a brief and likely fleeting moment, a whisper appears on the wind while the group is on the highest mountain top.

"Seek her, the woman in steel. Between watchers and lake. Soften her revolve, for she holds the key."

And just like that, the pure icy voice dissipates on the wind.

Action by Helene for Army of Rock

(Public Action, OOC Date: July 28, 2019, 2:13 p.m.)

With the threat of strange elemental armies now revealed as a very real possibility even in the wake of seemingly sound diplomatic efforts, General Helene Tenlindil is determine to see Torendaar and her fellow Lorandi as prepared as possible for any incursion. She intends to work with not only the army under her command, but also craftsmen and magicians and even politicians of all stripes so that the great golden city is fortified against any onslaught by the Rock Watcher and his elemental forces. She has even reached out to those among the Faenor, as they arguably have the most experience in facing off these terrible creatures.

To begin with, Helene will increase the training of all branches of the Lorandi army immediately; drills of stealth and evasion are given particular priority.

Politicians and diplomats will be advised to seek out instruction in the Celestial tongue, and asked to research whatever might be found on the nature of elementals; their strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, and even desires, if any such knowledge exists.

Craftsmen and artisans will be asked to put together designs of various siegeworks as well as prepare stockpiles of fortified armor and weapons.

Everyone has something to bring to the table and Helene will work tirelessly to ensure that anyone capable of providing aid will be directed to their best fit accordingly.

Like the rest of the Lorandi, Rollant is not sitting idle while the defences of the land are being planned. He has committed fighters from House Tenlindil, both martial and magical, to aid in whatever capacity that they are needed. Furthermore, he will personally to see to assisting his granddaughter in whatever leadership capacity she needs, whether it's offering officers instruction in leadership, or working with the troops directly.

Freyvidr can now be there in person to try to protect the Lorandi, and what he has done is design some kickass abjuration spells. Given that it seems that the other Watchers have animated the elements assigned to them, it seems likely that rock itself would be brought to life to him. With that in mind, he'll be designing a spell to teach to the abjurationists in the Lorandi to more effectively shield against stone and manipulation of their stone in case of earthquake or rocks falling situations. Once he's managed to try out a bit of use on his own to sort of stress test it, he'll send it to the mages of the armies so they can work it into their arsenal, walking among them to help defend his new kinship.

Having gotten warning about what type of Watcher it is that they are likely to face, and what that might mean for what kind of elemental that'll be summoned, she is working on ideas on how to combat rock. Considering that she commands the casters she is working on positionings of those that have abjuration for shielding around the city, both on the wall and by the castle in case the wall is breached. Every one gets told a primary, then a secondary position for that.

Those that are evocationist are instructed to practice their best spells, and are assigned primary and secondary positions as well. Anything that could potentially damage or immobilize rock is given preference. Everyone gets run through drills so that if the time comes everyone is aware of where they are supposed to go. Oriana herself makes certain she runs through drills right along with everyone else.

Being told his position to take for the defense of Torendaar, Aurri spends hours upon hours training the spells he thinks suitable for the kind of threat that awaits them, should any diplomatic effort fail to appease the Watchers, like it has done for all the kinships before them so far. So he's doing everything he can to be as prepared as possible for any encounter, should it arise.

As Grandmaster of the Solaris Order, Yvette is no stranger to combat and, thanks to her father and uncle, pushing one's self to succeed. She will bring both her experience and combat capabilities to the field to support Lorandi and her army against this new threat. She will provide both Monstald forces and those that are not occupied with their own House or other matters from the Order.

Saga Brixtien is not only a Knight of Solaris, she's the commander of Lorandi's cavalry. She'll be trying to balance drills and rest, making sure that the cavalry is in the best form they can be in. Extra time will be spent on the care of steeds and gear both, as well.

When it comes time for battle, Saga will be leading the charge with her unit, whether it's as direct offense or hit-and-run tactics to allow strategic retreat.

Ember is in charge of precisely nothing! But, she /is/ really good with the fire element. And, that is very good for damaging rock. So she cheerfully offers her services to drill with the evocators of both the Solaris Order as well as the Lorandi Army and help figure out the best fire spells to use against the rock creatures if the time comes.

Serving in the role of the infantry, Talyn will spend his days tirelessly working with the troops to make sure that they are prepared and ready for what potentially is in store with them. He would debrief them on what he saw, what to expect, and run drills with them. He will assess the readiness of the individuals, sparring with them and working with those that might need some improvement. Don't worry, he's motivational! Naturally, should it come to it, he will take the field with his soldiers and be amongst them with his blade ready.

Gureylain, having been named Commander of Bow, by Helene is training the archers in the style of archer/ranger he knows - to help them become self sufficient, stealthy, and able to serve the Royal army like a swarm of stinging insects as much as a thunderbolt when commanded. He is taking them into the woodlands, teaching them woodscraft, how to survive on the land, sleep, and hide there as needed to become scouts that can strike and fade as well as stand and fire.

Have you ever heard the term "war machine"? What about "political machine"? Then you likely have a good idea when you combine them as to Valatir's aggressive policy of weaponizing nationalism in order to get people motivated to protect one another. The man's out there, making speeches, soliciting donations, and even making a show of himself visiting the old Torth Forge in Brixtien hopeful holdings. Everyone with the skill to make something worthy of helping defend the home front is asked to put their skills to work. The others who don't? They're asked for donations to prepare for repairs, to strengthen the military, and to work towards properly made hospital spaces and active forges for this war. Every little bit counts.

Hatharal is focusing on preparing the Lorandi's calvary. He is going to be training the horses and riders how best to work together, to overcome the Watcher's threat. Earthquakes and broken ground are going to be an issue if the Watcher attacks, so he is going to make sure they are prepared--making them ride over courses with moving ground and training them to move quickly around obstacles. He'll also teach the horses and riders how to better use their horse's hooves, training them to be able to bash and smash enemies apart--which no doubt will help to crumble rock elementals. If diplomacy does fail, and battle comes, he will join the fight, riding his warhorse into battle and helping to lead some of the calvary, helping to direct them as they no doubt end up having to navigate treacherous ground.

Galeren is not content with the people. The Nalduine and any 'voluntold' who might not take to martial work to assist are roped into slowly reworking the outskirts of Torendaar and defenses. Priests (Galeren), Craftsmen (Recruited by Valatir) and Mages (Such as Oriana and Freyvidr) are pulled into layering defenses. Intricate waterways spread out from the city creating small streams... and barriers of water at the outskirts, Lumber is directed from other projects and worked into artistically shaped reinforced timbers from the nearby forest, fresh series of fire-heated bricks are used to reinforce key areas against having rocks thrown at or pulled down. Many key locations with engineered and crafted improvements are marked by the blessings of priests and coordinated with Oriana's Abjurationists.

Neither a fighter nor a diplomat, Telassin is going to assist the war effort by putting his experience as a steward to work. Soldiers want to eat, horses need fresh water and even the men tasked with building fortifications need provisions and a place to rest between shifts. Lorandi and Nalduine lands are rich in resources, Telassin is lending a hand to make sure they are where they are needed; keeping men fed and moral high.

Being a Master of Abjuration, Nesara will offer to work with the Abjurationists in the Lorandi Army, as well as any that volunteer to assist as well. Including Freyvidri Ingeith. Nesara will work with the Faenor in developing tactics and spells that will be useful in defending against the Rock Elementals, and their powers. Including earthquakes and the like. If it does come down to a war, Nesara is looking to be proactive in her uses of Anjuration, instead of just waiting for something to happen. She wants to make sure that Torendar is protected, as well as all the people.

In addition she will also be praying to Gala to watch over the Lorandi, asking the goddess to help protect and keep her kin and family safe during this time. As well as help guide them so that they are successful in their endeavors.

Haedirn is a deep reconnaissance scout who vanishes for years at a time exploring, with experience scouting out battlefields, ambush points, and spying directly on the enemy. As such, Haedirn will assist preparations with Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape and leave archery training to others. How to best approach a location in varying terrain, to also properly camouflage themselves for the attempt. How to move silently, and know more importantly when to move and when not to move. How best to locate food, showing what can cooked, but a focus on what can be safely consumed without a fire needed.

Determined to help her kinship with the current crisis despite not being a warrior or a diplomat, Nyssa has been working tirelessly to compose and practice a number of new songs and melodies to march to and to lift the spirits and boost the morale of the Lorandi troops and anyone else who might be joining to face, and possibly fight against, the Watcher and his army. References to victories past, calls for honor, bravery and the promise of glory, as well as subtle humor in the way of puns regarding the crushing of rock and stone has been mixed together seamlessly into new songs or war. Included in each of the songs are also a tribute to Cassandra Monstald, her sister Primrose's late wife who was the first, and hopefully will prove the only, casualty of the conflict with the Rock Watcher. Furthermore, one of the songs, for reasons that can only be guessed at, has an unusually large number of duck-related analogies and references. She has gathered a small number of other musically gifted elves to help perform the music and songs as well as a few elves gifted in Prestidigitation to help magnify both music and vocals so that they might reach every Lorandi ear, and she will be accompanying the Lorandi forces when the day comes.

With the Lorandi's diplomatic efforts centered on producing either an oath of fealty or a departure of the Army of Rock, Arminel has directed Helene to prepare the Kinship, militarily, for the likely event that armed conflict becomes necessary to bring the Watcher to heel. This is also purposed with the intent of making a show of force to the Stone Army, demonstrating the capability and resolve of the Golden Elves to drive out the Watcher's Army and destroy them.

    To that end, Arminel has spared no expense in preparing resources and supplies to be dedicated to the Kinship's military, supporting Helene and the commanders' efforts however possible. Weapons will be forged, catapults constructed, and horses saddled. Every last measure of effort in the Kinship will be dedicated to ensuring that the Lorandi military is fully equipped to eradicate the Army of Rock, should the need arise.

Back in Torendaar, the fruits of so many labors have started to take shape around the walled city. Before King Arminel left for negotiations he made his directive clear to General Helene. If peace should fail, destroy the Rock Army. To back up his words, he has issued an immense amount of resources and supplies to the army to see that his directive is followed. Swords have been sharpened, crystals polished, and armor secured.

Marquis Valatir Palinnar has been using his oratory skills to inspire his countrymen. Speeches given on the importance of a unified front, rallys to excite and inspire the soldiers to do their part for the Lorandi and for Torendaar. The whole city feels a buzz with patriotism and pride in who they are and what they stand for, giving them that extra bit of inspiration to fight on, should they need to.

Lord Talyn Palinnar has been working alongside Marquis Hatharal Palinnar to ready the troops of their respective command. The infantry have been planning and preparing for weeks to fight against oncoming boulders, remaining agile and effective in their strategies. The Cavalry has been training to work on unsteady ground and prepare for the strange foe that waits for them to the west. Both divisions of the military are well prepared to fight by the end of it.

Lord Telassin Nalduine had done his part long before the army ever made threat of arrival at their gates. Supplies have been managed and moved in to their precise locations. The civilians and non combatants have been given shelter. All logistical considerations have been taken into account leaving the city well stocked should they come under siege.

The City itself, the actual stone structures of the castle and the walls that surround the city, have taken some extra special care by a group of abjurationists. Lady Nesara Palinnar has done her part to reach out to the Faenor and understand their foe a little better. Taking that knowledge she has helped others develop some defenses for the structures themselves from an impending seismic attack.

The newly named Lord Freyvidr Nalduine wasted no time at all stepping in to aide his new family and Kinship. With Marquis Galeren Nalduine and Lady Oriana Tenlindil helping Freyvidr the city's abjuration practitioners have developed a network of casters to help keep the structures strong and protected during combat. Their plans are in place and all there is left to do is wait for word from the diplomatic team.

The sun sets on another day waiting for the Lorandi diplomats to return. Those in Torendaar have received no word from them one way or another. Soon the city's touches and braziers are lit, setting the city aglow for the evening. Not long after, the earth begins to shake and a rumble can be heard coming from the west. Their answer comes from the distance. There will be war after all.

General Helene Tenlindil climbs her way up to the tallest tower when she hears the rumbling in the distance. Deep down she knows the fight is coming, but it's not until she has visual confirmation that she makes the call. Clouds part allowing the light of the moon to shine down on the storm of dust and rock barreling towards the city. "To your stations!" She shouts, and at her word, ripples of commands sound like an echo around the city. She readies her weapon and takes her place with the commanders to fight alongside the Lorandi warriors and mages.

It doesn't take long for the clash to begin! Duke Rollant Tenlindil is right in the mix along with his soldiers. He inspires them to keep fighting as bolder after bolder assault the city. Marchioness Yvette Monstald, Grandmaster of the Solaris Order keeps her elite and powerful warriors close, heading in for the center of the battle. Brave and tenacious, the push back against the enemy with all their might, keeping them at bay.

Lady Saga Brixtien had taken the cavalry along the sides of the city, waiting to flank when the time is right. And when it is, she calls the charge and the stampede of horse hooves rivals the rumbling of the rock elementals. Hammers swing down at them, smashing them into pieces as the agile riders galop by, Saga herself spots the Watcher Sage conjuring up more elementals to assault the city with. She manages to interrupt him long enough for her riders to take out a good portion of the onslaught.

When the enemy is in range, Lord Gureylain Rylanth calls the Archers to their positions. He holds his hand up, holding them in position until the exact moment. "Loose!" He yells and hundreds of arrows come down at the elementals below. Their tips have been blunted, causing the rocks to burst apart on impact.

In the midst of battle, as only the Lorandi would do, an incredible song broke out from the towers. Lady Nyssa Serannar had composed a battle song that carried across the field, inspiring those who heard it to continue fighting on. One such fighter, Lady Ember Palinnar, was so moved by the music that her energetic flame slinging took on a new life. Rocks burst in to dust as she pushed back against the oncoming army.

At the edge of the city, Lord Haedirn Rylanth had gathered a few other scouts and stealthy fighters to set up an ambush. A group of elementals thought they were going to flank around the north side of Torendaar but we met face to face with the group of roguish survivalists. Haedirn used every trick in his book to stop the flanking maneuver and crushed the enemies that fell into his trap.

Though there were many heroes in the battle, each elf fighting passionately for their Kinship, it is no doubt that one stood out among the rest. Prince Aurri Serannar had clearly practiced and honed his evocation skills to work with exacting force against the rock elementals. Aggressive but precise, he blasted back the whole frontline. So fearsome was his attack that the General called for a retreat.

The elementals all stopped and turned back towards their home, the Sage and General going with them. Cavalry chased and cleared out as many as they could, but soon enough the Army of Rock was gone. Miraculously, very little damage was done to the city itself due to the incredible preparation work and the tactical focus of the abjurationists. And though there were certainly injuries and scars to tell the tale of the battle, the death toll was zero.

When the King and his envoy of diplomats made it back to the city it was with the news that the Army of Rock had decided to barricade itself off in its realm rather than fight or continue negotiations. Mounds of earth and rock block the path that lead into the forest of Armandor and seem to stretch for days around the perimeter of their territory. There will be no settling that portion of the land and and future negotiations with the Watchers will need to be done more scrupulously. All in all, Torendaar was kept safe and the Lorandi are left assured that the Watchers of Rock would not be bothering them or Torendaar any time soon.

Action by Rollant

(Public Action, OOC Date: June 24, 2019, 3:28 p.m.)

After discovering Pride Valley, House Tenlindil has had its eye on the land as a possible location for a new settlement. Now, with the necessary resources and silver secured, Rollant has organized the necessary convoy of carts, workers and guards to venture forth to Pride Valley and to establish a settlement in cooperation with The Solaris Order, under the guidance of Lady Saga Brixtien. After careful consideration, it has been decided that the new settlement will be called: Golden Hallow.

(OOC Note: This is a settlement for House Tenlindil, but is being shared with The Solaris Order as a joint effort - Only special thing I'd like to see in the write-up is maybe a pennant/flag done up in the form of a golden lion, due to the lions in the valley itself).

Golden Hallow was settled in June of 52PA in Pride Valley by House Tenlindil. The settlement itself sits at a strategic overlook, gazing down in to the valley. Banners of golden lions hang from the sides of the keep in recognition of the magnificent beasts that were found here earlier in the year.

Action by Rollant

(Public Action, OOC Date: May 31, 2019, 2:23 p.m.)

For the Lorandi, the time of exploration has come and while various Houses make their plans in various directions, House Tenlindil has no different. Meeting with her vassals, it has been decided that Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald will combine their efforts and venture to the south east, to see what the lands might hold for future opportunities and to see what resources may be gathered while they are exploring.

Rollant is personally overseeing the expedition and including numerous Tenlindil Scouts, Hounds and those with martial and magical capabilities, to ensure that the expedition remains safe and to maximize the chance for success. Details are being sorted, supplies are being arranged and contingiences put in place should they encounter something unfortuate.

Of course when it was decided that south was going to be the direction that the combined forces of Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald were going in Oriana was front and center for the journey. Protection of those going on the journey were of primary importance for her, and she has made sure that she remained vigilant for anything they might encounter.

While this is most definitely Duke Rollant's expedition to lead, Helene intends to do all that she can to ensure that her grandfather has the best possible support by way of skilled scouts, hounds, and a cadre of capable Lorandi soldiers. The young General will naturally be a part of the expedition itself, traveling along with them to ensure that everyone is well-minded and kept as safe as possible while still being allowed to explore and make discoveries without feeling like they're on a leash.

Galeren and the Nalduine will put forth resources for planning and supporting the expedition. Particularly assisting in logistics and planning and general problemsolving for the planned expedition of their liege.

Once again, High Priest Rawlin is being asked to come along on a mission of exploration and adventure. His previous adventure did not go quite the way that he'd hoped in terms of his own personal involvement, and so he will pray to the Gods for their blessings, as well ask Lady Loran for any inspiring dreams that she may deem necessary for those who travel. In addition to his prayers, he will once again try and act as a healer for the group and hope his skills aren't necessary, but hopes that they turn out better this time around.

Zedmir's provisions have become a Lorandi staple during expeditions, and he makes sure to continue the streak. No Lorandi elf or beast will go hungry on this adventure.

The Tenlindils and their vassals have the full support of the Kinship, and Arminel means to ensure that the brave adventurers want for nothing as they prepare to venture into the unknown. He has arranged for mounts, wagons, food, and all manner of supplies to be staged from the castle for the explorers. The King will speak on the explorers' behalf, helping to rally more support and volunteers to their cause.

There's few things Saga loves more than exploring, so of course she lept at the cchanceto join the Tenlindel families on their southward journey. Saga will do what she does best, providing martial protection and help with any wild animals that might appear.

To support the vassals of Serannar Kaelyn is joining Rollant's goals to explore to the Southeast. Though she is not a combatant she is going along to offer as much guidance as she can from her Goddess as well as being readily available to help solve things that might come up in a diplomatic manner.

It is a wonder that King Arminel has time to be so involved with all that goes on in the Lorandi Kinship. Not an expedition departs without his say. Less so, it seems, as an authority figure but as a genuine guide and supporting enthusiast for his people. The Tenlindil, Nalduine and Monstald expedition to the south-east is no different. The King sends his support in both physical form with supplies and extra guards but also in the rallying words he speaks before their departure. It has almost become a tradition at this point that any Lorandi expedition sent out beyond the reach of Torendaar is sent with a care package from Zedmir as well. Truly, the inspired cook helps to keep everyone's spirits up on their journey.

High Priest Rawlin is among those headed out. He takes a moment to pray to Loran for guidance, evoking a spirit of progress and adventure. When he is finished he gives the nod to Duke Rollant and the party sets out. The Duke himself is no stranger to adventure. Two days east on the journey and Rollant hold his hand up, commanding the group to stop. His hounds Sean on edge so He dismounts from his horse and looks around the area with narrowed eyes, assessing whatever sense of danger it was they detected ahead.

Just then, a low rumbling roar shakes the nearby rocks. That sound, familiar but distant, is unmistakably feline. Lady Kaelyn notices the guards and mages go instantly on edge but she calms them and asks them to put down their weapons, to find peace in this potential conflict. Begrudgingly they look to Rollant for confirmation, and as he nods they lower their weapons. When all is calm again, Kaelyn gives Saga a nod. She knows what to do.

Another rumbling roar shakes through the ground before the beast appears. His head is lowered, crouching and low to the ground, defensive. But his full brilliant mane is unmistakable. A plains lion! The first of the large cat species to be found in Aarandor. Saga makes her approach. The two move slowly around each other until Saga seems to take the upper hand and coax the lion in to submission. She calls back for some fresh meat from the supply and quickly makes friends. Soon more lions come out of the brush, eager to partake of the free meal and investigate these strange elven creatures.

Rollant makes the call and the adventuring party begins to make camp here in this lions valley. As Saga spends her time with the lions, Marquis Galeren spends his time with the Duke talking logistics. He had already been a great deal of help in planning out the success of this expedition, supplies and resources accounted for. The Marquis decided that this valley would certainly make a good settlement, and with natural predators who seem receptive to friendship, it might even make a good stronghold. General Helene even seems to be in agreement about the defensibility of the location.

The next morning, Helene takes the lead on the journey back. Her eyes keep a close watch on the horizon as the adventures and their new companions begin the two days journey north-west. At dusk on the first day she sees a herd of strange four legged creatures in the distance. They don't seem immediately hostile, but certainly they are observing just as they are being observed. Lady Oriana doesn't hesitate, cracking a bolt of lightning near the creatures. They quickly fled out of sight, headed just north of the path they were on now.

The group made it back without a scratch, a new valley to call their own and some lion companions! The large cats seem perfectly content for life around Torendaar as well as in their native yet-to-be-named valley.

((Congratulations! You found a settlemet area in a plains type valley. I'll need a name for the valley before we update the map and do a game emit on this expedition. You alos found Lions! I'll be updating the animal list on the website shortly and this is your reminder to +request for a half-priced lion companion if you so choose))

Action by Saga

(Public Action, OOC Date: May 22, 2019, 12:39 p.m.)

Very few are -more- excited about exploration than Saga Brixtien. She's absolutely certain, however, that plenty are just as excited, and so she's going to round some up and head North.

The plan is to start scouting a road north towards Khelgar, documenting any potential obstacles or easier paths, or even just particularly scenic stretches that could make the journey more beautiful. Saga will be keeping track of animals sighted, of course.

Yvette quietly, or not-so-quietly, supports House Brixtien's efforts in the first stages of establishing direct connection with another Kinship. She personally heads a lance of Solaris Knights, fully armed and prepped for the journey. She trusts that if their armaments do not scare away the threat, they will instead meet them on the field of battle.

Galeren is fully supportive in expedition and expanding in his role of Minister of Infrastructure. In particular he's encouraging the scouts and coordinating capturing information about the mapping and cartography. Galeren will assist in logistics ensuring that they have appropriate blessings & supplies and trying to find good locations for defense, maintenance & easy terrain traversal.

Lord Daechir has been hearing an awful lot lately about this exploration from his cousin, and has agreed to help sort out the finances for the expedition ahead of time, making sure that no coin goes to waste and that they get the finest quality for what is being spent, no corruptio or ineptitude on the part of merchants tolerated.

Zedmir knows what is expected from a chef of his talents when the Lorandi are taken by wanderlust, and is more than happy to oblige the request. He's ecstatic about the possibility of a road to another kinship, and is honored to assist in its first steps. The journey will likely be trying, exciting, and surprising, but no one will go hungry. More than that, every meal will have a little taste of home.

Oriana is all for exploration, and exploration is certainly something that'll keep her busy. So when she hears about this expedition she is more than happy to lend her help to it in the form of defense and offense if anything they find along the way is less than friendly. Otherwise she's simply going along to be part of a monumentous journey.

Arminel has given his blessing and encouragement to House Brixtien as they move to send off the first of their exploration efforts in support of the Duchess' overarching project to construct a great road leading to Khelgar and Thelos. While Brixtien is fully capable of resourcing and staffing the exploration, the King has made it clear that the Lorandi Kin is fully in support of the Duchy's efforts, and will provide any additional resources necessary to further along the project.

At the call of her cousin, the Silver Lily Knight steps forward to join the expedition northward, armored and armed. Should they encounter any threat, she'll be ready. Should they simply encounter the beauty of exploration, she'll be ready for that, too!

Rollant isn't one to shy from exploration, especially not now when there is so much to be seen. As such, when approached by Saga about the exploration, he's more then willing to accompany the group to the north in order to lend his experience with a blade should the need arise.

The expedition mounts in the early hours of the morning, with the sun rising just over the golden wheat fields that surround Torendaar. King Arminel is awake just in time to send this expedition off in style. Lord Zedmir has packed some healthy and hearty things for the adventurers to eat on their journey. His cooking always has an extra touch of something else that really makes the warmth and comfort of home stick with you on a long journey. Marquis Galeren does his best to keep the adventuring party on track, reminding them to look for good land to settle in.

Lead by Lady Saga Brixtien, the group ventured north into the great grass sea. Lady Oriana, Marchioness Yvette, Lady Ayala and Duke Rollant rounded out the notable members of the adventuring party, all five working in tandem to see the success of the exploration come to fruition. Eventually they came upon a stone building out in the field. A very trapped and rather uninviting stone building that appears as though it used to be a forge many centuries ago. Back in Torendaar rumors begin to fly about what was found there. The party left the building with 40 ingots of moonsteel, primed and ready to be made in to beautiful armor and weapons. Truly a successful journey indeed!

Action by Kaelyn

(Public Action, OOC Date: May 16, 2019, 8:06 a.m.)

Kaelyn, in the interest of serving her goddess and helping the people of Lorandi has decided to go on a spiritual journey. Her goal for this is to seek redemption for those who wish it, find herself more clearly, connect to her Goddess more, and serve her people in the best way she can for her Goddess.

At the behest of Arminel, Kaelyn is also making this journey into an exploration as well. Directly towards the south she is venturing, taking the time to explore as much as she can with the aid of any and all who wish to join her. Any issue she runs into, be it animal or another elf, she will do her best to peacefully solve it. Terrain difficulties will be traversed as carefully as possible.

Arminel has given his direction and blessing for House Serannar's first expedition into the lands surrounding Torendaar. He is grateful for the bravery and willingness of the Serannars and their friends in undertaking this expedition, and has arranged for the required supplies and resources to be provided to the exploration party in support of their journey. Armsmen, woodsman, cooks, tinkerers, and healers have been contracted to come along, in addition to a substantial amount of exploring supplies necessary for journeying out into the unknown.

Aurri is surprising excited to help with some exploration towards the south, as well as some spiritual journey. He certainly provides the magical firepower for any potential dangers on the journey ahead.

Lady Kaelyn has asked Rawlin to come along in part to offer some spiritual guidance, but to also use his skills with restoration magic in case there is any trouble. Happy to be of service to others of the kinship, he has agreed to come along and he is looking forward to both the spiritual nature of the journey as well as the chance to see a piece of Aarandor that has not been seen by elven eyes.

Druthean will be supporting this action by personally taking part and offering his sword to protect or battle if needed.

The south certainly holds an interest for the Duke of Tenlindil and now that he's been afforded the opportunity to explore, he's taking full advantage of it. Rollant will attend and participate in spiritual journey, while providing his sword should the need arise. Tenlindil Scouts, with their trademark hounds, will also accompany to aid in exploring the surrounding areas.

While Primrose is hardly the sturdiest of women, she cannot turn down a chance to see the world around her and be the first to lay her eyes on new sights. As such, she is going to keep close to the main group, all while taking as many notes as possible, to record the paths, the things that are seen, unfamiliar plants and animals. Anything at all that might be of note, she is going to take meticulous journals of the trip to be collected and publisheda at a later time. Perhaps not adventurous but an eager explorer.

When work makes its way around to Oriana that there is a spiritual journey and an exploration happening she very promptly volunteered to participate. Of course peaceful interactions are a key, but she is offering up her skills as a mage should the need arise. Otherwise she has decided that embracing the spiritual aspects is key.

King Arminel is not just a good sovereign for the Lorandi people, but he is a generous family member as well. Knowing he could not take time away from the political hub of the Lorandi territory to go on this adventure, he made sure he could open his pockets well enough to fund the expedition. And fund he did! The Serannar family is well fed and well supplied as they head to the thus-unknown southern reaches of the Lorandi territory.

Lady Kaelyn made sure to set this expedition off on the right foot. Prayers to Garwen were given and a request to help lead the adventure south under Her guidance were spoken. All on this made the first day or two of the journey absolutely delightful. Long sweeping grain fields gave way to their wagons and horses easily, making a nearly straight line path from Torendaar south. It was not until the second day that the terrain began to be an issues. Feeling a sense of confidence and self assuredness in her decisions that they were headed in the right direction, Kaelyn instructed the party to press on as sweeping fields gave way to rocky hills.

When the party took the night to camp they set Druthean, Rollant and Aurri to patrol the first watch. The first few hours were quiet and the adventuring party were able to sleep peacefully. The trip of protectors took to banter and relaxing themselves after a time, but their guard would not be let down for long. A growl in the distance was the first sound that brought them to alert, but it took no time at all for the pack of hill wolves to ascend on the encampment.

Lord Druthean took the first swing and managed to strike one of the hill wolves away, but two more swarmed and bit at him. Prince Aurri wasted no time at all summoning a blast of fire pointed away from the encampment. The blast struck two of the aggressive wolves and helpt to light the area around them as a large tree caught on fire. Dangerous, embers swirling through the air, but at least the encampment was made aware of the attack and began to take a defensive stance.

Duke Rollant called for his men to act as a shield around those who were just here to worship and document the adventure. His command and formation calling was quick and the group managed to fight off the rest of the hill wolves successfully. When the chaos subsided, the final estimates were ten struck down and twenty fleeing. Needless to say the pass from the Torendaar Valley in to the Southern Hills is not a very safe road to be on. The hill wolves seemed unafraid of the Lorandi adventurers, perhaps they had never seen such a thing before. One can only hope that this first encounter will help future travelers protect themselves through the pass.

When the sun rose and morning light shone on the group, High Priest Rawlin did what he could to alleviate any injuries. But, he was unsuccessful in his attempts, some of the scratches were just too deep to mend together with restoration magics on the road. No doubt he will be able to fix them when they get back and he has his proper supplies.

Venturing forth through the hills, the group finally ended at a summit where they could look down on a new, lush, green valley. Lady Oriana and Lady Kaelyn took a moment to pray while Lady Primrose took a moment to sketch and write down the details of the journey in her notebook. After the prayers were said, Lady Kaelyn was struck with a sudden burst of inspiration. "This rich soil and sunny hills will be the most prolific vineyard we have ever seen."

Everything about this land looks prime to settle in, with rich vineyards and healthy farm lands to expand the wealth of House Serannar.

((Congratulations! You found prime land for vineyards. 1500 econ will be put in to the Serannar bank. What I need from you all before we emit this success is a name for the valley. Let me know when you decide!))

Action by Saga

(Public Action, OOC Date: March 21, 2019, 9:38 a.m.)

King Armenial recently organized an Expedition to the forests west of Torendaar, and a great deal was discovered-- including an unexplored path in the very same cave that the Scepter of Armanor was found.

With the King's blessing and the support of General Helene, Saga is organizing a second trip to explore the cave and find out what's down that pebble-strewn path.

King Arminel will be supporting those going on the expedition by providing resources and logistical support from the kingdom. He has arranged for a small accompaniment of Lorandi armsmen to join the group, as well as mounts, wagons, and supplies for the trip. He will remain in the city while the expedition travels west, but will be supporting them however possible prior to, and during, their adventure.

General Helene's support for the second expedition will not only include her personal escort of the expedition, but also some additional support in the form of trained Tenlindil hunters and their hounds so that the party is properly protected. She will act as something of a guide to the newcomers so that maybe none of them will take any tumbles.

Starling will be traveling with the group once more to visit the cave. Her healing is always on hand to help of course. But this time she is going with the hope to learn something of interest to her recording of what has been happening within the lands. As all but the King had seemed to want to take the other path.. it had a reason to be there and she would like to see why it brings.

The Duchess is coming along to boost morale, and will be using the opportunity to take stock of the available natural resources in Torendaar.

Amara is coming along mostly for the adventure. She will, of course, provide any help she can along the way, including simply keeping everyone's spirits up.

While Zedmir is unable to embark on the adventure himself, he does everything he can to set his friends up for success. The expedition teams receives food and drink expertly packed and tailored to the tastes of each individual, along with hand-written notes to uplift their spirits.

Valatir takes point in a more defensive action, weaving illusions as they go to keep back any trouble they may come across. More appealing targets come for natural predators, dead ends show up for followers, and noises are covered with more distracting natural cacophony.

Kaelyn is going along on this expedition. She is going to help with diplomatic aspects in hopes of keeping things as peaceful as possible.

Galeren will call upon the blessings of Torth for the expedition to offer good luck and good fortune. Admonishing the strength of hard work and careful planning reaping bountiful rewards

Princess Leda will be accompanying the exploration team in a similar capacity to High Priest Rawlin. In addition to offering her services in restorative healing, the princess will try to take note of land along for future projects in agriculture.

Hatharal will be traveling with the expedition this time. He'll take point in investigating the cave, moving up front and looking around for any clues, runes, artifacts, or other strange things that can be found out through some investigation.

Different to the former expedition, Aurri is gonna actively tag along this time, providing his extensive evocational arts in aid against any dangers, which might lurk along the path. Also, he will take a more scientific approach to any discoveries they might find.

Given the results of the previous expedition, High Priest Rawlin will tag along with this new expedition (providing that others permit him too, mostly offering up his skill with restorative magics should anything go wrong). Rawlin is really interested to see what sorts of items might be found that might have some more history of this place or of the gods. Probably not another artifact, but the opportunity to study the divine is always fun.

Druthean will be supporting this expedition by personally taking part and offering his sword to protect the group and battle if needed.

With House Tenlindil already offering support in terms of hunters and hounds, Duke Rollant is going to come along, simply to advise should it be required and to take stock of the surroundings.

Though the Lorandi expedition heading west found a great deal of information and recovered a lost relic, there was still undiscovered territory and secrets left to uncover in the marked cave deep in the Forest of Armanor. Under Lady Saga's guidance, an adventuring party has formed! King Arminel gave his blessing whole heartedly, backing the expedition with supplies by way of arms and extra soldiers to protect them. Lord Zedmir spent a good amount of time packing each soldier and adventures favorite meals for the expedition. The Chef Entrepreneur even went so far as to add in personalized notes, hoping to remind each of them of their strengths and worth to the mission and bolster them. Extra care was put in to Princess Leda's pack, giving her the confidence boost she needs to be the best leader she can be. Marquis Galeren Nalduine sends the party off with a blessing from Torth, bestowing good luck over them. Weather or not is effective or not is undetermined, but the people appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

The party sets off to the west with Lady Saga Brixtien at the helm! Last time, the journey took two days ride to arrive to the location. This time, it took five. Lady Saga, for all her enthusiasm and charisma, seems to have lost her way and supplies start to run a little thin by the time they reach the edge of the Forest of Armanor. Having to climb up on foot without the horses to reach it proves especially painful for her as she breaks a wrist in an untimely fall. Her injury forces her to relinquish command before they step into the caves themselves, but Duke Rollant is there to both lead and offer guidance as they press forth. The party seems comfortable following him in to the moss-covered cave entrance baring the faint stone carvings of two figures, one elven and one human holding up the keystone to the entrance.

The cave becomes dark rather quickly, but Valatir casts a spell over a few rocks he picks up from the ground and they start to illuminate, providing guide lights along the dark path in to the sace. The walls don't look like anything special. Mossy towards the entrance but more bleak the further in you go. The passage twists and turns, becoming narrow in some spots but then opening back up to a small room with two paths. The passageway to the right is no longer passable, fallen rubble has closes its way and the structural integrity seems far too unsounds to begin moving rocks away at this point. But, the path to the left is still wide open with bits of rock and dust seeming to trail inside of it.

The pause given at the start of the trail is broken by General Helene as she stops the debate and courageously charges through. As the group steps through, Valatir summons up an illusion behind them, making the entrance appear to be sealed off so that anyone who might have been following them could not trace their steps. Not long down the cave path, the sound of heavy snoring can be heard. Curious, Marquis Hatharal begins to investigate. He takes point, slowly heading closer and closer towards the sound until the light of his illuminated stone shows the source. A very large, very angry cave bear begins to emerge. So large, his body blocks off the stunnel passage, leaving the party in close quarters with gnashing teeth and swiping claws!

Lore Druthean Serannar is the first to spring to action! His sword swings fearlessly at the cave bear, landing a shot that immobilizes its left claw. Prince Aurri stands back at the ready and flings fireballs over Druthean's shoulder, landing a few square hits at the fierce opponent, singeing his fur and causing him to stumble back in a rage of pan. General Helene, Duke Rollant and Lady Saga, despite her broken wrist, step in to finish off the beast. When it lets out its last earth shaking growl and slumps over, the threat is ended.

Whether or not that cave bear was placed there to guard the cave beyond, or if he just happened to curl up in the winter, is unknown. But what lays just past him is a very strange and interesting sight. Rocks pile up in unique formations, creating almost purposeful architecture with the natural stones. Certainly not elven in nature, nor any other familiar immortal race, the source of this strange ruin deep within the cave is unknown. Curious, High Priest Rawlin begins to investigate the area, reaching out in to the lifewell to determine the make and intent of this place. The lines of mana seem to swirl here intently, like this was all part of some divine design in some way or another. He determines that it was not, however, made by the Gods themselves.

Starling begins to do the same, searching the area for clues and interesting bits of information throughout the area. Within the ruined architecture, she makes out what looks to be a rock-formed face and hands in the walls. She places her hand on to its hand and says "I wonder if these were the Watchers?" And when nothing of any particular consequence happens, she takes her hand back and muses over the possibility. Lady Kaelyn overhears the comment and decides to leave a note, just in case. Weather or not these watchers can read elvish is beyond her, but sometimes it is the gesture that matters. The note entalis well wishes and a willingness to parlay should they so desire.

Lady Amara seems absolutely delighted at the possibility of meeting a new sentient being. Sadly, none seem to be home, but the evidence that there might possible be something, someone one, here in Aarandor for her to entertain and investigate has her thrilled. Her enthusiasm is infectious. But, after determining that no one is indeed home, and the cave seems to end here, the group decides it is time to head back.

Luckily the return trip only takes two days. Princess Leda and Duchess Celestia have been along for the ride this whole time, taking notes of what sorts of natural resources seem to make up the greater Torendaar area. Unfortunately, both very clever and insightful women end up with the same list by the end of the trip. Wheat, rocks, trees, moss and dust. Not all that exciting or informative at all.

The group arrives home safely, with more information on the inhabitants of the caves and what to call them and only a few scratches and broken bones as reminders of their adventure. Valatir decides to take the oppertunity to draw a picture of what he saw while it is fresh in his mind. The image begins circulating between those who were in attendance.