Kinlessa Elstrin Naevon

The blessing of Loran is a priceless gift, do not squander it with indecision and squabbling.

Concept: Arcane Architect
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Naevon
Gender: Female
Age: 278
Birthday: 06/12
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Mage
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Hair of a blonde so pale as to be practically white flows down in long waves, unhindered in its cascade down to the middle of this slender elfs back. Errant strands often caress high cheekbones, a pale rivulet across skin that is fair and smooth. Long, dark lashes frame piercing eyes of a crystalline blue as pale as the winter sky. Her build is lithe, with smooth skin of a pale cream, unmarred by blemish or scar.

Personality: Quick to quip back at anyone who might give her lip, Elstrin is a fiercely independent individual. She knows where she stands on most things immediately and is unafraid of speaking her mind. While she does have a soft spot for those she is close to, her general outlook can be seen as rather defensive, though she sees it as no-nonsense. When she sets her mind to something, she sees it through to the end.

Background: Growing up in the city of Riaeus meant that just about any shred of knowledge accessible to elf-kind was at Elstrin's fingertips. Many of her earliest memories were of climbing to the tops of the stacks with a book in hand, practicing small bits of magic before she truly understood how the lifewell worked. Her brother Kaeleirus would accompany her from time to time and keep her company, listening to her rambling on and on about restoration and prestidigitation theory. For she thought that if one could help plants to grow better, perhaps they could also direct -how- they grow. Of course, all of her early experiments failed in twisted sapling knots, but she held on to that spark.

When the Mortal Strife took hold of so many in Riaeus, Elstrin's mother Ordelliae grew very ill. She was desperate to find a way to heal her mother back from the sickness that left her bedridden. But her efforts were to no avail. She died right their in their home. Elstrin's grief manifested in anger. Furious that she couldn't do anything to stop it, that the gifts of immortality had been stripped away from them. After the eradication war, when Elstrin got wind of the journey to Aarandor, she helped her brother, and the other caretakers of the Great Library, carry as many of the books as they possibly could to the ships. Keeping their precious knowledge protected was the goal forefront in her mind.

When they landed in Aarandor and eventually began to settle the Isalspire, Elstrin decided to try he crazy theory one more time. This time with a focus on prestidigitation To her surprise, and the surprise of most Duindar Kin, it worked! She helped to architect an incredible home for her family, weaving branches together, moving them this way and that until a living, breathing home was made from the vines and branches surrounding them. This act drained her quite a bit and she feels generally weaker because of it. But she is still proud of her accomplishments. Now, she searches for more ways she can improve the Duindar's new home, and perhaps even help the other kinships, if they are willing. To Elstrin, the Lifewell is more than a tool to use, it is an extension of her very limbs.

Relationship Summary

  • Alexandria - Alexandria and I disagree very much on the Isalspire and its' construction. She thinks we should have found another way to make it into our home, one less 'invasive'. We've never gotten into shouting matches over it but we've come close.

  • Family:
  • Nagestos - Once upon a time, I really wanted to make my grand uncle proud. And I did, but now there's much for me to do and well, I don't care as much if I make him proud or not. I don't need his approval, even though, I've proved myself. I actually worry sometimes, he hasn't been the same since Tethys died, hopefully he'll be able to overcome this as time moves on.
  • Teroleus - My uncle serves the Senate with wisdom and experience. He's lost all his siblings (including my mother) and his wife. I think he feels the same way I do about being helpless and angry at our losses. I also think he blames me for being too analytical about wanting to leave the Dying Lands behind and abandoning a losing fight.

  • Aeran:
  • Forwen - Young Forwen Nerea is a budding friend of mine -- her sister is married to my second cousin, and she strikes me as quite a spirited figure to whom I can always speak of adventure, and the prospect of discovering new lands in Aarandor beyond these cities.

  • Lorandi:
  • Rawlin - Loran's High Priest -- he is always willing to listen to my ideas and babble at him on occasion at the wonderful things Loran shows me in asleep, however, we have fallen out on occasion after he declared his support for giving up our immortality, to my chagrin.

  • Lorandi:
  • Kaeleirus - I've always got on quite well with my younger brother. Since becoming Kinlessa, he has become my main family member who I seek for advice, and he is also someone I can look to for support. I would consider him my most trusted advisor.

  • Friend:
  • Diagones - Head Scholar Diagones is a good friend and ally in the ongoing struggle to make the Isalspire our new home. She's fussy and particular but I enjoy her quirks. Together we can make this new home grander than our old one.

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