Chief Rythadrien Nerea

Think of the sea as a wild beast. You must either tame it or let it swallow you whole.

Concept: Optimistic Young Chief
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Nerea
Gender: Male
Age: 121
Birthday: 6/1
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Chief
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Blue-Black
Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Skintone: Lightly Tanned
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Bright golden eyes are framed by black lashes below arching brows. His features are sharp and handsome with finely chiseled cheek bones and sharp chin. The tanned skin of someone who spends time outdoors is accentuated by his deep black hair which is pulled back beneath a headscarf usually. Long hair falls down to midback and where the light touches it blue hues can be seen in the dark locks. He is tall and leanly muscled and his hands are calloused from work or weapon. Overall he has a striking appearance and his frown can be down right terrifying to some.

Personality: Eager to seek harmony and generally rather optimistic, Rythadrien seems to revel in his youth and in some ways, his inexperience. He has learned to lean on the experiences of others to make the decisions he must. Though he is not easily swayed when his mind is set, his is willing to listen. He smiles more often than not, charming in his approach to conversation. His gait is that of a confident leader.

Background: Rythadrien was just a few years in to adulthood when the Mortal Strife plagued the immortal peoples of Larandor. He had been brought up in Loramar right at the edge of the city. His house as a child overlooked the harbor and he used to love going down to the docks to talk to anyone who was passing through. He always was a natural conversationalist. But, with the Mortal Strive and the Eradication War soon to follow, Rythadrien would have have to grow up very quickly.

He was already being groomed by the Chief of the Aeran Kin to step up in to the role of Right Hand. But he had no idea how important this small window of time would be. When Ithiriel Elexia came to his city to start using it as the centerpoint of organization. Rythadrien was right there to help her. He worked with his sister, Selene, to make sure the boats would hold and were being quickly but well built. Project management seemed to come easy to him. And the ability to keep calm under a most stressful situation. The Aeran Kin were likely better prepared than the rest, in part because of Rythadrien's level headed approach to leadership.

When tragedy befell the ships at sea, the previous Chief fell in to despair. It was as though every life lost as sea was weighing down on his shoulders. So, once they were established in Lorawin, the Chief abdicated to Rythadrien and told him never to let his spirit break. It was hard for Rythadrien to watch his mentor devolve in such a way. But he knew the duty to press on would be his. He had Talien and Velandria to lean on after all. The three of them may never see eye to eye on everything, but Rythadrian respects both of their opinions a great deal. Xalor as proven to be an excellent Right Hand as well. Rythadrian is very hopeful about their future here in Lorawin and looks forward to setting up his people for generations of prosperity.

Relationship Summary

  • Selene - I know Selene is concerned about me. She thinks I am too excited and too optomistic about our future here. But I find she makes a good balance for me.
  • Octalin - I can never thank you enough for what you do for our family. Lorawin is better because of your artistic skill and vision.

  • Family:
  • Catlith - I love Catlith like a sister. She will always be a part of our family no matter how far off she travels.

  • Ally:
  • Talien - Talien may be ruthless but he is the kind of ruthless we need to keep the Aeran Kinship safe in this new land. I am honored to share power of our kinship with him.
  • Velandria - Such a strange woman and yet I find myself going to her for guidence more than just about anyone. I have faith in her faith and am proud to share power of our kinship with her.
  • Xalor - Xalor is my balance. They keep to the books and maintain things in an orderly and managed fashion. This leaves me to be the kind of personable leader I always want to be for the Aeran Kinship. I value their hard work and genuine passion for our people. Xalor will make a fine Chief some day.

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