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Action by Darinel

(Public Action, OOC Date: Oct. 16, 2019, 3:01 a.m.)

After discussing matters at the recent Heads of House Meeting and talking with the Aeran Leadership at that meeting, it was decided that the expedition to find a piece of land for the Aeran Kinship was going to take a northeasterly route from Selene's Harbor, examining the islands that seem to be in that general area (please see the hex marked Aeran Kinship Exploration on the following map: Darinel has secured passage on ships from the Aeran Kinship to start travel in that direction, relying on their ability to captain the vessels required for the exploration. She has also made certain that everyone has the proper gear for a proper expedition party, in case they disembark the ship to explore the islands themselves. Ideally, they are looking for a piece of land for the Aeran Kinship to build another settlement to bring income into the kinship, and also a good place to build a fortification to help develop an early warning system should they discover ships or creatures at sea.

Per the agreement made with Alcaldia for this Aeran expedition none other than Chief Rythadrien Nerea himself has decided to go along! It has been some time since he has been able to escape out into an adventure and his entire purpose on this trip is to be an envoy for Aeran while also providing some additional martial power should need arise.

Forwen is coming along! She is there to make sure no one does anything dumb and dies AND to poke at the places people forget to poke at, to look under the rocks and in the caves and to climb the high trees and find the things that others don't remember to look for. No... those things aren't dumb and no one is going to die if she does!

Wynnimir will be assisting with Darinel's exploration of the Northeastern islands, happily going out to scout and explore to see what can be found and report back with detailed accounts.

Kinlector Odissin Reymar offers his own sailing expertise, and a few new ships from the recently built shipyards of Reymar's Reprieve.

Kinlessa Darinel Alcaldia gathered together a group of adventures from all over the Aeran kinship to help claim some land for the Kinship itself. In her eyes, making the kinship stronger makes them all stronger. Setting out in a northeasterly route. The launch from Selene Harbor and make their way to the north east!

Kinlector Odissin Reymar took point on captaining the ship. In the middle of summer, the seas were as favorable to them as anyone could have hoped for. Their alliance with the Watchers of the Water Realm ensured that any trouble they might find near here would be met with the ferocity of the Aerans and their allies. Luckily, the shop sailed around to the far east side of the unnamed island neat Selene Harbor without a hitch, thanks to Odissin's superior sailing skills.

Chief Rythadrien Nerea took point once they had made landfall, quickly putting Forwen and Wynnimir to the task of scouting ahead. The pair took up the task with ease and began searching past the shores of the island. They found evidence that someone else had been here long ago. An encampment of some tribalistic society long since moved on from this location. But what they left behind seemed as though they had intended to come back for it later and simply never did. The whole group gathered around and Chief Rythadrian lifted the lid on a few chests left in the encampment.

Silver? and lots of it! 50,000 silver when it was all said and done. Quite the cache. But who left it here? That mystery would have to remain unsolved for the time being.

The group searched over the entire island for signs of life, something more recent, something more substantial than an abandoned encampment. But they found nothing. Assured that this location was indeed uninhabited, they decided to claim it for the Aeran Kinship.

((Congrats! 50k silver has been added to the Aeran Kinship bank. I just need a +request with what you intend to call this island and we will get an emit out and an updated map location.))