High Priestess Ayalith Sedriel

Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

Concept: Lively Priestess
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Sedriel
Gender: Female
Age: 71
Birthday: 4/3
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Warm Brown
Eye Color: Deep Olive
Skintone: Dusky
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Dark hair accented by the occasional sun-streak of warmer tones tumbles to the small of her back when allowed to fall freely. It complements the dusky hue of her complexion, which serves to make her eyes all the more striking, with their deep, olive coloring and sweeping lashes. Her features are a blend of delicacy and refinement, with elegantly arched brows, long lashes, and a stubborn cast to her feminine jawline. She carries herself with an undeniable grace, impeccable posture accentuating the lofty height of her slender frame.

Personality: Outwardly, she seems to be a study of peculiar contrasts. Generally bubbly, friendly, carefree, and inquisitive to a fault, she will lure you into a false sense of who she is before she conjures up a profound wisdom that seems out of the grasp of one so young as she. She is warm, seemingly care free, and nurturing all around. It's widely accepted that she lives in a colorful, sensual world, inspired by connections with people and ideas and she takes joy in reinterpreting these connections, reinventing and experimenting with both herself and new perspectives. This is, more often than not, what puts her at odds with the more conservative members of her Kinship.

Background: Born during the Mortal Strife, Ayalith never met her mother for she died during childbirth. She was raised by her father, Emek Sedriel, a priest of Brundir. Considering the circumstances of his wife's death, it would have been easy for Emek to grow jaded and turn away from his god, but he didn't. Emek turned towards his faith for comfort, and dedicated himself to the education of Ayalith in said faith. The two traveled to Thelos often, staying at the Holy City and away from Nasherat for long periods of time. Whenever she went back home, she often spent her time at the household of her cousin Aganor, who doted on her like she was one his children.

The moment Ayalith reached adulthood, she joined Brundir's priesthood. Thanks to her father's support, Ayalith moved through the ranks faster than most, becoming the youngest priest to be named an Elder. However, she was unable to share this achievement with her father for two months before her appointment to Elder, Emek left with an expedition out of Nasherat, never to return. A second group was sent to try and find the lost expedition, but they returned with no clues as to what might have happened. The Lost Ones, as they came to be known were all declared dead.

With both her parents gone, and feeling completely out of place in the kinship, Ayalith turned to her cousin Aganor, for guidance. The Thalerith were her people, but having spent so much time away from them left her feeling very disconnected, but rather than grieve this loss, like her father taught her, she turned towards her faith for answers. Now as High Priestess of Brundir, she is the youngest of the High Priests of the gods, and it is her hope that she's able to find that connection to her people, that often eludes her.

Relationship Summary

  • Archarnor - I am bid to never speak to Archarnor again because of our differences of faith, or as he puts it, my smirking. Perhaps one day this rend shall mend, and Brundir's light may shine on our reunion.

  • Ally:
  • Zenandra - She has been a priest for so long, and she has served as a mentor of sorts during my time in the clergy and after becoming high priestess. She has never judged me, and seems to genuinely enjoy the time she spends with me and for that I'm very grateful.

  • Family:
  • Aganor - Patient like no Thalerith I've ever met, my cousin and I have always been close. He understands me like few others do and has been a great help in helping me understand those around me, better.
  • Jarlanen - He's always so busy. But that comes from a dedication to both kinship and family. Our family would be lost without his direction, even though he needs to relax a lot more and more often.

  • Friend:
  • Joran - He's so... him. Serious, all warrior like. It's like he's trying to hide who he really is, under all that bravado and warrior attitude. He needs to go out more, and see more of the world and maybe I need to be the one helping him do just that.
  • Lyandra - Lyandra has the right ideas, but I'm not sure her mother is very receptive to them. We used to spend a lot of time together when we were younger, but the priesthood has taken a lot of my time lately. I'm hoping that we can recapture that friendship that we enjoyed for so long.

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