Marchioness Yvette Monstald

The strongest of all warriors are these two - Time and Patience.

Concept: Martial Marchioness
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Monstald
Gender: Female
Age: 120
Birthday: 1/16
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Platinum White
Eye Color: Molten Gold
Skintone: Alabaster
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Grandmaster of the Blessed Order of Solaris

Description: This statuesque woman stands just below six and a half feet tall. Yvette's frame is athletic, but also not lacking in femininity. She carries herself with a disciplined, noble bearing and her movements are executed with an inordinate amount of economy. When she speaks, her voice is pleasant but firm. Her smooth alabaster skin speaks of a life of both privilege and duty as it is not flawless. Lightly peppered with marks that betray a martial life, they don't detract from her fierce beauty. Strong expressive brows frame her piercing golden eyes and her smooth silvery white hair often hangs past her shoulders. Her noble cheekbones slope down to a pair of lush bow-shaped lips that help paint a leonine tableau in both countenance, grace and feature.

Personality: Disciplined and reserved, but not with her opinion, Yvette is a soldier through and through. However, while she respects the teachings of her father, she believes it is for her to determine how to best apply them. She won't eschew tradition for no reason, but she also will not let it get in the way of doing what's right. She's loyal and dutiful, but believes that one has to be true to their own heart and is unlikely to follow orders she does not find just. She does not lack warmth, but tends to only open up to those that she has grown close to.

Background: Yvette entered this world with heavy expectations already on her shoulders. As the scion of Rhion Monstald, she was to be the heir to the leadership of one of the most honored and oldest houses in the Lorandi Kinship, and really among all Elven kin, or so her father would often remind Yvette when she was a child. The military discipline that House Monstald is known for was enforced even during those childhood years. Yvette spent many hours learning about war, fighting, tactics and just as many training, often with her uncle Nerym, the Grandmaster of the Blessed Order of Solaris. The little free time, she would often spend with her sister Ingerith. As the second born, her sister had a certain amount of freedom in choosing her path in life, and yet Yvette never resented her for this. She inherited her sense of duty from her father, and was accepting of the role she would eventually have to play.

She joined the Royal Army the moment she reached adulthood, and not long after her uncle sponsored her into the Blessed Order of Solaris as his squire. The decision created some tension within the Order, but was easily dismissed as Yvette proved herself time and time again. When the retreat of the Lorandi forces was sounded during the Eradication War by King Arminel Serennar, for the first time ever, the Head of House Monstald went against his king and decided to stay and fight with their human allies, entrusting his daughters to his brother.

Nerym and the Solaris Order fought almost to the last man in order to give the Lorandi a chance at their retreat. He fell in battle, but not before leaving Yvette with the charge to ensure the survival of House Monstald and the Blessed Order of Solaris. After the arrival to Aarandor it was time to rebuild, and Yvette took the duty entrusted to her by her father and uncle very seriously. Many on the Solaris Order felt that now that they were in a new continent, their mission was done with. However, Yvette had no intention to give up, and with the approval of the few knights that remained in the order she became its new Grandmaster, claiming that Loran would show her the way. She also took over as the head of her House, reaffirming her dedication to the protection of her people.

Marriage: Lord Leofric Tenlindil was married to Marchioness Yvette Monstald in the autumn of 53 PA, becoming Marquis Leofric Monstald.

Relationship Summary

  • Rawlin - High priest of Loran. Guide me in this new land with our new mission. I am determined to carry on my order's sacred mission as best I can with your help.

  • Sibling:
  • Ingerith - My little sister had all the freedom in the world and chose to follow Estril into the darkness. I am proud for her decision as the world needs those who guide it as much as those who guard it. I am closer to no-one else in this world.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Averadus - The spiritual leader of our people and I both follow Loran as best we can. I can trust his guidance when I need direction in following Her will.

  • Friend:
  • Ayala - The Silver Lily is a knight of great renown and valor, who I count as a trusted friend to fight at my side any day. I cannot coax her into the Solaris Order, despite my efforts.

  • Spouse:
  • Leofric - He had feelings for me for years and I never knew. Well, I do now. We will face whatever may come, side by side.

  • Ally:
  • Ember - Ember is enthusiastic and has proved to be an asset to the Order. What she lacks in knowledge of how to wave a sword, she makes up with her strength in how to use the Lifewell. I think she could go far in the Order, if we keep her from burning everything around us down.
  • Arminel - I shall serve our people as my father served before me. Monstald shall always be the shield that guards the realm of elves.

  • Name Summary
    Seren The Marchioness is as tireless as my husband but I find that she is not quite so open in social settings. Her mind is built for other things which I respect her for.
    Sylindra The flipside to the soft, self-important, decadent Lorandi are the elegant and stalwart soldiers that defend them. The Grandmaster of the Dawn Knights is clearly one of their finest examples. She is not to be taken lightly, whether in the ballroom or on the field of battle.