Nadaron Aynarr

Baridon's blood, friend, lose that frown. That was just a baby krilkar, be glad you didn't meet its mother!

Concept: Uninhibited Beast Tamer
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Male
Age: 102
Birthday: 05/09
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 6'9"
Hair Color: ashen white
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: golden hued olive
Marital Status: Married

Description: Standing just a few inches under seven feet tall, Nadaron has a lithe build with a golden hued tan that graces his olive complexion. His hair is an ashen white in color, with it's length falling down to rest just below his shoulders. Bangs falling freely they oft falling to obscure his deep amber eyes. His facial features have a sharp regal grace to them, with an aquilan nose and a bright smile. The musculature of his torso is lean and dense, showing the fruits of an active and hard lived life with a scar along his right side where he once took a claw to the side.

Personality: Not many people have it in their hearts to dislike Nadaron, and if they do, he doesn't let it bother him. Nadaron believes in living life to the fullest, embracing the more approachable aspects of the fiery passion that the Thalerith are known for. Whenever he encounters someone that does not take to him, he tries his best to change their mind. He takes most everything in stride, with abuses of power over those weaker being the exception, and the one thing that can foul up his mood. He likes people and animals both, but he feels the latter usually are easier to have around, as people's emotions can be a touch hard to navigate sometimes.

Background: House Aynarr of the Thalerith and House Reid of the Faenor have enjoyed an amiable relationship through many generations. So when Mero and Branwyn asked to be married, it certainly didn't come as a surprise. However, the two families could not come to an agreement on who should join which house. As a priestess of Rithor and mother to Mero, Zenandra suggested two hunts to settle the dispute, as both Mero and Branwyn were well known hunters. One hunt would take place in the caverns of Nasheri, the other at the wilds around Khelwen. Whoever brought in the most impressive prize would be the dominant house. House Reid agreed to the terms, and Mero Aynarr came out as the winner. Nadaron was the result of their union, born just a few years before the Mortal Strife, and the child of two hunters. Nadaron learned a lot about beasts from both his parents, he seemed to have an innate talent for handling creatures, and it showed whenever he was exposed to a new one. A few years after Nadaron was born, his parents were blessed yet again by Brundir with a baby girl this time.

Both his parents died during the Eradication War, while Nadaron was still considered a child. Their death was painful, but his grandmother Zenandra helped him and his sister get through it. Zenandra's love for the hunt and life in general, helped him embrace his own love for life and the animal kingdom. When the creatures that the Thalerith tried to take with them in their journey to Aarandor suddenly died, Nadaron felt lost, and was left looking for answers. Once again his grandmother's guidance was key, and it didn't take long for Nadaron to regain that love for life he was known for.

Even though he was barely an adult when the elves reached the land that would come to be known as Lorawin, he had already developed a reputation for his knowledge of creatures. When he volunteered to go through the portal representing the Thalerith, he was encouraged to do so rather than stopped for being two young. His protective nature was very much welcome by the others, when the group was exploring Thelos, even though he couldn't help but be disappointed he didn't encounter any new creatures. Many years have passed since that day, and Nadaron's affable demeanor has not changed, nor has his love for new creatures. He often goes with the expeditions, as both an expert beastmaster and hoping to find that new beast he hasn't met just yet.

Marriage: Nadaron and Selene were wed in 51 PA. Selene left house Nerea of the Aeran Kinship to join House Aynarr of the Thalerith Kinship.

Relationship Summary

  • Thorin - The Faenor portal walker was obsessed with the gateways when we went through. I practically had to drag him along to go see the rest of the city. He's more open than many of my mother's Kin and was amusing to be around. It was a shame he didn't bring a wolf along with us.

  • Ally:
  • Ember - She's brave. I mean, she stepped through that portal like she owned it. It might have bordered on stupid really, but she came through fine and so did the rest of us so I guess brave's the way to go with her. She's more approachable than one would think, considering she's Lorandi and all.
  • Selene - She can be a bit of a know it all, but, she means well. She was pretty excited about what we found in Thelos, or so it seemed. And while I might mumble about her smarts, they came in pretty handy during our first adventure in the Holy City, so I'm not complaining too loud.
  • Alexandria - I thought this one would be a bore. I mean, she was just so quiet. Like creepy quiet even. But then when it was just the five of us? She just perked up. Maybe she doesn't like people. I mean, there are times I don't like people I suppose I just don't let it bother me.

  • Friend:
  • Lyandra - She's always so hopeful. She has big ideas that I don't know will go well with the rest of the kinship, but, at least she tries! If anything, I hope she makes her ideas work so I get a chance to get to know the little beasties in the other cities. When I need someone to talk to, and a drink is not enough, she's been there for me and I'm willing to listen to her, if she needs me to.

  • Family:
  • Karagoth - I can't tell if he hates me, or tolerates me. I'm family, so I think it's probably the second but he is one serious warrior. Too serious. Even the few times I've managed to get him to come with me and relax, it's like he's not there. But, he knows I'm good with the beasties so, he calls on me when he needs help with that.
  • Zenandra - Now my grandmother is someone that knows how to live life. I've learned so much from her, about life and how to live it. She's taught me not to let life pass me by, no matter the struggle. Yes, things can be difficult, but there's always time to find something to be excited about.
  • Aleandra - Totally the opposite of my grandmother. She's serious, just like Karagoth, but unlike my usually angry cousin you can't really tell where you stand with her. She has a way of looking at you, through you, making it very hard to smile around her, even for me!
  • Uanthel - My little sister can be so quiet, as a mouse even. Some think her stuck up, but I know she cares. She's not what you call expressive. I'm still better with the beasties than she is, though. Just don't tell her that.

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