High Priest Sorgath Filinnar

Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive.

Concept: Fearless Priest of Rithor
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 642
Birthday: 12/19
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'10"
Hair Color: Sandy brown
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skintone: Weathered bronze
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Tall, even by elven standards, he cuts an imposing figure. His broad frame is not without grace, but he does not possess the sleek speed of a predator. This one is not made to hunt and chase, but rather to hold ground, unyielding, or move with the sudden onslaught of an avalanche. Painted across skin that has been bronzed by the sun and weathered by wind and sand are scars that chronicle centuries of battle. Carved into his left shoulder is the scar he wears with the most pride, the Mark of the Fearless.

Personality: Sorgath embraces his passions as the Thalerith often do. He fights fiercely, he loves freely and he holds his honor sacrosanct. Despite these passions he is not particularly thin skinned. Insults rarely bother him and he is more likely to fight a friend to revel in the purity of combat than he is to throw down over an insult. He knows what he is and for most of his life it has given him clarity. The death of his younger brother, and the fall and disappearance of his older brother caused him to doubt himself for the first time. The fierce warrior has mellowed as he tries to become a mentor to the younger generation, and hopes that his meditations to Rithor will put him back on his path. Those passions still burn within his breast, and those closest to him wonder when they will see the Sorgath of old again.

Background: While his brothers studied tactics and leadership, young Sorgath prepared to go out into the desert and survive for the month required to be initiated into the Priesthood of Rithor. He was a scrawny young elf in those days, Those priests that advised him in his youth barely recognized the hulking man that came for his formal initiation when he was grown. Once his initiation was completed he moved quickly on to his three challenges. When he returned from his third challenge he did so dragging the severed head of a beast that was as large as he was. And thus, Sorgath Filinnar was given the Mark of the Fearless.

While his brothers showed their skill as warriors and commanders, Sorgath fought by their side, offering the blessings of Rithor and spiritual advice in the battles that they fought. When Gorgath successfully challenged to become Warlord, Sorgath was the first to take the Oath to become his Blade Sworn. It was then that he made a decision to eschew marriage. He would live a life without fear and to the fullest but there would be nothing that he would put before Rithor, his Warlord, and the Thalerith. Centuries of battle, and scars to tell the tale would be the bounty of this devotion, and it was the life he always wanted for himself.

Then the Host came and the Eradication war began. Sorgath said his prayers to Rithor and made his peace with his life and was prepared to fight to the last against this unstoppable foe. He believed there was nowhere they could go this enemy could not follow, not even the Immortal lands. But Gorgath made his order's clear. The Thalerith would be joining the other Kinships in the journey across the sea, and his Blade Sworn were to defend the Kinship as they fled to the boats. It wasn't until they were out to sea that he learned of Norgath and Thelindra's sacrifice to slow the Host from overtaking them as they fled. Sorgath never argued with his Warlord in front of another living soul, but many whispered that the brothers could be heard yelling at each other from the Warlord's cabin many nights during the voyage. Sorgath's fears that Norgath died for nothing more than a stay of execution started to create a rift between the two living brothers.

In Thelos, upon first landing, Sorgath quietly saw to his duties, cooler and more quietly than he had in the past. When the portals were explored and Nasherat was founded he spent much of his time going to explore the surrounding desert. Seeking an outlet for his guilt at not fighting alongside his younger brother when he needed him most and, his anger at his older brother that didn't tell him what he had asked of him. He did not linger far, always searching for signs that the Host had followed them and found Nasherat, but his expeditions would turn from weeks to months, and from months to years. Before long, he and his Warlord would go years without speaking, and even then, only for Sorgath to give his report, and return to the wilds.

One day, Sorgath returned only to learn that his niece Sylindra had challenged Gorgath and claimed the title of Warlord. Gorgath yielded to her and then promptly disappeared. Realizing that in his anger at his brother that he failed him as surely as he had failed Norgath, Sorgath started to know true doubt for the first time and feared that he lost his path. He upset his niece by turning down her offer to become one of her Blade Sworn and made to leave Nasherat for the wilds, dedicating himself to his worship of Rithor.

Zenandra found him, and promptly scolded him for his sulking and trying to hide from his failures in the desert. If he was going to dedicate himself to finding his path through his worship to Rithor he was going to do it by helping her run the Shrine in Thelos and training the young initiates and priests, and that was what. And so it was, that Sorgath returned to Thelos with the High Priestess as he begins a new road in his journey.

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