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Past Actions

Action by Sylindra for The Army of Sand

(Public Action, OOC Date: Oct. 30, 2019, 10:59 p.m.)

The Warlord is leading and coordinating a massive action to provide support for her diplomatic mission to the Watchers of Sand. All Thalerith are encournaged to contribute in whatever ways they can. Things which would be of assistance include: Logistical planning and support for the envoys, researching the Watchers, talking to other Kinships for information, workshopping and rehearsing various approaches to negotiations, surveying the route to the meeting area, adopting unambiguously defensive postures for our troops, praying to the gods for blessings and insight, and whatever else one might think will be of help. If you believe your skills, your time, or your resources can aid our efforts in any way at all, then you are welcome to contribute.

While Kalagos is skilled in Celestial, his bread and butter is warfare. Therefore, he's setting forth to ensure that defensive positions are adequately secured and that they look like they are defensive and not appearing to be aggressive in nature.

With initiatives into research, defenses and advance reconnaissance already well in hand by others, Joran attempts to contribute to the cause as a Flame Seer: between extended vigils into the sacred fires of the Chantry to possibly obtain further insights, he offers to serve as a point of coordination between other branches of the effort, the kinship at large, and the Warlord.

Sorgath remains available for spiritual consultations during this time for those who need it.

Ragna Will put his skills as a scout to good use and survey a safe route to the meeting area for everyone involved to get there. Hopefully, his survival skills will plan out a safe route.

Nassar sets to work scouting routes and ensuring there is nothing that will take the groups by surprise. That means a few defensive posts here and there, and generally taking care of the nuts of bolts of moving people.

Claria is going to attend this mission with Sylindra's invitation and do her best to be a helpful diplomat. She will follow any orders from Sylindra.

With a call for support Ellyn has offered what assistance she can. She respects the actions being taken for a diplomatic all with the watchers though she knows all too well what can happen should something go wrong. She assists for the remaining resources needed to ensure that the Thalerith can protect their own, through supplies of armor and weapons and other various items to shore up where they will take up their defense. She will also offer any knowledge of archery and her own bow if needed.

It has been several months since a group of explorers, led by Elder Zenandra Aynarr, discovered the location of the Watchers of the Sand Realm. In that time, the Thalerith people have gathered together and prepared to face them either by the cunning of diplomacy or the strength of war. Whatever the choice, everyone in Nasherat is on edge with the looming presence in the nearby desert.

Warlord Sylindra makes her decision known rather quickly. The Watchers are strong, ancient beings, worthy of an alliance with the Thalerith. And with that mentality, she reaches out into the vastness of her social network, and with all the command and talent in leadership she has and seeks the help of her people and allies in preparing a diplomatic envoy to be sent out to speak with the Watchers of the Sand Realm.

The son of the Warlord, Joran Filinnar, a Flame Seer of the Thalerith people, has made it known that he is here to talk to any and all who seek the guidance of the flame. He spends days in the Flame Chantry speaking with those who are preparing to head out on the diplomatic envoy, and those who will stand guard near by. His words bring comfort to those still questioning the decision to seek diplomacy, and courage to those who may be fearful of the potential outcomes. All in all his efforts to be among the people and to help them have a positive impact on their outlook going into this.

In that same vein, High Priest Sorgath of Rithor's Priesthood offers his time and prayers to those in the city of Nasherat. He reminds them to be fearless in the face of this strong and ancient advisaray. Many of those who go to see Sorgath come back from his counseling with a heightened sense of cultural awareness. Speaking of the strength of the Thalerith in bold and unshakable terms. It is over all very inspiring to hear Sorgath speak.

An unexpected voice emerges from the south to help the Thalerith in their diplomatic approach in dealing with the Sand Watchers. High Lord Ellyn Reid takes it upon herself to not only offer aide through military resources, but more importantly, to provide detailed and thorough accounts of her people's fight against the Watchers of Ice and the conversations that followed the War of Ice. Her conversations with Sylindra and the diplomats chosen to accompany the Warlord do a considerable amount of good. The bonds between Thalerith and Faenor grow stronger with this selfless act of support from Ellyn.

As the days draw near and the envoy prepares to head out to meet the Watcher General, a pair of scouts is sent ahead to ensure the route the envoy takes is the safest and most secure. Ragna Aynarr has no trouble at all weaving his way through the desert rock formations, gauging the weather patterns and identifying the best approach. Nassar Filinnar does the same, though he takes a more round-about route to gather information about the forces of the Watcher of Sand and their elemental army. He reports back to Sylindra with their positions and numbers and generally gives her a good sense of what she is about to walk in to.

The Blade Sworn of Warlord Sylindra are at her side as she prepares to head out with the envoy. Diligently, Kalagos Sedriel takes command by coordinating with the General and his various lieutenants. He advises them on the positioning of the Thalerith Military forces and offers his expertise to help keep them close enough at hand to act should the need arise, but far enough at a distance to allow the envoy to act in goodwill and keep any thoughts of an invasion at bay. His locations are expertly chosen, and soon, they begin their march to the Scorching Expanse.

((This action was exceptionally successful and will be giving the diplomatic envoy a great bump in persuasion power as they head in to negotiations.))

Action by Sylindra for The Doomsayer's Throne

(Public Action, OOC Date: April 1, 2019, 12:22 a.m.)

Thalerith met with the Oracle of Baridon and barraged the elf in question with many inquiries. After Thalion so thoroughly informed the Warlord, Kinlector, Kinlessa and the High Priesthood the leaders of Nasherat deliberated. They spoke with their families and Houses, listened to the will of the people and made the decision they believe to be right. Sylindra Filinnar made her proclamation and sought solace and guidance from the Gods in prayer. After all is said and done, Thalerith chooses to rise to the occasion. To accept Baridon's challenge and to sacrifice their immortality so that they might one day earn it back. With the blessings and aid of Brundir's priests the Warlord calls upon her people to perform the Grand Sacrifice. Whatever rituals and ceremony are required, whatever price is enacted to appease Baridon then the Warlord will be first in line to do what needs must. She will set an example for her people and do it with her head held high and humility in her heart.

Melindra will show up and help support her Mother, her family and her Kinship. Though she has done her own private little affair with Rivek, she wants to make sure that the Thalerith people see her there supporting her mother. Participating in the rituals and ceremony with her mother and family.

Despite several personal conflicts about Baridon as a god, Zymandi takes her oath to protect Sylindra seriously, and will spend the remaining time before the Great Sacrifice utilizing her contacts in every part of Nasherat, other scouts, hunters, warriors and denizens, to seek out any whisper of violence or sedition during this fragile time.

Nadaron comes to take part in the ritual, the elf submitting himself to the just punishment with a humble heart and a drive to go forward from this point. He comes to the ritual dressed simply in plain silks, the most humble attire he owns and helps in whatever way might be asks of him.

Sorgath full supports the sacrificing of immortality and will participlate in the ritual to do so. He will also try and give courage to other's by giving a Rithorian sermon and perform the rite of courage for those that need a little extra nerve before making the sacrifice.

Willingly giving up immortality to appease Baridon.

The Warlord, and Rithor, have spoken. Rivek will seek out the Priesthood of Brundir, and make known that he is willing to the do the rituals required, in order to give up his immortality. After all, he's a young elf, cocksure, and still half thinking he's immortal even without it. What's more, he's certain that whatever is required to regain it, he can pull it off.

Does Azariah WANT to? No. Of course not. But she's not going to say no to doing what needs to be done, no matter what the cost might be. So whatever is required, she will do it. Out in public, where everyone can witness the bravery of the Thalerith, the dedication of the Devrien.

The Warlord may of spoken, but that doesn't mean that the Iron Hand agrees with the decision. Acharon is Narthic's patron god, and the oldest of the gods decided that change is required, and Baridon should be removed. However, Narthic must also follow the decision of Warlord, and by proxy, the Thalerith as a whole. So, he does. But he does this not out of loyalty to Baridon, but that to his Kinship. He goes so far as to renounce the god personally, but doesn't frown upon those who do. He does not participate in ritual or prayers, however, he doesn't hinder it either. If giving up their immortality is a thing that is required, Narthic will do so. But not for Baridon. He will do for his people.

In Nasherat, the Thalerith Warlord has spoken and her people listen. The words of Warlord Sylindra Filinnar in support of appeasing the Blood God is certainly well received by her people. To the Thalerith, struggle is strength, and strength is life, so in general they find the idea of proving themselves worthy of immortality, rather than have it just be given to them.

And while some wonder if her family stands with the warlord, the presence of her daughter Melindra Filinnar at her mother's side, and also speaking in favor of regaining Lord Baridon's favor is noticed, as it is the commanding way she handles herself in public.

Still, while the majority of the Thalerith people rally behind their Warlord, there are always voices of dissent. Whispers of threats against Sylindra are carried in the winds, yet no actual threats manage to reach her. This is certainly seen as a sign that the Warlord's Blade Sworn are doing their job. Those that might have at some point spoken against the Warlord's wishes find themselves giving the likes of Zymandi Devrien and the other Blade Sworn a very wide berth.

In response to Sylindra's words, many of her people step up to offer their immortality to the Blood God. Several offerings, prayers and rituals are performed not only by priests of Baridon, but involving the priesthood of Brundir, leaving many outside of the kinship curious as to the reason and wondering if the path to give up immortality begins with the god of Rebirth. Those still doubting this choice find sudden courage to embrace it in the words found in a sermon given by Sorgath Filinnar, former Blade Sworn and Elder of the Shrine of Rithor. Among the Thalerith, Sorgath and those joining him become known as The First to offer themselves for the Great Sacrifice.

Others involved in the offerings and joining the ranks of The First are Nadaron Aynarr and Vigar Aynarr, leading many to believe the Warlord has the support of their house, while some claim to have seen Azariah Devrien among those gathered as well.

Her brother Rivek Devrien was certainly spotted and not alone, with him are a good number of Thalerith known to have been against the Warlord's decision, now claiming to be present as the Warlord has spoken.

Vi achareth, thalien. Vi thalien, brunar. The words become a chant taken by those gathered to offer themselves, loud and strong. Fire Seers would later claim, the voices of the Thalerith were loud enough to be heard as far as the sands cover the land. The enthusiasm seems to infect everyone gathered, even those that might not have been all that thrilled at first.

Except for one elf. Narthic Sedriel stands by himself, almost an island in the sea of Thalerith euphoria. He watches, and does not stop them but does not join them either. Some look at him in confusion, thinking him apathetic rather than dissenting. The Iron Hand remains unbending and unbreaking, but it doesn't take long for his presence to be swallowed by the rest of the Thalerith voices speaking as one.