Flame Speaker Jarlanen Sedriel

Let us gaze into the fire. What do I see? Well, I see everything.

Concept: Tempered Spiritual Leader
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Sedriel
Gender: Male
Age: 549
Birthday: 10/09
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Historian
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Pale Gold
Skintone: Light Olive
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Jarlanen's light olive skin is indicative of a life mostly spent away from the sun. His short auburn hair has a coppery shine to it, a color shared with the fine eyebrows that frame narrow eyes of a muted pale golden color. The refined lines of his face lead towards an equally refined chin, with just a touch of a cleft. His frame is tall and thin, and he often maintains a straight elegant posture when he stands or walks. His movements are often precise and methodical, adding just the right amount of flare when needed.

Personality: Contemplative and insightful, it's not rare to find Jarlanen losing himself to his thoughts while gazing into the fire. Unlike many Thalerith, he is very slow to anger and even when obviously upset, he's not one to yell and raise his voice. He speaks in calmed tones, always controlled. He is not meek, however, and speaks firmly when required, making his opinion known often in a very direct way. He greatly believes in the value of the Thalerith oral tradition, and takes his duty as historian for his people very seriously. He speaks little about his own life, however, preferring to turn conversations to the lives of others, listening and learning about their deeds.

Background: The firstborn of Flame Speaker Selin Sedriel, Jarlanen was born surrounded by fire. His mother was a Flame Seer and well known pyromancer within the Kinship, and his father was the spiritual leader of their people. Jarlanen's fascination with fire would have probably been considered unhealthy in other Kinships, but in the Thalerith his parents made sure to encourage it. Since a very young age, Jarlanen knew he wanted to follow in the steps of his parents, and began training his mind and body both for that ask. He learned the oral history of their Kinship from his father and other Flame Seers, and practiced this skills of evocation from his mother

The murder of both his parents by Harbingers during Estril's Feast set the ever composed Jarlanen into a rampage. He promised retribution for such a personal assault and became a key leader of the hunt for traitors, helping ensure they received their just punishment at the end of Estril's Axe. When his marriage to Tavirah Aynarr was announced, it caused mush speculation as to the nature of it. Was it love? A political alliance? Neither Jarlanen nor Tavirah ever talked much about it, but at the very least, Jarlanen seemed pleased. The couple was blessed by Brundir with the charge of a soul in their firstborn Kalagos, but Kalagos' temperament dashed any hopes of him being the heir to the Sedriel legacy, so Jarlanen turned his attention to his nephew, Aganor. However, Aganor made it clear that he had no desire to become a Flame Seer at the time, so Jarlanen gave his blessing for his marriage to Sylindra Filinnar.

Any grief he felt at Tavirah's death during the Mortal Strife, he kept to himself, for he did not make much of it and remained dedicated to his work as Flame Seer. Most had expected Gorgath Filinnar to choose Jarlanen as his Flame Speaker when he became Warlord, but that was not the case, and the Warlord chose one of Jarlanen's students instead. However, that student did not survive the Third Migration, and Gorgath had not appointed a Flame Speaker by the time Sylindra challenged him. Due to his status as hero of Estril's Feast, both Gorgath's General and Gorgath asked to act as Flame Speaker for the purpose of the challenge, and while Gorgath seemed to have expected Jarlanen to not find the challenge valid, he did the exact opposite, fully supporting Sylindra in her challenge. After Sylindra defeated Gorgath, she appointed Jarlanen as her Flame Speaker. To this day, Jarlanen continues his work for the kinship, providing spiritual guidance as needed and counsel to the Warlord when requested.

Relationship Summary

  • Aleandra - It is entertaining to argue with my dear Aleandra. Yes, she has the best interest of the Kinship in mind and that is commendable, but she could use more time with our historians, paying more attentions to learning about the mistakes and victories in our past. Nobody can argue about her current relevance, but whether that relevance lasts or not, history will tell.

  • Ally:
  • Sylindra - The upstart Warlord is certainly not an upstart anymore. Some might not want to acknowledge it, but Gorgath was leading us slowly to ruin. Sylindra has proved to be more than an adequate replacement, as the Fire promised she would be. She will continue to have my support, as long as she continues to put the good of our people first.
  • Karagoth - Some call him a brute, those that do, are doing the general an injustice. He is a formidable warrior, but bashing your head against a wall can only do so much damage. One must know where the wall is the weakest, before trying to smash it to pieces. Karagoth can see weakness, and when he does, he knows when and how to jump at it. So, I must never be weak before him, and I won't.
  • Joran - The son of the Warlord has decided to become a Flame Seer. It's an interesting choice, but one I fully support of course. I've taken him under my wing, as my student within the Chantry. He has much to learn, but shows much promise.

  • Family:
  • Kalagos - My son. He's nothing like me, and everything like his mother. I suppose some would consider that to be a good thing. I'm proud of what he has accomplished, of course, although I do wish he had been more studious while growing up. His decision to swear his blade to Sylindra is a commendable one at least, so perhaps there is hope for him.
  • Ayalith - Emek was never a family man, always traveling, always away from his people. I feel that might have left poor Ayalith a little confused about her heritage. She tries too hard to not be Thalerith, but perhaps Aganor can help her see how wrong that really is. Still, she has accomplished much in very little time, so there is definitely Sedriel blood running through her.
  • Aganor - I always knew he would accomplish great things. He is the counsel Sylindra needs when I'm not there to give it myself. He has help temper her into a stronger steel, the two of them together I feel can do much for our people. He makes me proud, and the Sedriel proud. Now, if only he would take his rightful place as a Flame Seer, he would be closer to achieving his true potential.

  • Friend:
  • Deanna - Calling Deanna a friend is like calling a cactus soft. But, at least she listens or pretends to listens when I speak with her. She understands people and information like few do, and I often find her observations insightful at the very least. We might not be spending an afternoon together any time soon, but I can certainly enjoy a glass of wine with her on occasion.
  • Belstrom - He is definitely less dangerous than his sister, which makes him far easier to talk to. He speaks with care, a trait I can appreciate. I find myself fascinated by his transformation from thug, to high priest. His history is one that must be remembered by our people, so I make it a point to talk with him every so often.

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