Kinlessa Deanna Devrien

It's not a matter of who you know dear, but what you know about them.

Concept: Devious Family Boss
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Female
Age: 245
Birthday: 9/6
Patron: Torth
Vocation: Broker
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Black Onyx
Eye Color: Green-flecked Gray
Skintone: Olive
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Deanna appears so well kept that it is as if the desert itself is afraid to so much as smudge her sandals. Her olive skin glows with a healthy shine, and her wavy onyx hair billows around her airily. Her green-flecked gray eyes regard the world hungrily, with a dangerous glint that remains inviting. Her lips are just a touch away from what one might call thin, which adds to a predatory air to her smiles when she offers them. Her cheekbones are high and pronounced, and her pointed chin adds elegance to her fit and pleasant figure.

Personality: A firm believer in making others do the heavy work for her, Deanna is comfortable leading, planing and scheming. She likes playing the role of the dangerous mistress of rogues, which she peppers with enough charm as to remain approachable. When she smiles, it's with full intention and she makes no attempt to hide that there's something behind it all. She enjoys listening to others, interjecting her words carefully and when she feels they will have the most effect and drawing them into revealing their secrets. Behind the predatory smiles, and the playful words there is a calculating mind, ready to strike.

Background: Deanna spent most of her youth thinking she was free do to whatever she wanted. She was the daughter of Lapis Devrien, but not the heir to the house, that was Belstrom. So for most of her youth, Deanna was a carefree child with no particular road to follow in life, and that suited her just fine. She would often nag Belstrom to take her with him during his stalking of the roads of Nasheri, but her big brother would just ruffle her hair and refuse, saying it was too dangerous for her. Of course, this didn't do as far as Deanna was concerned, and many times she would sneak out and follow her brother, just for the trill of it, watching him from afar.

While she was mostly ignored by her mother during her youth, Deanna made sure to learn about the house, and learn the skills expected of a Devrien. Some were self-taught, some were shared by Belstrom as he himself learned from their mother. Deanna began surrounding herself with other Devrien around her age, and other Thalerith elves from the other families with similar interests. Her carefree life came to a full stop the day Belstrom decided to find Acharon and turn away from the family life. Deanna was confused by her brother's decision, and while she loved him, it angered her. She didn't have much time to think about that, however since Lapis' turned her attention to her right away as the potential new heir. Her training became more intense, always happening with the shadow of her mother's expectations. She became more involved in many aspects of the family business, taking over stalking the roads for tolls.

It was during one such outing that she ran into a completely out of his element Lorandi explorer, Rhasym Palinnar. Of course, she and her crew jumped the poor elf, mugged him and robbed him. Realizing he was a Lorandi noble, they also kidnapped him to try and ransom. That didn't go as expected however, as his family showed little interest of doing that. Even though he was captured, Rhasym remained ever cheerful which drove Deanna a little mad. It was infuriating to her, really. Nothing she did to wipe that smug smile off his face seemed to work and it was more infuriating when she realized, she was falling for him. Eventually the two married, and he was adopted into the family, which House Palinnar agreed to as long as he wasn't harmed. When Lapis returned to the Wheel, Deanna like her mother before her, transition into more of a leadership role for the family and their business. The loss of Rhasym during the Third Migration was a huge blow, that gave her a bit of a harsher edge than she had. She remains disappointed in her firstborn's, Zymandi, choice to become a Blade Sworn, and has put her efforts in making sure her second child, Alakir is ready to take over the house, all while remaining a power player in the intricate political system of the Thalerith.

Relationship Summary

  • Belstrom - Admit it, brother. You copped out. But that's fine, I'm here to make sure it doesn't all fall to pieces. I love you, but do continue doing your preaching, and I'll continue doing what needs to be done.

  • Family:
  • Zymandi - She should have been my heir, but she isn't. Instead, she decided to go swear her blade to my friend. Oh daughter of mine, why must you be so difficult? Fortune doesn't wait for anyone, so I hope you're sure of this decision of yours, the family will do as we need to do.
  • Alakir - He will be my heir, because there's nobody else right now that I will trust but him. He understands our life, he understands the family, and he understands our legacy. And that smile of his, watch out ladies, for it is a killer.

  • Friend:
  • Sylindra - Who doesn't want a Warlord for a friend? Sylindra is so dedicated to our people that it's a little too sweetly sickening at times. But we needed someone like her, so I'm glad we have her. When people see us together, they wonder, and I like when people wonder.
  • Jarlanen - That snake of a man still has a bite, and that makes him very, very interesting. He knows a lot, and that is something I can appreciate it and maybe be a little jealous of. He used to bother me all the time to become of his Flame Seers, but that just wasn't for me. A drink here or there is about enough of what I can take of him.

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