Blade Sworn Marril Devrien

The impossible is not impossible; just misunderstood.

Concept: Bladesworn Spellsword
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Birthday: 12/12
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Spellblade
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Skintone: Paled Bronze
Marital Status: Unwed

Description: Marril is the youngest of Lorenil's children, but does not look so. Marril's once-bronzed skin has a much more pale look, one of too much time spent indoors. His once sun-bleached hair is black as night, his back arches like that of one much older, and his scars are abundant. It's apparent in his pale, violet eyes that life has not been kind to him.

Personality: Marril is always looking forward, rarely long enough to see those around him. Outwardly, he can appear dismissive, preferring to spend his time lost in study. When you do manage to entrap him in conversation, understanding what Marril is trying to say can be another challenge in itself. Quotes from elves forgotten, snippets from conversations earlier that day, and other references are Marril's favorite way of speaking; he rarely uses his own words. When one gets to know Marril, they may find him almost child-like, in his inquisitiveness, but his temper belies his age; unlike a child's tantrum, Marril's retribution comes quietly, methodically. He had to take from the Nasherat what he needed to survive, and those lessons still drive him today.

Background: Marril was just a youth when his parents were tragically killed in an accident. He was thought to have died himself, but 24 years later, when he emerged from the desert wilderness, set the record straight. A Thalerith of great strength, of great skill, who only called himself Hermit took Marril in. Hermit raised him, taught him Arcane fundamentals, Archery, and more. After returning to society, he found himself leagues ahead of his peers martially and magically, but utterly incapable of interacting with them; his limited education did not include socialization or ettiquite of any shape or form. Wishing to continue his studies unfettered, he swore to share his learning and studies with all Thalerith, in exchange for the title of Bladesworn. The Warlord was hesitant, but agreed, and has since found herself a loyal, if aloof, guardian in Marril.

Obituary: An Awakened Soul, that died before being properly judged and reaped in a Court of Souls. He was killed to save another, by one of the Thalerith Warlord's Blade Sworn in the year 54 PA.

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