Elder Zenandra Aynarr

Fight, hunt, live! Trust Rithor, and fear will be just sand in the wind.

Concept: Carefree Priestess
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Female
Age: 621
Birthday: 4/20
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Saffron with Scarlet Streaks
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skintone: Sun-Kissed
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Zenandra's sun-kissed skin is smooth, with a few scars visible that show she's no stranger to combat. She carries herself with grace and deftness, and her figure is fit and athletic, delineated by trim muscle. Her face has an innate softness to it, showing just the smallest signs of age and marred by a faded scar under her left eye and down her cheek. Her long saffron hair is streaked with scarlet, a few strands showing some color fading here and there. Eyebrows of the same color as her hair frame deep forest green eyes that often glint with amusement, making her look younger than her years whenever she smiles.

Personality: There is rarely something that Zenandra doesn't have a smile for, and those smiles are always genuine, always warm. She isn't bubbly, but she's definitely pleasant. She likes to say that brooding is for her sister, and she much prefers to take on any challenge with joy, embracing the struggle, the victory and the defeat all the same. She enjoys listening to others, and offering tidbits of wisdom if so asked of her. The furious heat of battle, and the silent contemplation of a quiet sundown in the sands of Nasherat both are welcomed by Zenandra with the same joy.

Background: Born the daughter of Warlord Dalia Aynarr, and sister to one of the kinships renowned hunters made Zenandra the subject of a lot of expectations. However, even as a child Zenandra completely disregarded those expectations. She trained, of course, and tried to best her sister whenever possible, but not because it was expected but rather, because it was fun. Rithor was revered as the god of fearlessness, of the hunt, the beastmasters and war but nowhere does it say those things can't be fun. Zenandra embraced the dangerous life, the thrill of it. Hunting with her was an experience, one that often left Aleandra fuming a little, mind you, as she felt her sister could not take anything seriously. That wasn't quite the case, however, for Zenandra took her love for the hunt, for Rithor very seriously. She just didn't feel she had to be brooding when enjoying it.

When Gorgath Filinnar defeated her mother to become the new Warlord, it pained Zenandra but rather than focus on the loss, she instead celebrated her life. She knew since very young that her road would lead her to Rithor, and she walked that path without doubt or fear. That ability to just throw herself at life, allowed her to become the High Priestess. During the Mortal Strife, she reminded those around them that life was still life, and to not live it to the fullest was a silly thing to do. As the Eradication War raged around them, Zenandra and her bow let the charge of many of the battles the Thalerith were involved in. To see her fight, was to see Rithor channeled through her, or so many believed. When asked about it, Zenandra would just offer a faint smile, one that did not hide the pain at the loss, but also was unapologetic about the excitement of letting loose during a fight.

During the first years of settling in Aarandor, Zenandra helped the Thalerith build their new home of Nasherat, and with this accomplished she accepted the nomination to the High Council of Thelos, assuming her seat when voted in. However, during and after the Baridon crisis, Zenandra found herself spending more and more time in Nasherat than in Thelos, and eventually decided she would better serve her god and her people by stepping down as High Priestess so she could spend more time helping her people embrace the challenge of surviving in this new land they've found themselves in. Through it all, she continues to approach everything with the same joy she showed all those years ago at the sands of her birth.

Relationship Summary

  • Aleandra - She's always so serious, never ready to relax and always thinking she can beat me. Except she can't, of course. But I love her, and I wouldn't be me, if she wasn't her.

  • Ally:
  • Ayalith - She is young, and I know she rubs some Thalerith the wrong way. I, however, find her to be refreshing. She's honest about the way she lives and acts. She makes no apologies for it. More of us should learn how to live like that.
  • Catlith - She is dutiful and sensible and a is good head to have in the High Council of Thelos. I'm not very convinced that she understands what the actual meaning of the word fun is. I'm sure she does things that entertain her, but I think she needs a little nudge to make her fully embrace life.

  • Friend:
  • Belstrom - I find him easy to talk to, with a good mind for debate and conversation when it comes to discussing theology. He's a good listener, and I'm a good talker. It makes it easy for us to get along.

  • Family:
  • Karagoth - There's so much anger in my son. I was always busy while he was growing up, something that does bother me every so often. Still, he found his own way, his own path and has become a warrior in his own right. Now if only I could make him understand that there is more in life than just fighting.
  • Nadaron - The boy has fun in life, and I can't fault him for that. I'm glad he's found joy in the middle of all the sorrow our people have endured. It's not always easy, but it's certainly always necessary. Life wouldn't be life if you don't take the time to live it.
  • Sylindra - Aleandra's little jewel became our new leader. She makes her grandmother proud, and she makes me proud. I never got to spend much time with her growing up, but so far she has proved to be what the Thalerith need. At least, for now.

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