Volith Marindur

Sometimes within the change of the tides, we find our true course.

Concept: Wisened Aeran Guardian
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Marindur
Gender: Male
Age: 751
Birthday: 2/15
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skintone: Olive
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Stately and with a strength one does not often see in elves his age, Volith remains ever the man who once stood beside the Ithiriel. His raven black hair is often pulled back and out of his eyes, letting the rest flow freely in the sea air. His expression is one of knowing and contemplating in its neutral state, wise and strengthened by his wisdom. But when he is engaged, warm smiles and thoughtful gestures come naturally.

Personality: Volith is a kind soul. Though he has lost much and seen so many horrors, it has not colored his views and optimism for the future. He is more likely to laugh than to scowl, finding hope in his Kinships commitment to voyaging. Though, when the matter is serious, Volith is able to fall back in to his stately mannerisms. His charisma and sense of the room is carried easily on the wings of his wisdom.

Background: Volith grew up, like so many of his kin, on the sea. Living in in Loramar it was very easy to get swept up in the life of a sailor. Adventuring and exploring. His father, Midhion Reymar, was around at the time of the Battle of Bloody Harbor and was insistent on all of his Kin knowing how to fight at sea, and rather insistent that the Lorandi were traitors to all elves. That kind of learned prejudice is hard to knock out and most of the Aeran in Volith's generation grew up feeling that way. Except one. A Marindur young woman who was deep in her restoration studies when he met her. She challenged his view and forced him to look at it from the other side. The Lorandi were helping their allies who felt beaten back by Aeran raiders. Could not Aereth's gifts be shared better? Perhaps the aggressive hunting of human ships could be tapered back a bit? He hadn't considered that side of the story until Elexia Marindur spoke them. Of course, he disagreed with her, but he love that she pushed back at him.

Eventually the two were married and Elexia's knack for politics began to shine. Moreso, the vision for a united elven future began to blossom and flourish. She was an excellent speaker and he was the opposition and support in her corner, all in one. Volith liked to challenge her and find holes in her ideas. But over all, she won him over with her intellect and nurturing spirit and he won her over with his passionate unyielding enthusiasm for life. They made quite a pair and weathered many storms together. Estril's Feast was a particularly trying time in their relationship. At first, she wanted to save them, to keep their souls from being reaped. But he convinced her otherwise and always felt as though he had Estril on his side in that decision. When it was finally done and peace was able to settle among the now united kinships of elves, Elexia was grateful for his hard lined approach. Where she was forgiveness, he was judgment.

There would be one storm in their history that they would not be able to weather, however. All of their work together in uniting the elves, all of the planning in bringing them to Aarandor, all of it would end up breaking Volith's heart in the end. When she died at sea, a very large part of him was lost too. But, instead of falling to despair like so many others, he decided that she would want him to carry on. And to help guide this new generation of elves in Aarandor. So Volith has done just that. He meddles, he gives advice, and truly and honestly, he lives.

Relationship Summary

  • Xalor - Xalor is a good kid, they have a good head on their shoulder. I'd do anything to help them succeed.

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