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Past Actions

Action by Tykalos for The Doomsayer's Throne

(Public Action, OOC Date: April 1, 2019, 9:10 p.m.)

Standing in front of a crowd in the Shrine of Aereth, Tykalos gazes out upon the gathered faithful with his green eyes bright and a hopeful expression. "Lady Aereth's most faithful, those who have stood unfailingly by Her side with me throughout the many tribulations that we have faced! We and our Lady have been disparaged with spiteful invective, humiliated by those who would forget Her gift to appease a monster, and betrayed by many of our kin! But we know the pain She feels from their ingratitude, for their willful desertion for such ridiculous, meaningless concepts as honor to the honorless, a new future to a debt owed in the past. They are vainglorious fools, who do not even know the terms that Baridon will lay to have their immortality returned, instead all too willing to grovel in front of him while the elders die of the ravages of old age and the young succumb to disease!" Pausing, the attenuated High Priest shakes a fist in the air. "But, we can stop this madness! Lady Aereth said for us to find an elf to replace Baridon the tyrant, and so we shall! This will not be an easy task. It will require working long and hard, even if Baridon has his way and insults our Lady. But in the end, we will triumph and remove him for Her. High Priest Belstrom had a vision, and in it Acheron made it clear that change is inevitable, but it might take longer than we have right now. However, we will show Lady Aereth our unending love and devotion by doing her will. We will not give up. We /WILL/ find a replacement, and dethrone the Blood God!" Voice reaching a booming pitch, Tykalos roars out the last sentence, then invites the faithful to a mass prayer for Aereth, ritually blessing them all with salt water. The faithful spill out from the Shrine afterwards to spread the word across all of the kinships - show Lady Aereth your love and devotion, pray for Her, and keep your resolve. We will change things. They are also sent with silver and economic and social connections to assist them in getting the word out and give charity to the most poor and disenfranchised elves.

Forwen is using her charms and diplomatic ways of talk to try and explain the necessity of all to pray to their patron Gods as well as all other Gods that they desire to see Baridon replaced. Given she wanders often, she can cover a lot of ground within Thelos.

Erendir will support his brother in every way he can, he believes in him and in his words as he is the high priest of Aereth and so he goes out to spread the words of his brother. He goes to any who will listen and spread teh word and try to make those who will listen understand the importance of things.

Celenia, unable to attend the speech itself, drops money and resources off to Tykalos off beforehand. She tells him that she wants to fund the spreading of the word since she cannot use the event as a springing-off point to spread it herself.

Belstrom attends, giving the tacit support of the Acharon priesthood. He also arranges for some Devrien 'toughs' to provide security for Tykalos, preventing any overly zealous Baridon supporters from harming the High Priest.

Having already made his stance known to the general public, Volith Marindur lends his support to the cause of the high priest of Aereth. His behavior is less aggressive than the High Priest's tends to be, far more subdued and reserved. The old elf relies upon his reputation as a reasonable and wise elf and uses personal stories of his time as a youth, how he met Elexia, and the great works they accomplished together. He attempts to display some gravitas and understanding, compassion and conversation.

Thorin supports his patron's High Priest. After the gathering he goes out and spreads the words Tykalos spoke. When speaking on the topic, he emphasizes that yes, the elves _did_ break their oaths, but that the price they've been forced to pay is unjust. He calls into question Baridon's worthiness for the roal of Oathkeeper if he is willing to break the _concept_ of Oaths in retribution for the breaking of one oath (even if it's a big one).

Alethia Reid attended Tykalos' speech but was almost entirely silent herself, in attendance on the invitation of another Faenor. It's hard to tell who this mercurial and withdrawn elf actually prefers between Baridon and Aereth, but after listening to the impassioned words she returns to Khelgar and relays the contents for her fellow hunters and rangers- elves that may not have a voice among the Council of Five. Acharon and Aereth are rare patrons among the stoic Faenor, and Alethia lends Tykalos' words her own icy composure, modifying the impassioned delivery just enough to engage her own people's respect for the outsider.

Selandriel is a supportive figure though she is not present at the blessing. House Marindur stands behind Lady Aereth and her priesthood. She talks to those in her house as well as anyone she knows in the Aeran kinship. Those she knows who might be on the edge, she gives her impassioned feelings about her Aunt Elexia and the sacrifices made to bring everyone here, to save their kind. Genocide is not acceptable, for any race. She offers that exploration is the answer, not more sacrifices. She runs up Aereth's banner on the Marindur flagship for all to see who they support.

As the non-divine leader of the Aereth faith, High Priest Tykalos Alcadia has proved to be somewhat controversial among certain circles, in particular those supporting appeasing Lord Baridon. His latest speech given at the Shrine of Aereth is no exception, yet the heated language used by the High Priest comes across as a testament to the passion for not only his belief that giving up immortality is a mistake, but for the service to his goddess. Among many, in particular the Aereth faithful, Tykalos' strong words help awaken a sense of righteousness in the path they have chosen. That the High Priest loves Aereth has always been obvious, but many now come to belief in the love that the leader of the Aereth faith has for the elven kin, even when betrayed by some of them. The call to find a replacement for the Blood God by the High Priest rallies those believing in that choice, giving them hope that war against the injustice of the decision force upon them is not over yet.

While the High Priest becomes one of the central figures of this movements, many recognize that he's not there alone and his supporters look at this with approval. The efforts of Forwen Nerea to encourage others to pray to the gods in regards to replacing Baridon are noted and do not fall on deaf ears. Many, not only Aerans, are seen at the shrines praying after speaking with the explorer.

Erendir Alcadia is seen speaking in support of his brother, which is not very surprising considering they are family. It is perhaps that connection that makes him less effective as an advocate for his brother's position, yet a good number, in particular those that hold House Alcadia in good esteem find themselves listening to the sailor still, and agreeing with what he has to say.

The success found by the elder Alcadia brother is in great part also supported by the funds provided by Celenia Laenorin. The money helps Erendir gain the ears of some that were not as ready to listen. Some of it is also used for charity, which is seen as a sign that the High Priest and those in agreement with him do care about the people.

The Priesthood of Aereth is appreciative of the support provided by High Priest Belstrom Devrien, and they are touched by the care shown by the High Priest of Acharon for the High Priest of Aereth. The security provided by Belstrom is effective, and while there are not many whispers around about hurting Tykalos, the few that come up are put to rest.

Those that might be turned off by the more aggressive tone used by the High Priests, find themselves listening to the words of Volith Marindur. He offers a relatable case to many that were originally not convinced by the High Priest, by providing his own life as a way to connect with those willing to hear what he has to say. It is very obvious that while Irithiel Elexia might be gone, Volith keeps her alive in his heart. Many look at this with approval, and the movement spearheaded by Tykalos gains even more followers.

On the other hand, Selandria Marindur's efforts aren't as effectives at Volith's, and when she speaks of genocide not being acceptable for any race, it garners some confusion. Still her house and the Aeran people both are in agreement with her sentiments that her Aunt Elexia was not wrong to lead the elves to Aarandor, with House Marindur solidly supporting the High Priest of Aereth at this time.

The Council of Five might have made their will known, but the fact that High Priest Tykalos words manage to reach some of the Faenor is seen by many as an accomplishment in itself. Thorin Aenorr's admittance to broken oaths gets the attention of some of his people, but his argument regarding why Baridon is not worthy of his seat is not as successful, for in the end some feel, he is a god and as such above such questions. Alethia Reid's approach on the other hand, garners attention due to the way it is presented, and her removal of some of the more passionate aspects of the High Priest message helps garner a few elves willing to join the movement.

The efforts of High Priest Tykalos and his allies is seen as courageous, even by those that oppose his views. Even at the potential loss of immortality, their actions are a very marked reminder that a sizeable amount of elves find the actions of the God of Oaths to be unjust, and in this case, refuse to remain silent even as they face the ruling of the divine.