Flame Seer Joran Filinnar

Cross the sands, face the storms.

Concept: Guarded Warrior
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Filinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 90
Birthday: 05/01
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'10"
Hair Color: Ebon
Eye Color: Viridian
Skintone: Olive
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: A tall elf corded with bulk earned by countless hours of martial training shown not only with a athletic physique but in broader than normal shoulders, a narrowed waist and muscular arms ending in long callous laced fingers. Joran is dark haired to the point his deep brown and ebony layered mane falls down in a shadowy shroud around his olive features, just past his shoulders. His gleaming gem-like eyes convey a simmering bottled intensity that burns with a penetrating intent shown often in the fanatical and dangerous. Dark lashes across a heavy brow ridged prominent nose and strong jawline often give him an imperious to aloof bearing that betrays true age.

(Currently, the dusky ebon locks atop his crown and the sides of his head have been swept back into a simple, shoulder-length tail.)

Personality: Stoic and serious, Joran is not the most expressive elf out there. He embraces the idea that death can and will come at any moment, in particular to his people, and he intends to be ready to face it. He believes in action, rather than words, and is very protective of his culture, his family and his people. He is as passionate about life and his beliefs as any Thalerith, but often lets those passions simmer quietly inside of him, rarely allowing them to bubble up to the surface. He admires strength, but dislikes those that use it to prey on the weak, believing that such behavior is beneath a true warrior. He has strong feelings about upholding justice and punishing the deserving.

Background: Twin brother to Lyandra Filinnar, they were both born during the mortal strife. While his sister took after their father, more interested in developing her mind than her body, Joran was certainly his mother's son. He was the boy that could always make his mother smile, even serious and stoic as he is. He embraced the harsh training, and struggle of a life the Thalerith led with a quietly simmering passion. He became interested in the ways of his people, their history, often visiting the Flame Seers to hear about his people's traditions.

The Third Migration presented a challenge to Joran, who felt the Thalerith needed to be careful not to let the other Kinships dilute their history. So the journey was trying, as he found himself thrown in with elves from all over Larandor. He leaned into his sister, unapproving of her illogical belief that all kinships should be one, but aware of her ability to bond and communicate with pretty much anyone. He gave up very early in their life on trying to make his twin sister see things, and their difference in beliefs remains a point of contention between them to this day.

Life in Aarandor presented a new set of challenges. He was not surprised when his mother challenged Gorgath for leadership, and he was never fond of the old Filinnar to start with. Her appointment of Karagoth as her general did surprise him, aware as he was of how often they disagreed on things. However, Joran was pleased with the news, for he had developed a deep respect for the man. Karagoth was a Thalerith ready to get things done, no matter what. Joran sought him as a trainer, and at first the General rejected him. However, eventually he agreed to test Joran, putting the young man trough grueling tests. Joran succeeded and Karagoth began teaching him, with the approval of Sylindra, of course. Their home may be different, but the Thalerith have endured for thousands of years and Joran intends to make sure they do for a few thousand more.

Relationship Summary

  • Sylindra - The living heart of Thalerith. I could not be prouder to call her neither my mother nor my Warlord. When I do have the opportunity to see her as something other than Kinlessa or Warlord, I am thankful for it - she does her best as a mother, even if she is sometimes more awkward at it than a krilkar trying to open a door. Though the path I walk is not Bladesworn, there is little I would not do to see her reign held stable, and it is my honor to serve. While my skill in the sparring circles has improved, there is much more I can still learn from her. And I intend to do just that.
  • Aganor - Many see my father as weak, but I disagree with them. It is true that he and I are not as close as he is to my sister, but I am not blind. I see where his strength lies, and how he compliments his wife. While it is mother whose footsteps I follow in calling, from father I have learned the value of planning for the worst and to never second guess decisive action. Even if perhaps sometimes he is too blinded a drive for change to see the details passing him by, I am thankful he is in our lives.

  • Family:
  • Aleandra - My great-grandmother was mentor to my mother, and I feel she is a better Warlord because of it. I share her mistrust of outkin, and respect her dedication to our people. Neither of us are much for conversation, but that is fine - her actions say more than her words ever could.
  • Rivaron - I do not know much of my uncle Rivaron, since he spends so much time away from our home. He is a warrior, but has decided to protect outkin as opposed to his own. This seems wrong to me, but it is not my place to correct his folly. I can only pray that he some day sees where he truly belongs.

  • Sibling:
  • Lyandra - By my side even before we first drew breath, but with her focus in Thelos we may be farther apart than we ever have. No matter the distance or the disagreement, though, we will ever be there for each other. She is as gifted weaving spells now as she is weaving words, but always I worry that her kindness and dreams will lead her to pain.
  • Melindra - As fierce as a storm, as unforgiving as the desert. Little Meli may always be small, but she is grown and gone now upon her own path.

  • Ally:
  • Kalagos - Trained mostly by my mother, Kalagos is one of her bladesworn. I approve of his honesty and his honorable ways, although I believe he sometimes fails to see the bigger picture. I know he does not like General Karagoth, but I feel that might just be their fires burning into each other. Whatever happened between them, they each serve Thalerith in their own way, and that is what truly matters.
  • Ayalith - I feel like Ayalith encourages Lyandra and her ideas a little too much, but, we all grew up together and it is hard to imagine a world without her warmth. I feel we find each other strange, and I am not even certain if we actually get along most of the time. But she is friendly, she is there, and I seldom regret speaking with her.
  • Zymandi - Bladesworn to my mother that seems to prefer the shadows to fighting in the open. It is not quite my style, but there is much to say about learning from a Devrien. While not her only good quality, her best is the fierce loyalty to Thalerith that drove her to serve my mother.

  • Thalerith:
  • Zenandra - My great, great-aunt. Which is appropriate, as she is fairly great.Competent, compassionate, and not weighed down by the stresses of the world. It is almost enviable, sometimes, or frustrating at others, but she has the centuries beneath her belt, and her path is hers to walk. If it lightens her steps, all the better.

  • Patron:
  • Karagoth - A strong warrior and a ruthless tactician - I am glad to have him on our side. I might not agree with all of his perspectives, but I can understand his motives and agree with the idea of doing what is needed to keep our people safe. I hope I can learn from him about warfare as much as I have from my mother about battle.
  • Jarlanen - My great uncle Jarlanen did not find Kalagos worthy of his knowledge, and my father refused him. I will not make their mistake. If I can do anything, it is learn - and I have a lot of catching up to do as a Seer
  • Erotas - The Egilion Kinlector, widower to a Thalerith himself. He has taken me on as a protege, that I may improve in the sharing of knowledge I gain as a Flame Seer. The old Bard has a quick mind and a keen tongue, which I appreciate all the more when he is not trying to flirt with me.

  • Friend:
  • Elendril - It is a surreal feeling, to find in one of another kinship so much in common, despite so many differences. A bond I will treasure, no matter how it changes.

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