High Priest Tykalos Alcaldia

The key to immortality is living a life worthy of legends.

Concept: Devout Trickster
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Male
Age: 172
Birthday: 6/20
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Striking Green
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Tykalos stands with an air of confidence at all times. His self assured nature gives off a certain charm that says he doesn't quite care what you think about him. A smirk seems to tug at his lips more often than not, playfully challenging any who come near him. Striking green eyes peer back with a curiosity and investment in whatever conversation he may be having at the time. His pale blond hair is often braised back intricately and yet, somewhat haphazardly, like he had meant to look presentable for the day but decided he'd rather get out the door than worry about it.

([Tykalos favors the utilitarian garb of the seafaring elves - sturdy leather jerkins and pants of grey and black. Usually barefoot, his adornment comes in the small silver and sapphire earrings and rings he wears. The robes of his station are made of fine teal silk with embroidered white curling waves of Aeran, but are usually salt stained. An intricate geometric tattoo runs down the right side of his face, pulsating with a blue light.])

Personality: Mischievous, devious and pious. Tykalos is a contradiction all in itself. But then again, so is the Goddess he serves. One moment he is at play and the next he is gathering together a new sermon or finding meaning in the lapping of waves against the rocks. Despite the subject matter of the conversation, Tykalos enjoys having a good time. His charms allow him to drift in and out of life without much worry. Though he does have a serious side, his scowls are few and far between. He would much rather be having a good time than worrying over something he has no control over.

Background: Tykalos was practically raised in the tidepools of Loramar, right where the ocean met the land. He spent most of his time as a child there, listening to his mother and aunt talk about Aereth and seeing the gifts her ocean provided them. Fish to eat, water to sail over and all of the other curiosities and wonders that came with it. He took to swimming quickly and passionately, diving down to the depths at the harbor and picking up things that had fallen overboard. Trinkets of the travel up and down the Loramar coast. He remembers in particular his aunt Velandria telling him that Aereth teaches us there is no point in trying to control what we have no dominion over. That like the ocean, the world around us is fluid and ever changing. And rather than be swept away by standing against the waves that come at us, we must learn to ride them. Fascinated by that concept, he decided to pick up and study the Goddess of the Sea.

Tykalos challenged the priests and elders of the Aereth Priesthood in Loramar and quickly rose in ranks among them, standing out as an example of what religion looks like when one takes a more playful approach to it. They seemed to appreciate his willingness to laugh and shrug and generally, go with the flow. And soon others began to listen to him and follow him. When the Eradication War was at its height and the world of the newly united elf kingdoms seems to be spiraling out of control, Tykalos reminded them that if this wave was going to break over them, they might as well learn to surf and move with it. When Ithiriel Elexia presented the plan to leave Larandor and head to the mythical land of Aarandor, Tykalos was among those encouraging the change and the chance to ride this wave to a new adventure. His sway had a big impact on the successful gathering of the elven numbers in to the ships.

After the tragedy that happened at sea, Tykalos can't help but take some of the weight of the blame on to himself. But, he never lets it weigh him down. There is no point in dwelling on what was lost when there is so much more to gain and explore. So many new waves to ride. Here in Aarandor, and especially in Thelos, Tykalos has become a beacon of hope for the brightness of their future in this strange new land.

Relationship Summary

  • Ingerith - High priestess of Estril. Far too serious. Loves to play the spooky mysterious shadowy thing up.
  • Catlith - She has one hard uphill climb for herself as Baridon's high priestess. She never fit in with the Aeran Kin but I don't hold that against her either.

  • Family:
  • Velandria - My aunt is our Wavespeaker and serves that role well. She was my first mentor and first opened my eyes to the beauty of the wind and wave. She practically pushed me into the sea.
  • Darinel - My cousin is tasked with overseeing our family name and fortunes. She'd rather be on the bow of a ship with a hunting bow. She doesn't seem to resent the anchor that keeps her docked, though.

  • Name Summary