Alexandria Laenorin

Sometimes you have to sit back, watch and observe. People will show you who they are without you saying a word.

Concept: Fierce Naturalist
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Laenorin
Gender: Female
Age: 115
Birthday: 10/6
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Hunter
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Mahagony
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Alexandria holds herself with a quiet dignity that edges between aloof and engaged. Subtle smirks sometimes curl her lips her dark brown eyes are keen and intense in their regard of her surroundings. Long strands of brown hair flow perfectly down her back and she carries herself with soft steps moving with both deftness and grace.

Personality: Reserved and observant. Alexandria can be rather quiet in large crowds. But when you get her alone or in small groups, she lights up. Passionate and engaged, truly she cares very deeply for Gala and the wilderness. Being the daughter of the First Citizen has also taught her the intricacies of civility and etiquette. When she chooses to use them, she's actually quite good at it.

Background: Alexandria was born to Theleria and Astria late in their lives. They were both very loving as mothers go. But they had their own careers to look after as well. This gave Alexandria a lot of time to herself. Instead of spending it in the Great Library, she choose to get her education out in the wild. Often Alexandria would wander off into the forest, exploring, adventuring, building little shelters and hunting when she was able to. There was something pure and right to her about that kind of life, away from the senate and away from politics and anger. In the forest, there was only peace.

When the Host arrived, she was one of the first to feel their presence. The very forest seemed to ache around her with an overwhelming unsettling feel. And then, the burning. She climbed to the very top of the tallest tree she could and looked out, seeing a wall of fire marching steadily towards them. She ran back as quickly as she could to tell Astria what she had seen. And so, the Duindar army began to muster and march against it. Alexandria staid on the outskirts and acted as a scout for them, sending messages back with tactical advantages. When Astria was killed, she returned home to Theleria with the sad news. They mourned, but they were grateful for her sacrifice.

When they landed in Lorawin and asked for volunteers to walk through the portal, Alexandria never hesitated. The Senate voted, and she was allowed to be the Duindar Portal Walker. Helping to discover Thelos is one of her great accomplishments. Now that they are in Aarandor and have settled in the Isalspire, Alexandria has taken up her true calling in nature once more. She hates the way they bend the trees to their will, but knows it is a part of survival. She has set her sights on the wild unknown lands, ready to explore and discover all they have to offer.

Relationship Summary

  • Elstrin - Elstrin is one of those responsible for the bending and shaping of the Isalspire to her will. It's a necessary evil

  • Ally:
  • Ember - The Lorandi's Portal Walker. She and I get along very well, with her excitable nature and a love for adventure. She's very-self assured and knows exactly who she is.
  • Nadaron - He was the Thalerith Portal Walker and while he certainly had a fiery disposition, he seemed more cheerful than I would have thought. He's hard not to like.
  • Selene - Shy and smart, we warmed up to one another as we explored Thelos. She was the Aeran Portal Walker, until she married Nadaron, and was determined to figure out what exactly it was we found.
  • Thorin - I didn't realize the Faenor could be so charming. He was their Portal Walker, until he married Diagones and joined the Duindar, who was obsessed with the portal gateways themselves. He is one of the first people I invite to an expedition should I have any brewing.

  • Family:
  • Elizaldian - My cousin Eli is always full of sorrows. We've all lost someone. He dwells on it too much.
  • Cordelia - My cousin Cordelia is the opposite of Elizaldian. She's almost too cheerful.

  • Parent:
  • Theleria - My mother, the First Speaker. I love her dearly but sometimes she forgets I'm an adult and capable of many things.
  • Astria - My mother was an Aeran wave-caster who loved the sea. The only thing she loved more was my mother Theleria. She joined the Spellblades and later perished holding back one of the first onslaughts of the Host, which I had the ill fortune to discover.

  • Name Summary
    Mihris My fellow champion. It was a tough road to walk but she was one that made it easy to walk.