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Action by Alexandria

(Public Action, OOC Date: Aug. 29, 2019, 3:18 a.m.)

Alexandria works with the various members of the Laenorin family to put together a team to start exploring the lands surrounding Islaspire. In this case, they are going one map hexagon to the southwest of Isalspire. Please see for the exact location.

She'll be making certain that the expedition is appropriately funded, and that everyone has an adventurer's pack of some sort filled with the normal items needed for going out in explorations; ropes, pitons, rations, emergency supplies, healing supplies, etc. Enough to care for each person.

She's primary looking for places where House Laenorin can work towards settlement. Their plan is to work towards Thelos overland, one exploration at a time. Ideally, she'll also be looking for roads, ruins, and any other signs of past settlements, as she's witnessed that the elves from before have had roadways in the past when traveling north of Thelos on her not so previously approved trip. (see @action 84 and the RP log for @cal 119). She'll be taking careful note of all of the foliage, minerals, and/or wildlife in the area as well, so she can report these back to Theleria, as both her mother and Head of Household.

Theleria will accompany the family in exploration and do whatever is asked of her. She's not used to exploration in this way and so she doesn't know what she'll be able to bring to the table, but she's hoping to learn first hand what it is she's signs off on for other elves of her family to go off to do.

Celenia is a member of the Healers' Guild. As such, she feels it's her duty as well as her desire to join her family and explore the areas around the Isalspire. She has some extra military resources laying around, so she gives those to the expedition in a nod toward more helpfulness, as well.

As a Chaos Knight, Thorin is always eager to help those who wish to explore and discover what wonders Aarandor has to share. He will accompany the Laenorin family on their expedition, providing whatever assistance he can, be that his extensive knowledge of all things mystical, his fluency in Celestial, or even his restorative abilities.

House Leanorin set off south-west of Isalspire in search of a new land to call their own. The journey itself takes them away from any rivers and streams and sets them deep into the forest. Which all in all suits them just fine. Life in all things, their house moto, truly spreads its wings here in the lush thick forest.

Thorin has been tasked with scouting ahead, and as is his duty, takes off a few hours ahead of the group, leaving them signs of which direction to take as he looks for any untold dangers or points of interest along the way. Colorful strips of leather mark the path in his wake.

Theleria and Alexandria walk along the trail marked by Thorin with Celenia close at hand, talking about the goals of the Duindar to preserve the natural beauty of this land as well as to understand it. Alexandria comes to the realization that this portion of the forest is generally untouched by sentient life. No ruins, no clear paths forged by civilizations before. This land is pristine and natural.

A little further along the road, they find a note for Thorin telling them to tread quietly and that he had found some very large tracks in the area. Heeding the warning, Celenia, Theleria and Alexandria place their hands on the nearby trees and meld in to them to observe the surroundings without being seen. In this hidden state, they watch and wait.

Not long after the ground begins to shake with a steady vibration. The sound that follows is a bit unnerving, but slow and steady as well.


A pair of gigantic antlers breaks through the lower lying shrubbery revealing a magnificent creature. The Stag Moose. Much taller than a horse, with magnificent branching antlers, this creature looks almost friendly in a way. Alexandria seizes the opportunity and releases herself from the tree meld to gently greet the creature. She holds a hand out and approaches slowly, showing the creature she means no harm.

Celenia follows along, speaking gentle words in celestial to it. It seems soothed by the words, though clearly it does not understand the nuance of language. She takes note of a limp in the Stag Moose' right front hoof and approaches to heal it. Eventually, it allows her to touch it. She focuses her restoration magics on to the injury, mending the wound and strengthening the hoof. The Stag Moose looks grateful.

Theleria eventually steps out of her hiding, having observed all of this. She offers the creature a bow of her head in a sign of respect and in turn, the Stag Moose bows back. They seem to have an understanding and agreement in this simple unspoken gesture. Just then, Thorin arrives riding on the back of another Stag Moose! He lets the group know that there seems to be a whole herd of them nearby! Easily tameable for those who try.

((Congratulations! You have discovered Stag Moose animals. You have also found a rather thick forest in which to build a settlement if you so choose. Please just let me know what you will name this area and we'll do the game emit and update the map. Thanks!))