High Lord Ellyn Reid

Don't waste dishonest words on me. It won't end well for you.

Concept: Mischevious High Lord
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Reid
Gender: female
Age: 162
Birthday: 4/14
Patron: Brundir
Vocation: Hunter
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Silvery White
Eye Color: Icy Green
Skintone: Pale Freckeled
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Ellyn may have been born to lead, but she was raised to hunt. Silvery white silken tresses often cascade freely down the length of her back in gentle waves that curl above the tiny trim of her waist and lush curve of hips. A soft shimmer of silver speckles grace her cheeks against flesh as pale as freshly fallen snow. Beneath a veil of long lashes, vibrant ice green eyes watch the world with rapt attention. Of modest height, her sleekly curved form moves with the lithe grace of a silent hunter on the prowl. Smiles come naturally to her though when she is upset the expression of her tempestuous ire alone is enough to make someone think twice.

Personality: No nonsense and straight to the point. Ellyn loves sniffing out other people's bullshit. She has no time for lies or games. To her, politics is all matter of fact. What is and what is not. She prefers to be out on the hunt though, in all truth. Experiencing the joys of life and the wild. All in all, she is a fiercely protective person, willing to do anything to keep her people from harm.

Background: Ellyn was born in to a place of power. Just a few moments sooner than her twin brother, Aeryn. To the Faenor, right and power have an order and this was theirs. She in the lead and he always just a moment behind her. Aeryk Reid was glad to pass his sister's title of Heir on to his daughter at her birth. She learned from her aunt and eventually took the official seat of Heir when she came of age. For a good number of years, the Faenor were at peace during her time as Heir. She got to spend that time getting to know the other families of the Faenor Kinship a little better, understanding their way of life, the nuance in their roles in society. And then came the trial by fire.

The Host arrived and it all came crashing down. Anger over breaking their solitude. A desire to help the others. A desire to leave it all and close their doors once more. But Ellyn knew the time for inaction was not now. She helped her father and pushed for the Faenor to stay and fight. She knew the alliances they had made would crumble if they did not act, and swiftly. The talk of leaving Larandor came up as well, and again, she pushed for her people to stay and fight. When her father's vote to stay was overruled and they got on the ships headed to Aarandor, Ellyn couldn't help but stand on the back of the boat watching it burn as they sailed into the distance, knowing in her heart that they had made a terrible mistake.

Her father passed on the crossing and when she took her seat as High Lord, she named her brother as her Heir until the time a child was born to her. He stayed by her side, as he always did. The two of them have been a tremendous help in getting the Faenor back on their feet in Khelwen. She was responsible for finding and taming what would be the first of the new Wolves for their bonding ceremony here in Aarandor. It was as though all they needed was right here for the taking. She doesn't quite understand it all, but she is curious to know more. The thought of their fallen allies still weighs on her mind, but she is looking now to the future for the sake of her people.

Relationship Summary

  • Aeryn - My twin. My brother and my stability. I am thankful to have you. No one could temper my storm and rebuild in my wake the way you do. Our family is stronger for your presence.

  • Ally:
  • Arminel - An ally, a confidant and perhaps so much more. He has a beguiling charm and soothing presence to the tempest of my passions. At least, right up until he speaks of riding in to save me like a damsel in distress and I want to knock an arrow at his heart. Yet even then, I see the ardent glint in his eyes all the more for it.

  • Family:
  • Keldon - I once looked up to you as a child with the eyes of purity, innocence and naivety. You shattered the last of that world and forced my hand... And for that, I shall never forgive you. You earned your fate.
  • Luthien - My cousin. She is an ever optimist and always manages to bring a smile even when the circumstance is grim. She is a gentle, compassionate soul and has a way with animals that I have always admired.
  • Alethia - An adopted daughter of my Aunt Vella yet she is my cousin, my kin, my blood. Though she may seem withdrawn, one still seeking for her path, I see a mettle of steel to be forged and tempered.

  • Faenor:
  • Cayn - You seem to know what you are talking about more often than not. I can appreciate that your age has brought you wisdom. But are your wits still in tact?
  • Gariss - Gariss you old bear. You are doing so much more for Faenor from your seat than you could be out there trying to swing a sword. I'm glad to have you on the council.
  • Emyrion - A touch cold and distant. But I suppose you can't help the way you are born. The way you make coin appear is a talent I'd like to brush up on. Lets see what we can do for one another despite our differences.
  • Lythene - Life isn't all black or white. It isn't as simple as yes or no. Your rigid mentality will be the death of us all in the end. Get it together.

  • Name Summary
    Aegon One of the great High Lords of the Faenor, like my brother. She doesn't mess around or suffer fools either, long may she reign.
    Emyrion We'll not mention her age (but of course we'll mention not mentioning it), but focus instead upon High Lord Reid's own ability to lead. With the eccentricities and focuses of the other Conclave members making them so sporadic, it's through her efforts that a large number of state business gets done. Sharp, able to see issues in the thousand propositions set upon her desk at any given time, it is an asset to confer with a bright mind. A bit more given to unity in some aspects, Emyrion nevertheless can't help to see eye to eye on many matters Ellyn raises, and heeds her counsel.
    Garett She is implacable as ice and just as severe. I admire her a great deal.
    Kaelyn Ellyn may seem cold at first glance but I do no believe that is her. She is far kinder than people realize and purer than she does.
    Mihris One of the high lords who came to visit Rigoth. I have not got to meet many of them but she is so young and yet so strong. Her devotion to her people instills a hope in me that this too shall pass.
    Shamash An eloquent woman, this Ellyn, and one with a fine sense of humor. But it is her stories of the Watchers, and the elementals, that truly intrigues me. I confess, I'm jealous she could have her mind torn so cruelly. What would I learn about myself after that?
    Sylindra A brave and capable huntress by the looks of it. She seems to understand strength, how to cultivate it, when to use it, when to conserve it, and she is a fine storyteller as well. Power ought to be earned, not inherited, but in her case it seems to have worked out well enough.
    Theleria Thought met quickly and accidently, the High Lord Elly Reid offered Theleria an interesting political discussion, in which appeared both similarities and differences between their cultures. A closer relationship between us and our kinship would be undoubtly instructing for us both.