Lord Heir Aeryn Reid

Growth never happens by chance. It is the result of all the forces in life working together.

Concept: Devout Restorationist
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Reid
Gender: Male
Age: 162
Birthday: 4/14
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Faenor Heir
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Silvery White
Eye Color: Icy Green
Skintone: Pale Freckeled
Marital Status: Unmarried

Titles: Elder of Gala

Description: Aeryn is a rather reserved man, keeping his thoughts more or less to himself until provoked to share them. He does, however, always seem to have a knowing smirk tugging just at the corner of his lips. Long silvery hair is often pulled back and braided neatly in to place. He has a commanding presence all his own and when he walks into a room, everyone seems to pay just a little more attention, whether he likes it or not.

Personality: Steady and consistent, Aeryn likes to maintain a level head and logical mind in most things. He is reserved, like so many Faenor tend to be. For what he lacks in outward enthusiasm, he certainly makes up for in confidence and composure. A natural leader, Aeryn prefers to reach out to others before they even know they need his help. He is measured in his actions, going from considering, to doing and then back to considering.

Background: Aeryn was born second and to a place of support, even if it was mere moments behind his sister. These subtle differences mean a great deal to the Faenor, after all. Regardless of his birth order, Aeryn was brought up in privilege and provided all he would need for life. He joined his family on their hunts and enjoyed the wolves they kept a great deal. But he found his pull in life in finding broken things and fixing them. What started as a hobby of repairing this and that soon turned into a deep investment in to restoration magic. He began to mend bones and scrapes while they were on hunts and then that turned to mending broken feelings that hurt egos. Truly, he was gifted from a young age.

The Shrine of Gala became a second home to him. Here he could expand on his studies and truly help people. He had no idea how severely those talents would be needed soon. As the sick and dying came pouring in at the mortal strife, he did his best to mend every broken elf he could get his hands on. Some died under his care, and some lived on. He mourns the losses of those he could not save, but knows they were cradled away from this life in the merciful arms of Glanor. But when the Eradication War began, he was suddenly less sure of the peace of the souls that perished. Coming to Aarandor was not something his sister wanted, but it was something he did, even if he kept it mostly to himself. This much suffering could not continue.

And now, in this new land, Aeryn does his duty to his people as their new Heir. Beyond that, he has doubled his efforts with the Priesthood of Gala, achieving the rank of Elder among them. The future feels a little brighter now, here in this place. Aeryn hopes to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.

Relationship Summary

  • Ellyn - We are in this together through thick and thin. You have my word.

  • Family:
  • Alethia - Alethia is a distant cousin with a love for the natural world. She is a bit reserved and socially inept but I can always open her up when we discuss the beauty of Gala's creation.
  • Luthien - Luthien is another cousin of mine, born of a Thalerith surprisingly enough. She inherited her mother's love for animals and is a beast-master. She approaches them with a sincere love brought about by her worship for Gala.

  • Friend:
  • Valeria - The devout High Priestess of Gala whom I've gotten to know even before the Migration. She is a calming presence who started the Eternal Grace hospital where I enjoy spending my time. I strive to be a good second-hand to her and assist her in the spreading of Gala's love and forgiveness.

  • Name Summary