Wave Speaker Velandria Alcaldia

Of course I knew, and yes I could have told you, but I wanted to see if you were smart enough to figure it out on your own.

Concept: Venerable Wave Speaker
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Alcaldia
Gender: Female
Age: 510
Birthday: 3/3
Patron: Aereth
Vocation: Priest
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Warm Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Seafoam Blue
Skintone: Huantingly Pale
Marital Status: widowed

Description: The skin of the Aeran Wave Speaker is hauntingly pale, almost seeming to have an inner glow with its translucent quality. Her eyes are pale, but much more distinctly blue, like the foam of a wave as it crests. Her brownish red hair stands out starkly against such fair complexion. High, regal, and fine cheekbones sit above a thin-lipped mouth. Between the cheeks is a small, sharply pointed nose, with just the slightest natural upturn at the tip.

Personality: Velandria has a very knowing, mystical quality about her. Her smiles are dreamy, and her sharp gaze is rounded out by the way she speaks. Gentle words, often with a philosophical twist to them. She absolutely loves to play game with her words. Above all that, she is kind and seeks to guide others on their own spiritual journeys through life.

Background: Velandria's life has been an interesting one, to say the least. She set sail at a very young age along the coast of Larandor with her sisters, like so many young Aeran Kin do. But instead of going north to cause trouble for the Lorandi or or even further to harass the human costal kingdoms, Velandria and her sisters decided to run away for a five years and live on an island far to the west of Loramar. They never told anyone where they were going, and though their parents sent out ships to search for them, the boat was so well hidden they were never found. Left alone, three young sisters, to fend for themselves and live off the land.

She claims it was on that island that she found her connection to the water. The way it ebbs and flows. It give, it takes away. It was like the sea of Aereth opened up and poured all of its information out for Velandria to learn. And learn she did. Truth be told, they were only gone for five days. But the story is so much more grand if you say five years, so Velandria always recounts the tale on the most grand of scales, never writing things down but preferring the whimsy of an oral tradition instead. Regardless of how long they were out there, it was clear Velandria had a spiritual awakening. She began spending more and more time in the various shrines of Loramar, praying to Aereth for safe travels, to Garwen for wind in their sails, even to Glanor when she was simply having a bad week. He listened, or so she says, and then she felt much better.

It took no time at all for the Wave Speaker of the Aeran Kin to notice her and the strange way she spoke to people. Whatever she was telling them, they seemed to listen. Grand fish tales and true words of the Gods alike. So, the Wave Speaker took Velandria under her wing and made her the Wave Whisperer of the Aeran Kinship. They were a wonderful pair for a very long time. The stern and truthful speaker and the whimsical whisperer. The Kinship prospered spiritually in their guidance together. She even married and had daughters of her own during that time, naming them Elleth and Darinel. Everything was gentle seas and perfect for a while.

But like all things, the tide came out for the Wave Speaker, and came in for Velandria. She took on the title of Wave Speaker for herself and named Vindal the Coy to be her Whisperer, despite his father's wishes. Perhaps a certain part of her pushed a little harder for the appointment simply to spite Odissin Reymar the Grouch, as she so often calls him.

Just before the boat ride to Aarandor, Velandria fell deathly ill. The Mostal Strife might have teken her completely if immortality had not returned to them at the landing of Lorawin. After all that has happened, Velandria's gentle, whimsical spirit has not been broken. And the Aeran people are better for having her. She welcomes them in the shrine in Lorawin, she tattoos them, blesses them and send them off to do what they must to live the lives they were meant to be living. Her pride in her work and her love of the Gods is evident in every hair-brained story she tells and every devious smile that curls her lips.

Relationship Summary

  • Bidal - My husband was ever the rock to my tide. I wonder often what he would make of this new land had he not died some two hundred years ago.

  • Ally:
  • Rythadrien - Far too young for such a heavy burden. But he carries it well. His smile is a silly thing. I like it. It reminds me that not all things are so serious in life.
  • Talien - The Wave Speaker and the Admiral are supposed to butt heads. Right? All part of the balance of things. I think he is doing a good job of it too despite his father's whispering.
  • Vindal - Now here is a young Reymar I can get behind! And I have. He is my Wave Whisperer after all and when I am gone he will be me. And I will be dead. For a while at least. Thank you Brundir.

  • Child:
  • Darinel - The family is in her hands now! And truth be told I think she is doing a fine job of it. Aereth sure has her sights set on testing the waters with her but I know she can handle it.
  • Elleth - My dear Elleth takes life much too seriously. She could learn to go with the flow a little better. But I love her all the same. Even if she doesn't take the time to really listen.

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