Warden Archarnor Naevon

Vengeance dealt over a grievous wrong is justice.

Concept: Relentless Sentinel
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Naevon
Gender: Male
Age: 245
Birthday: 12/28
Patron: Estril
Vocation: Spellblade
Height: 6' 6"
Hair Color: Silvery Blond
Eye Color: Silvery Grey
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Tall, but not as towering as his younger brother Baeldeth, Archarnor shares the same athletic build, his limbs corded with wiry muscle. Grey eyes, often harboring a cold or distant quality, are odd in having silver limbal rings that gradate out to a winter ice color around the edge of the iris. Silvery blond hair, the color of moonlight on a clear, frosty midnight, is either kept in two intricate braids and securely kept out of the way, or very clean and in order if left to flow down over his shoulders. Skin the color of freshly driven snow rounds out the picture of stark paleness that marks him.

Personality: Taciturn and withdrawn, Archarnor is not an elf with many friends. It is rumored that his only true loves are his studies of the lifewell and personal combat, always seeking ways to continue to fuse the two seamlessly, constantly working on his improvement in both areas. Rarely is he caught without his books or twin short swords, always ready to defend his Kinship and the Library, both of which he will relentlessly seek to block all threats against. Around other Duindar, it should be noted, he is noticably less introverted - sometimes even friendly!

Background: Archarnor, like many of the great Naevon family, was expected to focus upon studies of the lifewell and likely the blade - but the exuberance with which he took to his studies was remarkable - like a single-minded obsession. Constantly working at evoking electricity and the cold, he twinned it with protective wards and training with the sword, he quickly joined the Amethyst Order, the best way he could think of to show his devotion to the kinship. Taking on vows to Estril was a foregone conclusion - any who would do harm to Duindar specifically and the elves in general would find themselves relentlessly hunted down and dealt justice. Later, this would expand to all the races when they unified to fight the Host.

The desperate War of Eradication marked a turning point, one that saw his usual distant personality turn more within itself. Watching his friends and allies fall during one horrific battle after another, his prowess in war grew while any warmth he had continued to fade. Leaving caused a bitter wound, knowing the injustice in abandoning the other races to die at the hands of the Host. This misery was only compounded by the loss of his betrothed, Aithil Geminiel, to the depths during the migration. Since then, mostly closed off from the world, he's been contentedly isolationist and concerned solely with the good of his kin, his efforts becoming all the more intense after the flood that washed away the initial settlement.

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