High Priestess Iridessa Morinen

Only in the shattering, can rebuilding occur. Now is our time to rebuild stronger than we once were.

Concept: Devout Builder
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Morinen
Gender: Female
Age: 184
Birthday: 1/13
Patron: Torth
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Icy White
Eye Color: Crystalline Blue
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Stately and elegant, Iridessa holds herself with the strength of Torth at all times. Her hair trails down her back in icy white ringlets, thick with voluminous luster, and she's clad in fur-lined robes of blue and white that speak to the skill of her patron's artisans. Though her pale skin speaks of her lifetime spent in the cold and dark, her smiling blue eyes suggest a warmth and wonder hidden beneath the ice.

Personality: Iridessa is personable and warm, despite her Faenor upbringing. She can ebb and flow between the kinships and their various dispositions, adapting to anyone she speaks with. Her natural state of being is rather ambitious, leaning on her faith to further her goals. She enjoys helping others and building strong bonds through mutual goals. Her icy looks give way to a warm smiles and inviting words more often than not.

Background: Iridessa was raised on the outskirts of her High Lord Uncle's family. Her father, Meledar Morenin, preferred to keep her with him as he traveled between the various family holdings in Khelwen. He was an Elder Priest of Garwen and would serve each family in spiritual rites, helping oversee the Will of the Wolf as he guided the various High Lords through the ritual. This life of travel from House to House gave Iridessa a chance to get to know each other families of Faenor a little better than most. She found that they all had their strengths, admiring the Aenorr for their sense of unity, the Keir for their devoted protection of the kinship, the Ingith for their deep spirituality and House Reid for their passion and love of the hunt. When she was allowed to take that perspective and look back at her own family, she found something missing in them. They were known as the great economic power, but it didn't quite fill her with admiration the way the other houses did.

Curious, she set in to the Shrine of Torth, kept deep within the mountain of Khelwen. The tall, gold-inlaid statues greeted her at the door, and when she stepped inside she was met with an overwhelming warmth unlike anything she had seen before. Not just the physical warmth of the forges, used to mold and create the beautiful things of this world, but the warmth of the clergy there. Every one of them was sharp and smart and knew exactly what to do with their coin to seek the best outcome, but more so she admired the way they all embraced creation and creativity. With the proper funding, anything is possible. That creativity drew her in and she began to study under the High Priest, Rella Brixtien. Rella was a wonderful mentor to her, right up to the moment she died during the mortal strife. Rella was very old and sickness took her quickly. Iridessa ascended to carry on the torch of creation, becoming the new High Priest.

Here in Aarandor, Iridessa has taken it upon herself to help the other Kinships rebuild. She is a light in the dark of tragedy to any who are willing to accept her help. She holds out home that they did indeed make the right choice and that this new land will hold abundance and prosperity for them for generations to come.

Relationship Summary

  • Galeren - A Lorandi Kin who serves the God of Making. He never intended to become a leader so soon but the Gods move us in mysterious ways. He has a good soul and yet I fear he may be troubled by his heavy burdeon.
  • Zenandra - High priestess of Rithor and one of the Council of Thelos - she is very open about her people and her passion for the hunt. She doesn't let her tempers overcome her but instead channels them into serivice for her God and her people. She and I share that in common.
  • Ayalith - So young to wear a High Priest's mantle. She hasn't quite grown into it yet but Brundir is a kindly god and will guide her gently towards her role.

  • Family:
  • Emyrion - Cousin Emyrion understands the concept of the fires of the forge being fanned to creation. He does not let his passions consume him but instead directs them into productivity.
  • Rygoth - So young and so full of promise. He's never known anything but Aarandor and the ships which brought us here. He is the untempered metal yet to be tested and yet to be fully formed. I will guide him both as priestess and as a family.

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