Kinlector Odissin Reymar

The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails.

Concept: Salty Old Seafarer
Fealty: Aeran
Family: Reymar
Gender: Male
Age: 768
Birthday: 05/18
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 7'
Hair Color: Gray-streaked black
Eye Color: Cobalt
Skintone: Weathered tan
Marital Status: Widowed

Description: Though age leaves his movements slower and muscles lacking the tone of youth, the towering height and centuries of strength behind Odissin's swagger are undeniable in how he continues to hold himself. Cobalt eyes remain as sharp as ever, seeming to size one up in a single glance. Black hair is streaked with gray throughout, more often than not pulled back from his weathered face. His tan skin shows wrinkles earned not only from time, but from the salt of the sea and sweat of his brow.

(His hair is pushed back from his face with a crimson strip of silk, sun bleached in places and acting as a makeshift bandana.)

Personality: Gruff and stern, Odissin has been hardened by his life at sea. He doesn't often smile or have kind words for just about anyone. But what he does have is life experience, and a willingness to impart his wisdom on anyone who will listen, usually weather they like it or not. He knows he is an imposing personality and uses it to his advantage to get done what must be done.

Background: Odissin was born to sail. Much of his youth was spent raiding and reaving across the coasts of Lorandor with his cousins. Learning the ins and outs of the sea, learning to measure the weather and sense the storms, riding the tides and maneuvering the ships. There was a time they thought he would be called to serve as the Captain to the current Admiral, but he was passed over for his unruly temperament.

Not long thereafter, Odissin's mother abdicated her seat of power to him and named him the Reymar Head of House. At just in to his early 200's he took this position on and made it his life goal to see that House Reymar would be the best trained sailors and the most vicious fighters the Aeran Kinship had ever seen. He believed very strongly in the power of the ocean and the steadfastness of the Aeran Kinship. None of the other kinships could match them in naval combat, and to him, the others were inferior in many other ways. A kinship guided by people who were simply born in to it? Or even worse, elected? He was very vocal about the fact that the Aeran Kinship way of life was more effective than the others.

When Ithiriel Elexia brought all the kinships together in unity, Odissin pushed his family even harder to be better and stronger than the rest. If they were to be a united elven nation, he would be sure to stand out. And then Estril's feast happened. That was a sobering time for Odissin. This so called unifier was bold enough to not only kill her enemies, but have their souls destroyed for their treason? He respected her for that decision and changed his tune a little from that moment on, falling in line with her efforts. He was first among the Aeran Kin to offer his ships to sail to Aarandor and help guide them across the ocean along with his two sons.

Now that they are settled in Lorawin, Odissin is itching to see what this new world has to offer, despite his advanced age. He has reverted in to his old ways, fighting to keep the Reymar name a feared and respected thing. He spends most of his time with Talien, teaching him, showing him the way of the water and fearlessness Rithor has to offer them. Vindal, however, is not worthy of his time. His antics raise Odissin's ire more often than not. Lucrezia reminds him so much of his late wife, he does what he can to protect her, while never shielding her completely from life's hard lessons.

Relationship Summary

  • Talien - My pride and joy. You will go far in this life my son. Bend to nothing. Be who you were meant to be.
  • Vindal - I don't hate you despite what you may think of me. You had so much potential and now it seems a waste. You'll have to dig yourself out of whatever traps your antics put you in.

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