Knight Chaplain Falron Aenorr

The law has no compassion and justice is administered without compassion.

Concept: Brooding Blood Templar
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Aenorr
Gender: Male
Age: 167
Birthday: 5/7
Patron: Baridon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'11"
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Eye Color: Striking Blue
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Titles: Priest of Baridon

Description: With striking blue eyes and pitch black hair, Falron's stark contrasts emphasise his rather serious nature. His lips are often thin pressed and his eyes narrowed in quiet judgement. He stands at an imposing six-foot-eleven with broad shoulders. His movements are always calculated and precise, ever watchful of those around him.

Personality: Falron is a very serious man, taking the events of the past few hundred years very hard, he feels it is his duty to protect what little peace is left between the Kinships. His cold nature makes him a bit intimidating to approach, leaving very little room for warmth. He is, however, passionate about his job. Whatever must be done to keep Thelos in order, will be done, and Falron will see it through.

Background: Born during a time of peace, Falron's early childhood was very pleasant. He was given every opportunity to learn and grow. And when his younger brother Thorin was born, Falron knew it was his duty as the eldest to protect him. Though as they grew, it was apparent that Falron and Thorin would grow into very different people. Falron played it safe, following the letter of every law laid before him. While Thorin took liberties and leaned on interpretation. This vastly different outlook in life set them apart for a long while. That is, until the Eradication War hit.

As the Host began to pour in from every corner of Larandor, Falron took up arms and vowed to fight them back with all the ferocity he could muster. And he did just that, joining the Faenor Army and fighting alongside the other soldiers who would gladly give their lives so others could survive. In one particularly horrific battle, Falron took off his helmet so he could face his fate head on, and die in glory. Thorin spotted his brother from afar and before Falron could take off and charge in to the fight, Thorin knocked him over the head and dragged him away from the fight. When Falron finally came to, he was furious with Thorin! That incident likely saved his life, but Falron is left with a sense of regret, knowing he should have died with his fellow soldiers and allies of the elven Kinships.

When the time came and they traveled to Aarandor, Falron stood in front of the shrine of Baridon, seeing it broken and crumbled and he knew something had to be done. Baridon's laws had been broken and he is now determined to keep the laws of Thelos and hold those who break the laws accountable. The Council of Thelos elected him to start up The Sacred Blood Templars. He commanded them with discipline and ferocity, during the Blood God crisis, and worked diligently to champion the cause of appeading Lord Baridon. With this accomplished, Falron has stepped down as the Knight Commander of the Blood Templars, taking instead on the rank of Knight Chaplain to serve as liaison between the Order and the Priesthood of Baridon.

Relationship Summary

  • Thorin - It does not surprise me that my little brother was one of the first to walk through the portals. Headstrong and reckless as always, putting his own needs ahead of the family. I am still angry over what he did on that battlefield and will always resent him for that.

  • Family:
  • Relios - My cousin shares my anger and sense of betrayal at leaving our allies to die. We are not oathbreakers. When he becomes High Lord I will be pleased to count him as an ally to the Blood Templars.
  • Cayn - The old elf was the final voice of the Faenor that decided to spit on our oaths and take us from our obligations to our allies. An honorable death is better than a life of cowardice and I shall see to it the stain of his dishonor is wiped clean from our people.

  • Ally:
  • Rivaron - Rivaron has been a good second to the Blood Templars. His dedication is unmatched. I know the sacrifice he has made to dedicate himself to our cause and we will share the burden of our duty together.

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