Lady Ayala Brixtien

Never let your ambitions lead to someone elses pain.

Concept: Silver Lily Knight
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Brixtien
Gender: Female
Age: 145
Birthday: 7/29
Patron: Glanor
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Warm Blonde
Eye Color: Deep Green
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Aloof and perhaps a little overly confident, Ayala has the look one comes to expect in a knight. Long platinum blonde hair wafts down her back. Her gaze a cool, calm and collected thing, never showing fear. Her natural expression shows a touch of sadness. And yet, her smile seems to start in the corner of her lips, curling into a knowing smirk when she is amused.

Personality: Ayala is confident and self assured in every way. She rides into battle with a fearlessness Rithor would be proud of. Always collected, and never angry. When things aren't going her way, she shrugs and turns them around, finding no point in anger at all. While she is not easily overtaken by anger, sadness and grief hold a special place in her personality. She takes the deaths of those who fight by her side very seriously and fights valiantly to keep them from seeing their end too early. Off the battlefield she serves as the model of knightly chivalry, always polite and courteous.

Background: Ayala grew up with her cousin Celestria and the two seemed to bond like sisters. Though Celestria was always more interested in politics, and Ayala more interested in the sword, they both seemed to take to their given talents with an ease and grace that made the other Brixtien's jealous. Ayala's natural talent for riding and swordplay lead her to the path of a knight almost right from the beginning, earning the nickname of the Silver Lily for her family's crest. She enjoyed the pageantry and chivalry of it all. Paying favors to the various Lorandi houses when she would joust. It was all sort of glorious and beautiful to her.

She was still quite young when the Host arrived, but she served in the Eradication War all the same. She joined her father and uncle with the Lorandi Royal Army. The battles were fierce, but she rode fearlessly. The final battle is one that she thinks about often. She watched her father and uncle burned up by the Host, white hot tendrils searing their flesh before her eyes. She remembers very vividly watching them cling to the last shreds of hope in wailing agony before they became silent once more. Knowing there was nothing she could do for them, she turned her horse around and rode back home to tell her aunt Halvitica and her sister what had happened.

She doesn't like to speak much about that day, finding it easier to simply say the battle was lost, take a sip of her wine, and move the conversation along. Here in Aarandor she has enjoyed her role as a Knight of the Lorandi Kinship. Her time pledged to Marchioness Yvette was fun, enjoying the hospitality of House Monstald. But her cousin Celestria has asked for her pledge once more and so, Ayala has agreed. She is proud to serve her own house once more and ride for House Brixtien.

Relationship Summary

  • Helene - The young - and I do mean young - Lady General has never seen combat. She's never once led troops into battle and never once seen the Host up close. I will follow her as my King commands but I will reserve my judgements until she has been battle-tried. I can only pray she will do right by those under her when and if that time comes.

  • Friend:
  • Yvette - Marchioness Yvette and I met one night following one of my successful tournies back home. I was drawn mostly to her serious nature and service in the Order of Solaris, and a little to her beauty. We fought well together and when she asked if I would pledge my sword to her house, I agreed for the traditional year and a day. I still count her as more than just my liege lord, I view her as a friend.

  • Family:
  • Celestria - My cousin, my duchess, my sister. She and I have truly bonded over the years, despite my being so much older than her. When she called for my sword I pledged it to her happily.

  • Faenor:
  • Talrin - One of the High Lord's daughters, which makes her something akin to a princess, Lady Talrin is the grandmaster of their knightly Argent Moon order. She seems to be a match for me in skill, which is a shame because the Faenor are so reclusive. I think we would get along well.

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