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Action by Saga

(Public Action, OOC Date: May 22, 2019, 12:39 p.m.)

Very few are -more- excited about exploration than Saga Brixtien. She's absolutely certain, however, that plenty are just as excited, and so she's going to round some up and head North.

The plan is to start scouting a road north towards Khelgar, documenting any potential obstacles or easier paths, or even just particularly scenic stretches that could make the journey more beautiful. Saga will be keeping track of animals sighted, of course.

Yvette quietly, or not-so-quietly, supports House Brixtien's efforts in the first stages of establishing direct connection with another Kinship. She personally heads a lance of Solaris Knights, fully armed and prepped for the journey. She trusts that if their armaments do not scare away the threat, they will instead meet them on the field of battle.

Galeren is fully supportive in expedition and expanding in his role of Minister of Infrastructure. In particular he's encouraging the scouts and coordinating capturing information about the mapping and cartography. Galeren will assist in logistics ensuring that they have appropriate blessings & supplies and trying to find good locations for defense, maintenance & easy terrain traversal.

Lord Daechir has been hearing an awful lot lately about this exploration from his cousin, and has agreed to help sort out the finances for the expedition ahead of time, making sure that no coin goes to waste and that they get the finest quality for what is being spent, no corruptio or ineptitude on the part of merchants tolerated.

Zedmir knows what is expected from a chef of his talents when the Lorandi are taken by wanderlust, and is more than happy to oblige the request. He's ecstatic about the possibility of a road to another kinship, and is honored to assist in its first steps. The journey will likely be trying, exciting, and surprising, but no one will go hungry. More than that, every meal will have a little taste of home.

Oriana is all for exploration, and exploration is certainly something that'll keep her busy. So when she hears about this expedition she is more than happy to lend her help to it in the form of defense and offense if anything they find along the way is less than friendly. Otherwise she's simply going along to be part of a monumentous journey.

Arminel has given his blessing and encouragement to House Brixtien as they move to send off the first of their exploration efforts in support of the Duchess' overarching project to construct a great road leading to Khelgar and Thelos. While Brixtien is fully capable of resourcing and staffing the exploration, the King has made it clear that the Lorandi Kin is fully in support of the Duchy's efforts, and will provide any additional resources necessary to further along the project.

At the call of her cousin, the Silver Lily Knight steps forward to join the expedition northward, armored and armed. Should they encounter any threat, she'll be ready. Should they simply encounter the beauty of exploration, she'll be ready for that, too!

Rollant isn't one to shy from exploration, especially not now when there is so much to be seen. As such, when approached by Saga about the exploration, he's more then willing to accompany the group to the north in order to lend his experience with a blade should the need arise.

The expedition mounts in the early hours of the morning, with the sun rising just over the golden wheat fields that surround Torendaar. King Arminel is awake just in time to send this expedition off in style. Lord Zedmir has packed some healthy and hearty things for the adventurers to eat on their journey. His cooking always has an extra touch of something else that really makes the warmth and comfort of home stick with you on a long journey. Marquis Galeren does his best to keep the adventuring party on track, reminding them to look for good land to settle in.

Lead by Lady Saga Brixtien, the group ventured north into the great grass sea. Lady Oriana, Marchioness Yvette, Lady Ayala and Duke Rollant rounded out the notable members of the adventuring party, all five working in tandem to see the success of the exploration come to fruition. Eventually they came upon a stone building out in the field. A very trapped and rather uninviting stone building that appears as though it used to be a forge many centuries ago. Back in Torendaar rumors begin to fly about what was found there. The party left the building with 40 ingots of moonsteel, primed and ready to be made in to beautiful armor and weapons. Truly a successful journey indeed!