General Karagoth Aynarr

Do what you must, or the sands will claim you.

Concept: Merciless Warrior
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Aynarr
Gender: Male
Age: 371
Birthday: 11/18
Patron: Acharon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 7'0"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Forest Green
Skintone: Swarthy
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: This mountain of an elf carries himself with confidence. His swarthy skin is marked with many scars that are often proudly in display as silent testament of the bearer's struggle in life. Wild tousled auburn curls refuse to sit properly atop his head, and strong eyebrows of the same color frame his deep and intense forest green eyes. Strong jaw lines shape a rugged face that perfectly matches the strongly framed, athletic muscled body.

Personality: Karagoth embraces struggle as a way of life, and rarely backs away from a challenge. His quick thinking and ability to adapt have seen him through many a battle, as has his willingness to do whatever is necessary to come out victorious. The belief that in war verything goes, often has him clashing with those that put honor above all else. Honor is important to Karagoth, but far less so in the middle of a battle where one's life and the lives of one's followers are at stake. The raging fire inside him is tempered by the deep loyalty he feels to his people, his family, and those he has come to respect.

Background: Karagoth often claims that his father was the sky, and his mother the sand. It's a claim that most take as a joke, but to the warrior and General of the Thalerith, there is a certain truth in his words. It always seemed like the ever busy Zenandra Aynarr had little time for Karagoth. Between her responsibilities to the kinship, and her other children, Karagoth often found himself without a mother figure, learning by doing, by falling and getting back up. He never resented his mother while growing up, however, fully embracing the idea of life as a struggle that leads to strength.

There was never any doubt that Karagoth was destined to become a warrior, and that suited him just fine. When his mother had time for him, he trained with her, when she didn't he often paired up with the young Sylindra Filinnar as a sparring partner. Having developed a bit of rivalry with the woman, he often found her to be a suitable challenge to him. The loss of his sister Tavirah during the Mortal Strife tested him, for she was the one person that could always make him smile. As a result, he grew close to her son, his nephew Kalagos. Karagoth took it upon himself to shape him into a true warrior, however, the two ended up clashing over Karagoth's tactics in the battlefield and his training philosophy. To Karagoth, succeeding was paramount, no matter how it was achieved and to show mercy was to show weakness.

He was not surprised when Sylindra became Warlord, having felt the cut of her blade many times while sparring. He and many others were however surprised by her request for him to join her as her General, considering that many saw him as a potential challenge to her leadership in the future. And to further surprise others, he accepted and since then has remained a loyal warrior at Sylindra's side, regardless of their differences. Of course, if she were to show weakness, that would perhaps be another story.

Relationship Summary

  • Aganor - I'll never understand why Sylindra married this weakling. At least he speaks pretty enough as to be useful to Sylindra. Or so she claims. I don't hate him, I just wish he was a better match for Sylindra.

  • Family:
  • Nadaron - My nephew is yet another Thalerith that is far too happy for his own good. To be honest, there are times I want to smack him. But he is my nephew, and while he's no hunter like my brother, I've found his expertise when handling animals useful in the past.
  • Aleandra - My aunt and I simply don't get along. I don't even understand why she hasn't moved with the Filinnar, as she seems to be more fond of them than her own family. I respect her skill, her knowledge, but I don't understand her and perhaps I never will.
  • Kalagos - Kalagos will always remind me of my sister. There's no escaping that. Perhaps that's why it angers me such to see a potential true warrior wasted in him. Honor is important yes, but our enemies have no regard for it. To cling to such notions in the middle of a battle is to court defeat, or even death. One day, he will learn, but I refuse to teach him myself. That sand tiger has fled into the night already.

  • Parent:
  • Zenandra - My mother had very little time for me, but I love her no less because of it. It pushed me to better understand our people's way of life. There is no other like her, even though she's far too happy for her own good. Perhaps our people need someone like her, but when it is your mother, it can be somewhat embarrassing.

  • Rival:
  • Deanna - I respect her ability to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, but I'd respect her even more if she showed more that she cares about the Kinship. I don't know where she stands half the time, or where I stand with her half the time and she has too much fun with it. We're often at odds, even more so when she comes running to the Warlord to ask for favors. But even I have to admit that she's pretty, smart, and deadly dangerous.

  • Ally:
  • Sylindra - She is impressive, and I've sparred with her many times.I'm not surprised she defeated Gorgath, but I was when she asked me to become her General. But that she did, and I accepted. As long as she does right by our people, and proves to be a strong leader I will stand at her side. Of course, if she ever proved those things wrong, then it will be my axe she feels.
  • Jarlanen - That old serpent still carries a poisonous bite. I tread carefully around him, not out of fear, but because one can't ever tell what's on his mind. He might be a weakling in body, but his mind and spirit are strong enough. We have clashed a couple of times while counseling Sylindra, but I believe that in the end we want the same thing. A strong kinship.
  • Joran - The son of Sylindra certainly takes after her mother. He's a good student, when he pays attention, willing to do as he's told. Sometimes he's a little too much like Kalagos, but I have more faith in Joran understanding the reality we live in than my nephew. I'll continue to train him, if he continues to impress me.

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