High Lord Lythene Ingith

A good heart is easily corrupted, a righteous heart knows how to avoid this.

Concept: Steadfast Leader
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Ingith
Gender: Female
Age: 221
Birthday: 1/27
Patron: Garwen
Vocation: Highborn
Height: 6'6"
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Eye Color: Light Gray
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: Tall and slim, her icy beauty is one forged from the precise lines that shape her face. Her skin is pale, just a touch less than snow, with long straight platinum blonde hair that falls down past her shoulders. Eyebrows of the same color dip down over her light gray eyes, and its only her pale full lips that add softness to her features. She moves with ethereal elegance and discipline, her countenance betraying little to nothing about her.

Personality: Considered cold and unyielding, Lythene holds fast to the belief that the gods guide the elves and that the Faenor are the champions of the purity of the elven heart. Being good is not just something one is, but something one must show, embrace, surround oneself with. She will go to great lengths to protect her people and their ideals, even if her methods find her at odds with others. She is strict and to the point, having little patience for niceties that often intend to hide one's true intentions.

Background: Born the first born of High Lord Geralt Ingith, Lythene was destined to take over the House after her father. Geralt was a strict and disciplined man, fully devoted to Garwen and the ideals of House Ingith and he made sure to raise Lythene with the same values. She grew up developing a very fine-tuned moral compass along the way, with no real room for gray areas between right and wrong. She also spent her youth learning the skills that would allow her one day to successfully lead her House, and be an active member of the Faenor leadership.

Her son, Garett was born during the Mortal Strife and as her father had done with her, she began his education as early as possible. The Third Migration cut Garett's childhood short, and also pushed her to become the High Lord of House Ingith. Ensuring that Garett was prepared to eventually take over became a priority, not because she expected to return to the Wheel any time soon, but because it was simply her family's way. Her son joining the Knights of the Argent Moon was a particular moment of pride for her, as it was her brother's ascension to High Priest of her patron goddess, Garwen.

With this new life in Aarandor, the threat of change for the worse and not for the better is very real. It is Lythene's intention to ensure that any change that takes place is to strengthen the spirit of her people, and the purity of their heart.

Relationship Summary

  • Boros - Boros has always done good work for Garwen. It was no wonder that he was made her High Priest. If he can extend his teachings to the rest of the Kinships there may be home for them yet.

  • Child:
  • Garett - You have grown in to a fine man here in Khelgar. Garwen has truly blessed us. Your focus and unyielding fury will burn brightest of all.

  • Family:
  • Rhyven - Teacher and mentor, Uncle Rhyven has proved time and time again to be reliable and dedicated to our House. He can be a little too dark with his stories, but it helps illustrates the evil that tends to lurk within the shadows of most hearts and for that, I'm grateful for his lessons.

  • Faenor:
  • Cayn - Wisest of us all. You do what is best for our people with out hesitation. And for that you have my respect.
  • Emyrion - Coins and trinkets don't make the world go around. The Gods do. Remember that and never let a shining gem distract you from our true purpose.
  • Gariss - Brutish and unfit for swift rule. You bend when your heart is soft and I wont have that from my fellow council members.
  • Ellyn - Strange and unguarded girl. Truth and honesty don't always go hand in hand. You'll have to try a little harder to stay on task. No one likes a fool.

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