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Past Actions

Action by Asa(RIP) for The Doomsayer's Throne

(Public Action, OOC Date: April 1, 2019, 11:37 p.m.)

Asa with the support of the Priesthood of Gala is going to be offering a service to the people of Arandor. She is going to take seeds and starter plants and flowers from her own greenhouse and garden. And setup up a spot in the Court of Judgements, with a little area that people can come to, to write their oaths of dedicating themselves to giving up their immortality to Baridon. Taking these written messages and prayers, they can wrap them around their seed or plant and then plant them in soil within the rocks that are blocking the entrance to the shrine. Planting them in the crevices and also in provided planters and pots that she has set up around it.

Kenyon of course will write his own oath, and plant his own sproutling among the courtyard, but he will also be present as an Intiate of Baridon. Going amongst the people, and hearing their oaths should they wish to share them, but also proselytizing to those nearby, sharing what he knows of the Blood God, and the loyalty that Baridon will show those who have shown him loyalty in turn, and speaking of the ally Baridon will make in the struggles to come as they seek to discover the secrets of Thelos, and make this city their own. To earn it in truth, so that they may avoid the fate of those who were here before, and hopefully in doing so, entice others to join in making their pledges of support in the Blood God, and renewing their faith.

While no real planter himself, Eros is a decent people mover. As the lay persons come to join in on all this planting, Eros starts directioning them to do this or that. Fill soil pots, help that person carry that, rewrap that prayer for the gods's sakes, do you want to get smote? All that sort of personal organization.

Agis supports Asa and the priesthood of gala as they make their oaths of dedicating their immortality. They encourage followers of Brundir to go and plant their oath-seeds, reminding them that it is the will of Brundir. Otherwise, they help by going out to gather rare seeds, handing them out for others to plant.

Valeria will be doing everything she can to support Asa, once again without overshadowing. She'll offer prayer and forgiveness rituals for any that wish it, and gather cuttings and seedlings from Gala's glade.

She will also plant a single red rose in the cracked boulder, amid all those white tulips. She will personally make sure that yellpow daffodils and purple hyacinth get planted near the tulips, as well!

Zedmir arranges for his oath to be planted with an orchid, selecting a variety that has some of the smallest seeds of all known plants. Even the most simple actions can grow into something beautiful with the right care and attention.

Luthien is using her knowledge of agriculture to aid with this endeavour. Spending a lot of time ensuring the soil is in perfect conditions to help the seeds thrive to life and grow lushly.

Cordelia, a devout follower of Gala, will do all she is able to assist with this service. She will help with anything that is asked of her and will pray over the soil, seeds, and each and every oath that is offered. Cordelia is a firm believer that Gala is the method for which they can reach and appease Baridon.

Ellyn will take one of the sproutlings provided to wrap her own message and prayer to Baridon within to plant within one of the nooks and craigs of the rock that blocks his shrine. Considering the public venue she will also seek out those passing by who might approach or be curious but have doubts. A gentle word, quiet conversations, quick with her wits she will attempt to persuade them to Baridon's side. Every seed, every sprout, every prayer no matter how small can grow they become many.

High Priest Boros will be present along with other priests of Garwen. As confession falls under the Pure Lady's purview, Boros and his priests will help those writing notes to Baridon for the planting express their wrongdoing in breaking oaths, articulate their desire to perform pennance by giving up their immortality, and ask for the Blood God's forgiveness.

Iridessa will be encouraging members of the Temple of Torth to participate in the ceremony and she will lead them by writing her own oath. She would like to provide pots made by priests and parishioners of Torth's temple to be used for planting seeds for those that wish to.

Thorin will help his cousin transport all the plants and seedlings from her gardens to the Court of Judgements. He will reserve one sproutling for himself, wrapping his message about it and planting it amidst the broken stones across the entrance of Baridon's shrine. Not the sort to quietly do anything, and having struggled greatly with the decision himself, he will seek out elves with questions similar to his own and help them reach peace with the decision as he has.

Relios is going to be using his influence to encourage Faenor of all stripes to attend the event, even pledging Aenorr resources to help the event go off without a concern and to ensure Asa has all the materials she needs.

Lead by Priestess Asa of Gala, a group of elves come together for the Seeds of Promise event. She encourages everyone to write their oaths dedicating themselves to paying Baridon's price, wrap those oaths around a seed and then plant it. The Priesthood of Baridon looks at the gesture a little strangely at first, skeptical of the breaking apart of the natural order of their grounds by digging holes for plants. Eventually the gesture seems to be appreciated and with the support of so many showing up, they are allowed to continue their efforts.

Initiate of Baridon and Templar Kenyon Keir shows up to ensure all goes well. He takes time to listen to those who would share their oaths with him and encourage them to stay strong and remain loyal to the Blood God. Eros Marindur is quite sufficient at helping to organize all the people who show up to give their oaths. Under his leadership, everyone seems to be working together efficiently. Priest of Brundir, Agis Nerea, encourages those who worship at the shrine of his patron to come and join in the effort. And join they do! Worshipers of Brundir make up nearly half of those who attend.

The High Priestess of Gala, Valeria Laenorin stands by Asa every step of the way, supporting her efforts and acting as the prayerful guide. She plants roses into the cracked boulder, giving it a gentle push to allow it to open further in time. Lord Zedmir Nalduine arrived with an orchid and a rather lengthy oath to plant with it. A snippet of his oath is shared before the whole thing is planted. "Immortality is not our right, it is a privilege, and one that I pray we someday become worthy of. Today, my choice is my own. If immortality is the price set before us, then I, Lord Zedmir Nalduine of the Lorandi, am ready to pay it." His words are given praise by those passing by who hear them.

Luthien Reid is an incredible asset to this effort. He expert knowledge of agriculture and soil care ensures these plants will go on to take seed and thrive. It was reported not two days after the event the whole area seemed to be covered in flowers and beautiful growth.

High Lord Ellyn Reid sends along her flower and oath to be planted, reminding her attendants that ever seed, sprout and prayer, no matter how small, can grow to become many. High Priest Boros of Garwen's Priesthood arrives and sets up a secluded location for confessions, allowing those troubled by their guilty minds to release their thoughts and seek forgiveness from Baridon. High Priestess Iridessa encourages those from the Temple of Torth to come to the ceremony as well. She sets a good example for them by getting in to the dirt and planting seeds along with the rest. Under the encouragement of Lord Heir Relios Aenorr, many Faenor arrive to participate in the ceremony as well. It bodes well for houses Aenorr, Ingrith and Reid to be working so closely together in such a public setting.

Thorin Aenorr has been uncertain about his decision for quite some time now. His presence at the flower planting ceremony shows that he has indeed made his choice, but his words say otherwise. The struggle to commit to this in whole is very real for Thorin and the pain of that decision is evident on his expression at this event.

Cordelia Laenorin, a rather devout follower of Gala, does her best to help the event move along without a hitch. The only trouble is, she seems to be lacking in the proper focus to ensure that kind of worship is maintained. She becomes rather impatient with those who handle the plants incorrectly. It has been rumored that Cordelia has a rather eccentric way of worshiping, so most just shrug and assume she is doing her best despite the disastrous outcome of her actual efforts.

Action by Asa(RIP)

(Public Action, OOC Date: Feb. 22, 2019, 2:48 p.m.)

Asa will be offering to hold Rituals of Forgiveness for any elf that wishes to find forgiveness. Whether that is from their self, another, or the gods. She also offers to help with any in need of help or assistance, or those that just need someone to speak with. Especially during this time of confusion and concern, regarding everything they have been hearing about Baridon and the other gods, regarding Baridon. Specifically, she will be holding Rituals of Forgiveness for those that wish to seek Baridon's forgiveness once a week, in the Shrine to Gala, in Thelos.

Kenyon will first, tirelessly attend Asa's Rituals of Forgiveness, in a desire to seek forgiveness for himself and the elven people from Baridon for the breaking of their oaths, but also for those who are actively working against him like his second cousin, Tivaar. He also seeks forgiveness of Baridon from the other gods who are displeased with the Blood Gods actions at current, like Loran, and makes sure to address this as well.

Secondly, he will make use of the status and minor fame he has gained as the Tournament Champion, to encourage others of Thelos and the Faenor to attend the rituals as well, and to give both the Rituals and Baridon their support. He'll be as active as possible in this regard, forgoing rest even, to show an example in his belief that this is the right thing to do and inspire others.

As High Priestess, Valeria is more than supportive of her Priesthood's efforts. While Valeria will offer the same services as Asa and Starling, she'll also be doing everything in her power to help them shine on their own, rather than in her shadow. Valeria's public rites will be held towards the end of the weeks, and she'll spend most of her time in the Glade, available for anyone that would like to talk or have a private ritual.

Starling will be joining Asa and the rest of the Priesthood of Gala to hold Rituals of forgiveness on the day that Asa is not doing her weekly Ritual of forgiveness towards Baridon. All are hoping to have the Priestess running Rituals 3-4 days a week to give anyone who needs it a chance at a Priestess ran rituals.

Starling will be trying to offer the same services on a private level, talking to and speaking with any and all elves, no matter station in life or Kinship. She has her own thoughts on what is happening and a ritual of forgiveness is the first step.

Captain Eros is going to go out carousing with the other sailors, paying out for drinks, and talking about old times. Dredging up old regrets. Then telling people to go get right with their gods and do a forgiveness ritual, leading the drunken parade that way.

Agis will be supporting Asa's cause of doing Rituals of Forgiveness, attending the rituals themselves devoutly, and performing their own through Brundir's shrine, doing so late into the night for those that come to seek Brundir's night-time grace, or seek the libraries to study. (And so they aren't crossing over into the times the others are doing rituals.) In the same manner of an old grandpa/grandma guilting their grandchildren, Agis is quite good at getting people to think they need to "get right with Baridon" by confessing sins. If they need a more...... gentler approach, Agis sends them off to have a ritual done by Asa/Valeria/Starling.

Elves from all the Kinships are very familiar with the Ritual of Forgiveness performed at Gala's shrine, after all, most elves have either needed to forgive or be forgiven by someone. So when the Priesthood of Gala makes a case encouraging the faithful to visit the shrine and perform the ritual, asking for Baridon's forgiveness, it is certainly well received by the people.

Faithful from all walks of life make their way to the shrine, and are greeted by Elder Asa during her weekly ritual sessions. Others see Elder Starling instead, on the days that Elder Asa is not available. However, Starling's efforts to also support private sessions see a lesser degree of success.

Still, the efforts of both priestesses are certainly noted, in good part because High Priestess Valeria makes it a point to not let herself become the center of attention. While she also performs her part and holds the ritual, she manages to ensure the faithful reach out to both Asa and Starling if the High Priestess is too busy.

Many faithful note the presence of Lord Kenyon at these services, and are inspired and reassured to see the Templar Knight participate in trying to obtain forgiveness from the patron of the guardians of Thelos. Many take his presence as an inspiration and decide to join the efforts because of it.

Word also spread of groups of rowdy and very intoxicated sailors making their rounds to the shrine as well, asking for forgiveness, claiming they were "inspired" to this by the ship captain, Eros Marindur. Others speak of Agis Nerea, a priest of Brundir, who also encourages the faithful to participate in the rituals performed by the priesthood of Gala. While some are confused by Agis' talk of confessing sins, feeling such things are better left to Garwen's priesthood, there is a general approval in what is seen as an effort by the priesthoods to work together.

In the end, the efforts of those involved in this push to generate interest in the Ritual of Forgiveness are appreciated by priests of the goddess all across the kinships.