Scholar Trevarius Egilion

The historian without his facts is rootless and futile; the facts without their historian are dead and meaningless.

Concept: Passionate Historian
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Egilion
Gender: Male
Age: 332
Birthday: 9/28
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Deep Violet
Skintone: Lightly Tanned
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: If not for his slightly disheveled and distracted air, Trevarius might be considered handsome. He has short cut dark brown hair and deep violet eyes set into a lightly tanned face, but those eyes have darker circles under them and slight bags. His build is on the average side with a stillness to it, the type of person who can sit and read for hours on end without changing position.

Personality: A historian with a penchant for developing tunnel vision regarding the subjects he is passionate about. Focused is what he calls himself. Bloody single-minded is how others may refer to it. He's a classic scholar in the true Duindar fashion and becomes obsessed with his current line of research until someone can draw him away and interest him in something else. Such lures are not easy to come by. He truly wants to do right by his family but was never quite ready for the role of Kinlecter, so he sometimes finds himself clueless in the realm of political maneuvering.

Background: He became head of the family during the Eradication War after the death of his brother Jonas. Jonas was an evocation caster who served in the military, fighting alongside the other mages of the Duindar but lacking the finesse of a Spellblade. Trevarius blamed himself for Jonas' death for not having more knowledge with which to fight back, but the tragedy blinded him to everything and anything else. He spent most of the war frantically researching any scrap of information on the Host, the threat of mortality, and ways to fight them. He was unsuccessful, and he would have remained in the old continent if his family hadn't almost literally dragged him to the continent of Aarandor. With the arrival to the new continent, came something he hadn't experienced in a long time, hope.

Trevarius has turned his often single-minded attention to try to understand their new home. The connection between Aarandor and Larandor is obvious to him, and he feels there must be something in history that illustrates what it is. He is looking for proof that the journey of his people is more than the blessing of the gods, and that there's a reason behind it all.

In the year 52 PA, he decided that his time would be better spent deticated to the Ishtari and to the persuite of knowledge. In a proclimation made before all elves, Trevarius handed the title of Kinlector to his uncle, Erotas Egilion. With that weight lifted off of his shoulders he has been able to step more deeply in to his research and begin to quench his thirst for knowledge more deeply.

Relationship Summary

  • Octalin - Octalin is said to be an architect amongst the Aeran people - the one who has overseen much of Lorawin harbor. He may be able to give me advise on the city architecture of Thelos; perhaps.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Deoca - The older Geminiel serves as the High Priest of Glanor and sits on the Thelos council. He spends a lot of time in Thelos and may know more of its history than I do.

  • Deceased:
  • Saqurius - My cousin who was slain by the Watchers in battle.

  • Family:
  • Diagones - Cousin Dia is the Archscholar of the Great Library now, having inherited it when the old scholar was lost at sea. She has always been just as fascinated with books as the rest of our family, and now she has them all at her disposal. I can be certain to draw on this while continuing my research.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Elstrin - Elstrin was the one who did much of the work on the Isalspire at cost to her own health. But her knowledge of architecture and building might be useful.

  • Name Summary