Marquis Galeren Nalduine

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting against the old, but on building up the new.

Concept: Inventive Builder Marquis
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Nalduine
Gender: Male
Age: 293
Birthday: 6/17
Patron: Torth
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Pale Green
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Single

Titles: Elder Priest of Torth

Description: Rather tall and stately looking, Galeren is a vision of Lorandi nobility. His long blonde hair is often braided perfectly into place. His pale green eyes hold a gaze with intensity and power. What sets him apart from the expected noble decorum is his ability to shrug and keep going. Galeren is prone to smiles and warm laughter, holding himself in a very open and welcoming manner.

Personality: Laughter comes easily to Galeren. He's found himself in an unusual predicament but he intends to make the best of it. Curious and inviting, he is quick to engage in conversations that might spark an idea or innovation. His easy-going demeanor gives him all the opportunity he needs to meet new people and spark up alliances and friendships among those who are receptive.

Background: Galeren has lived through a very strange time in elven history. First the mortal strife, then the Eradication War. And of course the Third Migration most of all. Through all of it, Galeren has chosen to be more of an observer than a participant. He chose to flow the priesthood of Torth at a fairly young age. There he learned about architecture and how to create beautiful, fortified structures. It fascinated him.

As the war waged on and soon after the decision to sail to Aarandor came, Galeren dutifully boarded the ship thinking nothing of his future or life in this new land. His father helped to build Toreendar, set the Lorandi up for success. But after losing Galeren's mother in the migration, his father couldn't take the sorrow anymore. He sat Galeren down and handed over the duties of Marquis of House Nalduine to him. Galeren was shocked on both counts. Of his father's choice to seek out the priests of Glanor and of his decision to hand the family to him. But in that moment of sorrow, Galeren assured his father he would do everything in his power to see House Nalduine grow strong.

While Galeren still takes his duties to Torth very seriously, his focus has fallen on to House Nalduine almost completely. His visions for architecture still dance in his mind when he has a moment to sit and imagine. Perhaps some day, with his new found title, he will build the city he has been dreaming of.

Relationship Summary

  • Octalin - This Kinlector and I are both devotees of Torth and had to take control of our family affairs instead of doing what we would want to with our lives. We have a common bond as do so many others like us.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Hatharal - The Marquis never thought he would lead his people. I just assumed I would have more time. I will lend him what help I can as we're in a similar predicament.
  • Alliah - She found herself taking up her family Marche far sooner than she expected as I did. It was one thing to know that eventuality would come and another to experience it. She and I can rely on one another to build the best future for our people.

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