Marquis Hatharal Palinnar

Don't you get bored of seeing the same thing for decades at a time? Time for something new.

Concept: Free Spirited Marquis
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Palinnar
Gender: Male
Age: 187
Birthday: 7/22
Patron: Loran
Vocation: Explorer
Height: 6'7"
Hair Color: Dusty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Skintone: Tanned
Marital Status: Married

Description: Keen blue-green eyes look out of an angular face, with sharp handsome cheekbones and a pointed jaw. A bit on the thin side, his skin is tanned with a healthy sunny glow. There's a vibrant energy to him which manifests unconsciously in a tapping toe or drumming finger.

Personality: Never able to sit still, never able to keep from moving, Hatharal loves to keep shifting from thing to thing, never bogged down or tied to anything for too long. Despite this, everything is met with the same intensity of focus as the thing before it, each the object of his attention and perception to the fullest of his being. He sees this as being part of his devotion to Loran, focusing on the future yet living for the moment so it isn't wasted.

Background: Hatharal was the second son, brother of the Marquis Palinnar before him. As such, the expectations of ruling were never placed on him and instead of learning politics and economics, he was free to ride the plains and climb trees, exploring the lands which his ancestors had already discovered. The fact there was so much of Larandor already mapped and accounted for always left him a little sad, no matter how hard looked for anything anyone might have forgotten or overlooked on old maps. But he focused his energy into what he could, rarely sitting still or letting anything fetter him and his attentions.

When his brother was lost in the migration, he took up the mantle of Marquis, completely unprepared for it. His spirit is a free one, bound to adventure and discovery. Being burdened with these responsibilities, playing the game of politics, it bores him. So, he is hoping to turn his family in a new direction here in this untamed land. He seeks to discover and settle it with them by his side. Here... here there is adventure to be found.

Relationship Summary

  • Ember - My cousin Ember was the -first- to enter the portals in Lorawin Harbor and set foot in Thelos. The thrill of discovery was all hers! I'm jealous and proud all at once.

  • Faenor:
  • Freyvidr - Frey and I have grown quite close over the past several weeks. He is someone I enjoy spending my time with and hearing stories of wolves and snow from. He can be a little cold--as all Faenor can be, but underneath there is bright, passionate fire.

  • Ally:
  • Alliah - The Marchioness and I both never expected to be inheriting our titles so soon. She at least knew it was coming; I never thought I would be filling in for my brother. We have that to bond over and the woes of responsibility.
  • Galeren - A fellow Marquis who I have grown to respect quite a bit. I look forward to our houses working together in the future.

  • Faenor:
  • Valatir - There is much I could say about this beautiful, intelligent, funny, wonderful man. We are very different, but it brings balance to us. We are a perfect pair, and together we are stronger and wiser. Together, we will lead Palinnar to greatness.

  • Friend:
  • Seren - Lady Seren and I have grown closer over the past year. Her presence is a source of comfort I can always count on, and her company a blessing I will always cherish.
  • Leda - Princess Leda is the perfect example of what every Lorandi should strive to be: Poised and charming, but also very caring. She is someone I look up to quite a bit, and someone I am honored to call my friend.

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