Lady Heir Talrin Keir

A wolf's strength comes from the pack. And the pack's strength? From each wolf.

Concept: Inspiring Knight
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Keir
Gender: Female
Age: 132
Birthday: 06/18
Patron: Garwen
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Ash White
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Skintone: Freckled Fair
Marital Status: Married

Titles: Grandmaster of the Knights of the Argent Moon

Description: Bone-straight, ashen white hair frames her fair face. A faint smattering of freckles dances across the bridge of her pixie nose, trailing into nothingness at her cheeks made rosy from hours spent outdoors. Aquamarine eyes are set beneath dark, but always well manicured brows. While she may be diminutive in height, her build is athletic and toned. There is a militaristic precision to her every movement, from her picture perfect posture to even the smallest of gestures.

Personality: Talrin is known for her biting wit. She seldoms tries to offend, though, and tends to focus on inspiring others to push themselves. She has a knack for knowing when to be serious, and when to be more playful. She carries herself with the military discipline that her family is known for, but she makes sure to try and create a rapport with her subordinates when possible. She knows very well that she's often asking them to put their lives on the line, and takes that responsibility very seriously. She's outspoken and certainly not shy, having no qualms about making her views on Faenor politics known to anyone that would listen. However when duty calls, she's the first one to fall in line.

Background: Talrin was born with a sword in hand, and a book in the other. Or so would her father, High Lord of House Keir would often tease her with. By the time that her parents, Gariss and Salin Keir were blessed by Brundir with caring for Talrin's soul, her father had already retired from active military life. But once a Keir, always a Keir, so that didn't stop him from being involved in Talrin's military education since she was a child. That she was born during the Mortal Strife made it more important for Talrin to learn, and fast. Yet, the recently found love for books that her father was also known for was as much an influence in her life.

The end result was a young knight, that like her father made sure to join the Knights of the Argent Moon, while also serving in the Faenor Military. She became known for her bravery and her ability to speak his mind about the issues of her people, while inspiring others. She distinguished herself during the Eradication War, which led her to move up through the ranks of the Argent Knights. Between the War and the Third Migration, the Faenor Military and the Argent Knights paid a very heavy price.

The leaders of both groups had died by the time the journey to Aarandor was completed, and Talrin fully expected her father to support her in taking over both organizations. Except, he didn't. Instead, he supported and sponsored her cousin Lathia in becoming the new General of the Faenor Military before the Council of Five. Talrin wasn't thrilled, but she accepted the decision. She made no complaints about it, which pleased her father, after all she was still needed to serve. With so many Argent Knights meeting their end during the war, the Council of Five decided to appoint her as the new Grandmaster of the Knights of the Argent Moon, with the full support of her father. She was both surprised and honored by the decision, and now works with her father to make sure she is eventually able to take over the leadership of the House as well.

Marriage: Ozymandius Naevon married Lady Heir Talrin Keir in the autumn of 52PA, joining house Keir.

Relationship Summary

  • Iridessa - She's so approachable and I'm hoping some of her ability to communicate with the other kinships rubs on me. She has been a good friend for as long as I've known her, and I hope we remain friends for many years to come.

  • Spouse:
  • Ozymandius - He truly did capture my heart and teach me to see beyond first impressions. I could not be happier then I am now sharing my life with this man. I am looking foward to our family growing stronger with him by my side.

  • Ally:
  • Falron - He can be so serious, but he is so devoted. Others feel a little weird around him, but he's never made me feel anything but safe whenever I see him in Thelos. He's a good soldier, and a good man.
  • Garett - Garett could achieve much in the knighthood, if he learned how to control his temper better. He has suffered much, but so have we all. His fury is useful, until it isn't. That kind of righteousness can lead to very dark paths very quickly. I must make sure to keep him on the lighter ones.
  • Boros - Boros is a quirky one. He is curious, always finding wonder in the teachings of Garwen. He is a good listener, and less judgmental than most would given him credit for. He has been supportive of the Argent Knights, and has my gratitude for that.

  • Family:
  • Lathia - I was admittedly just a tad jealous when Lathia was named General, but she's a fine warrior and a strong leader. Our military is in very capable hands, even though I still think I'm a better swordswoman than she is. Maybe. The future of our people, their safety is in our hands now, cousin and we will do well by them.

  • Parent:
  • Gariss - You never cease to surprise me father. You're warm sometimes, cold the other, but always there. Always firm and someone I can look up to. I will carry all your teachings with me, wherever I go and when the time comes, I'll do you proud and lead this House of ours with honor and distinction both.

  • Name Summary
    Garett The Grandmaster of my order. She has my allegiance, even if she is often less serious then I would like.
    Hrafn Having invited me to spar in the Hall of the Argent Knights, she bested me effortlessly. As my wounds were tended too, I was offered a place as an initiate in her order. Naturally, I accepted -- I can only hope to be half the swordsman she is.
    Kaelyn This young woman is quite set on a path to honor Garwen with all she can. She is going to do a tournament. I am definitely going to include her on what I can for honoring beloved Garwen.
    Medeia Polite and inclusive, the High Lord is expedcting and such a lovely coloring of child. Caspian. I hope to see the little one running around Thelos before long. I am horrid with kids but their energy is something to marvel at.