Lord High Priest Boros Ingith

There are some things you can only learn by weathering a storm.

Concept: Inquisitive High Priest
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Ingith
Gender: Male
Age: 214
Birthday: 01/06
Patron: Garwen
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'8
Hair Color: Silvery Blond
Eye Color: Gray
Skintone: Pale
Marital Status: Unmarried

Description: While tall and lean, his build is not what one would call scrawny. A subtly toned physique lends his otherwise elegant countenance substance. His skin is pale, melding seamlessly with the silver of his hair and the light gray tint of his gaze. His eyes are often roving, his inquisitive nature brightly showing in them, while quirky little smiles are a familiar sight on his thin pale lips.

Personality: Known for his easy smiles, Boros approaches his duty to Garwen from a point of wonder and curiosity. That's not to say he won't chastise someone that has acted against good, but he often does so by offering corrections and redirecting rather than by threatening damnation in the eyes of Garwen. He often takes the time to listen, letting others have their say before offering his. When it's time to have his say, he speaks with confidence and the certainty of the righteousness of his thoughts. He is respectful and rarely insulting in his tone, even when he disagrees or has a point to make.

Background: As the middle child of High Lord Geralt Ingith, Boros was spared the expectations that fall upon all Lord Heirs in the Faenor, but he was expected to have more responsibilities than his younger sister. He was a little odd, growing up, a child full of smiles from a parent that often had few to spare. His love for Garwen was very obvious since a young age, as was his affinity for manipulating lightning and the winds both. His father encouraged both his devotion to Garwen and his interest in magic.

Boros joined the priesthood of Garwen just before the Mortal Strife. As an initiate he often went in purification quests to the highest mountains of Khelwen, enduring the coldest and harshest of winds without complaint. So strong was his dedication, that a few times he was seen by a healer when coming back from his journeys. After his return from the last of such journeys, before becoming a full priest, High Priest Neronel Marindur went missing, never to be found. It was a sad day for the priesthood, but Boros made it his personal mission to move up in the priesthood to help make up for the loss of a man that was admired by many.

By the time of the Third Migration, Boros was a full priest, and was proficient in magic with some skill with the greatsword. He fought bravely when needed, condemning the Host as the embodiment of evil. Both House Ingith and the Garwen priesthood suffered heavy losses during the Third Migration. The death of his father meant that his sister Lythene became the new High Lord, and she already had an heir in her son, Garett. This freed Boros to fully dedicate himself to the priesthood allowing him to ascend to High Priest, simply due to the need for leaders to step up. Even after all that loss, Boros has managed to maintain what some refer to as an inquisitive pleasantness. He's very curious, always ready to share the wonders of his goddess pure heart, all in the hope to guide Garwen's faithful down the path of righteousness.

Relationship Summary

  • Lythene - My sister's dedication to the purity of heart is an example to many. Some think her cold, I know better, for she saves her warmth for the deserving. She is the pillar that will stand strong in the middle of the storm, watching as many others crumble because of their weakness.

  • Acquaintances:
  • Ingerith - She's Estril's high priest and a dark mysterious sort. An opposite to myself and my bright beautiful goddess.

  • Ally:
  • Talrin - Trading words with Talrin is always entertaining, and while she is dutiful she knows how to tell when a gentler approach might work best.

  • Family:
  • Garett - Anger in my nephew? No. Fury. Righteous fury. True, there are times I feel that he should take a step back and realize the people are flawed and must be shown the right path, but, every so often one needs to smite evil, and my nephew is certainly very good at that.
  • Dalarin - Dalarin was instrumental in teaching me the basics of evocation and exploring my early connection to the Lifewell. He was gravely wounded during the Mortal Strife, and has only recently returned to full health. I am happy to see him up and about once more.
  • Rhyven - Uncle Rhyven is... Well, suffice it to say I don't think I'll ask him to read one of his sagas at one of my sermons anymore. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but they aren't the most inspiring of pieces. Still, the truth often found in his words can not be denied, so perhaps there is a place for them.

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