Ronan Laenorin

Like the creatures of the land, we were intended to live

Concept: Jovial Wise Beastmaster
Fealty: Duindar
Family: Laenorin
Gender: Male
Age: 275
Birthday: 08/07
Patron: Gala
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Mulled Red Wine
Eye Color: Pistachio Green
Skintone: Beige Rose
Marital Status: married

Description: Ronan is a wanderer. He is closest to the creatures that he has befriended along his journeying. He is confident in himself and his skills. This confidence can be seen in the manner by which he walks, talks, and laughs. He has learned wisdom over the last 275 years but enjoys a healthy portion of levity in his life. His green eyes lull you into a sense of calm while his stare, heavy with wisdom, pierces to the depths of each being's soul. Fiercely loyal, Roan stands strong with whomever he aligns himself.

Personality: He has a joke for every occasion, especially occasions where humor is inappropriate. And he has a story for every situation. Ronan has a strong sense of fair play and always tries to find the most equitable solution to arguments.

Background: Ronan was raised among his Reid cousins high in the mountains of Khelwen, home of the Faenor. There he found a connection with the beasts and learned how to show them he was a friend and not a foe. Ronan grew up looking towards the light in all things, until the light he sought brought him down from the mountains to find others. He always felt that there was more to the world than the pure snow and isolated existence he had known. This sense of adventure was abhorred by the council and he was forbidden to seek out others. The council worried Ronan might become corrupted by what was out there, no longer shielded by the Faenor. He packed up and left in the dead of night so he could move undetected through the mountain pass. With Ithiriel Elexia in power and her push for unity, House Reid decided not to persue him. If he wanted to die alone on the mountain, that was his choice.

Despite the harsh conditions and the suffering of the journey, Ronan eventually found himself at the base of the mountain, wandering the riverlands of the Duindar. There he spotted Theleria. He watched as she worked through the land, placing her hands on the withered and dried plants, helping them break in to spring. As he watches, a nearby hawk called to him from the trees. His cover was blown as the hawk swooped down and landed upon his shoulder. Curious, he approached Theleria with questions of the Duindar. After a brief exchange he learned how her people came to be. She told Ronan of how her people welcomed new elves, wherever they hailed from and invited him to climb the trees with her.

Having abandoned his life in Khelwen and fought beside the Duindar in the Eradication War, Ronan now finds himself living in Isalspire with the Duindar. Theleria was eager to welcome him in to House Laenorin. Their understanding of nature brings him comfort as he continue to learn of the beasts in the air, on the land, and in the waters.

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