Commander Melindra Devrien

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

Concept: Feral Huntress
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Birthday: 04/04
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Beastmaster
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Sanguine
Eye Color: Sage
Skintone: Sun-bronzed
Marital Status: Married

Description: The first thing most notice about Melindra is her height; or rather, the lack of it, at least in comparison to her fellows. Any who get close enough to see the tangles in her Sanguine colored hair can feel that there's an anger brewing inside this sun-bronzed elf. The constant growl to the edge of her tone and the hard set of the sage-colored eyes keep the diminutive warrior from fading into the background, not to mention the bloodstains that are frequent companions to skin and clothing. Her face is often marked with war paint, lending a certain fierceness to her mien, as well as showcasing her devotion to the god Rithor. Since Melindra's duel with the Sand Watcher Sage, nasty looking scars have appeared along her body. Fierce and ferocious looking, the deep scars look like they were made by large and fearsome talons, that could easily rip and rend flesh. The scars are a testament to her fearlessness, and borne with pride.

Personality: Headstrong. Passionate. Fierce. Hot blooded. Untamed. Wild. All are words that describe Melindra. Fearless and passionate like her mother and older sister. When she tries something, she gives it her all, throwing herself into what she does with a stubborn determination. Tempestuous and at times volatile, Melindra moves to the beat of her own drum, not willing to bend to really anyone's will but her own. Of course, that's not all there is to Melindra. She has a love of bright colors, and often collects vividly colored glassware and flowers, as well as semi-precious stones she comes across in the desert. She can be tender and kind with the smaller children of Nasherat, and often dotes on the animals in her care.

Background: Melindra has no recollection of what life was like in the Old World, nor really anything to measure it against, having been born on the ships to the New World, though perhaps some say she was born in bloody battle, just before all the Elves set sail. Some believed battle was in her blood. And well, they were not wrong.

Melindra, or Mel, or even Meli, as some of her family call her which Melindra hates, but that doesn't stop them. Afterall, what good is being family when you can't have nicknames for each other that you hate. Even from a young age she was fierce and aggressive, known for biting and getting into fights. If it looked at her funny, she punched it, kicked it, bit it... the youngest of Sylindra and Aganor, often returned home wearing blood. Sometimes her own, sometimes someone or something else's, and often both.

She grew up idolizing her Great Grandmother, and her mother very much, as well as her older sister, Lyandra. Though while she did not follow after her sister or her father, she was more like her brother, Joran, and her mother. But she always had a wildness about her. Chaotic and untamed, it was hard at times to gauge her reaction, or what mood she might be in.

Amidst that chaos and passion, and blood thirst, Melindra has a few loves; hunting, animals, and art. The first two she is decent and skilled at, the third, not so much, but she doesn't seem to care. As long as she has a means to express herself, that is all that matters to her. On top of her often bringing home animals, that she has found. Many of which she has trained herself.

Name Summary
Aerays It was rats that brought civilizations to their knees.
Aganor My youngest daughter..fiery and passionate. I hope that the years will serve to temper her fire and give her the wisdom as to when to use it. I hope that she survives the years to gain such wisdom.
Lyandra I do love my sister. But the amount of rage that boils inside her worries me more than any danger she might find out on the sands.
Mihris A warrior worth more than her mettle. She is strong and capable. New goal. Be ready to face Melindra the Untouched in the near future.
Rivek My mother used to tell me about these animals back in Larandor called stray cats. That sometimes they'd come along and brush against you, and let you pet them, and others they'd hiss and claw and bite. I think Mel has some of that about her. It probably doesn't help that I poke at her to see the hissing and the biting parts.
Sorgath My youngest niece, and already a fierce warrior! I am proud of how far she's come in her training and I look forward to telling stories about her battles around the fire when I am finally too old and busted up to keep fighting myself.