Elyon Reid

Though the nights be cold and the wind sharp, I shall feel no chill for there is no fear within my heart.

Concept: Sharp Hunter
Fealty: Faenor
Family: Reid
Gender: Male
Age: 152
Birthday: 10/08
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Hunter
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skintone: Fair
Marital Status: Single

Description: Long white hair is often left loose and wild save when more practical to be bound in the midst of a hunt. Ice blue eyes are sharp and perceptive, with the alertness of a hunter, one who is always observant. He stands tall, and athletic, with the build of an archer. His clothing tends toward the practical for someone who spends a great deal of time outdoors. He carries himself with a quiet confidence, fearless and self-assured. He is quiet often, but can be coaxed into conversation with only a little effort.

Personality: Fearless, confident, and observant -- Elyon is as sharp as his arrows, and as quiet as the snow through which he hunts. While he may, at times, be reserved; he can be coaxed into conversation and is as quick to flash a sharp white smile as he is to lose himself in pensive thought, or focus on the hunt. When there is quarry to be hunted, he can be a tireless tracker, but he does not lack the ability to relax when the hunt is over.

Background: Elyon was born to hunt. His father had been a hunter before him, swift and silent, with his companion wolf ever by his side. When Elyon was born, he too was destined to become a hunter like his father. It was evident that Rithor would be his patron from the time that he was very young. He was prone to risk-taking, always up for a challenge, whether it was to climb a sharp peak, ford a quickly moving stream, or to brave an icy surface with a step light enough not to break it and fall in -- Elyon was always quick to accept. That's not to say that it never got him into any trouble, or that he suffered no injuries for some of his more ill-fated choices, but each one was a learning experience, and he never expressed any regrets for his childhood scrapes and tumbles.

When he came of age, he too was bonded to his wolf companion, Rona, from the same line as his father's companion. She was brought along on the journey to Aarandor but did not survive the trip. It was a journey that his father would not make with him, having simply disappeared years before. It wasn't unusual for his father to be gone for long periods of time throughout his young life -- but there was something about this time that felt different, and Elyon felt it in his bones that his father was not going to be returning. So when the time came to move on to the new world, he left the old one behind, mourning the loss, but moving forward.

As a cousin to the High Lord's branch of the Reid family on his paternal grandmother's side, Elyon was never expected to inherit anything, so instead he was expected to be productive and supportive of the household. He served as hunter and scout, and seemed content with that. It was not that Elyon did not possess ambition. But he desired to excel in the areas in which he was strong -- and politics and leadership were not his areas of expertise. Power was never an aspiration, nor political maneuvering. Instead, he wanted to best serve his family and their people with his eyes and his bow, his vigilance and his skill.

He's still finding his place in this new world as he watches his people establish themselves, and he intends to fight for the future that they will build in these new lands, and face its challenges unafraid.

Name Summary
Seren As a few other Faenor I know, he speaks of Khelgar with such a poetic depths and love. Though I can see he has an adventurous spirit and would roam if he could. His company is assuredly enjoyed and I very much look forward to when we may speak again.