Rivek Devrien

It always amazes me, how swiftly problems can be solved, once you start cutting things off of people.

Concept: Hatchet Man
Fealty: Thalerith
Family: Devrien
Gender: Male
Age: 61
Birthday: 6/6
Patron: Rithor
Vocation: Enforcer
Height: 6'8"
Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Skintone: Copper
Marital Status: Married

Description: Rivek cuts an imposing figure at first glance. Like a tiger on the prowl, he is as liquid muscle with a strut that forces himself in tight control of his body and space. Hair bound back and intericately woven alongside carefully shaved sides to keep his ears free show a focused man unyielding to the elements. The only thing that seems to be out of his direct and intentional control is a number of small cuts and bruises that seem to just manifest along the man from routine accidents here and there. Likewise, his clothes seem to intentionally seek out stains despite the man's fervent attempts to keep them clean, much to his irritation when pointed out.

Personality: There's a lazy confidence about Rivek that almost borders on arrogance, and he seems to almost be smugly judging everyone around him. Sizing them up in his hawk-like gaze. And his smile well, is more of a smirk, that carries a wicked predatory feel to it. While sometimes quick to a vicious anger, it's almost always a controlled, cold thing rarely causing impulsive action. He places a high value on loyalty to family and kinship, and it's likely the fact that often his bouts of occasional cruelty are in their defense that keep him tolerated by both.

Background: Growing up, Rivek's parents were often absent in his life, called away by their occupations, and so it was that he often found himself with plenty of time to get into trouble he had no business getting into. Often times, his companions for these escapades was none other than his older sister, Azariah, the two as thick as thieves. Or sometimes just literal thieving brats.

When the the pairs parents and younger brother up and disappeared one day, well... Rivek honestly didn't notice at first. They often were gone for days at a time, and sometimes took one of the children with them. As days became weeks however, it seemed obvious that something was afoot. By the time the search was called off a month later, something had hardened in Rivek. He and Azariah were taken in by their aunt, Deanna, but took care of themselves for the most part, even if they were grateful.

As the pair grew older, Rivek grew in strength and stature, and his Aunt started to have him train with the scouts in some of the more 'hands on' methods of combat, which seemed to suit the boy's growing cruel streak well enough. Now a young man, Rivek is trusted by the family as someone who can be relied upon to carry out some of the more unpleasant necessities that come up and little moral qualms about such, so long as it's for family and kinship.

Name Summary
Aerays How quick some of us forget the arrival of the host. Dying meaninglessly in the desert spits in the face of those that survived and perhaps some of us are tired of running and ready to make a stand.
Lyandra There's a charm to Rivek, which seems entirely in opposition to the grimness of his position in Thelarith society. My sister seems to despise him, but I simply cannot bring myself to do the same.
Seren The Thalerith is a rather sharp and sarcastic young elf. His wit is well timed and I can say he does a fair job of goading responses and people. He even made me laugh a feat in and of itself.
Sorgath He's a young warrior that came seeking my endorsement to go on a mission with Zenandra. Well by Rithor the lad got it. He's a hell of a fighter, and a credit to the Thalerith.