Queen Catlith Serannar

You have been weighed. You have been measured. You have been found wanting.

Concept: High Priest of Baridon
Fealty: Lorandi
Family: Serannar
Gender: female
Age: 124
Birthday: 9/11
Patron: Baridon
Vocation: Priest
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Slate Grey
Skintone: Alabaster
Marital Status: Married

Description: Just as Baridon sees the world in black and white, so does his devoted follower present herself in the same way. Jet black hair with a slight wave to it hangs down to frame an alabaster face. Her features are gentle despite her severe coloring. Her eyes, a slate gray, are the color of a sea just before a storm. They always seem to be silently judging even when she wears a smile.

(On this the day of her wedding, the High Priestess of Baridon has chosen to forsake her usual crimson and black. Instead she's dressed in a flowing blue stola in honor of both the Serannar and the sea. The brilliant sapphire silk has been trimmed and edged in delicate gold embroidery that catches the light. A gold belt, almost wide enough to be considered a corset, is belted so tightly around her waist that its a wonder the elfess can breath. Its exact shade matches the fibulae at her shoulders but, more importantly, also the circlet of sculpted morning glories that's nestled in her hair. Her black strands are held back from her face with combs, but otherwise left to flow in loose waves down her back. She is the picture of an Aeran bride, softened and smoothed for the tastes of the Lorandi court -- all save for her bared arms, with the tattooed bands circling above her elbows are left for all to see.)

Personality: Catlith likes structure and hierarchy. Growing up among the balanced free nature of the Aeran Kinship was hard on her. Unwilling to sail, or build or any of the other fine things her people are known for, she decided to dedicate herself fully to the Doomsayer and his teachings. She holds accountability high among all traits. Either you are doing what you said you would do or you are failing. This tends to leave her slightly cynical about most people, befriending only those she has deemed most trustworthy. Baridon's departure and anger has left her shaken, but she is determined to mend the broken walls of his shrine, both figuratively and literally.

Background: Catlith never quite fit in with her Kinship. Where most of them were fickle and followed Aereth in such a carefree way, she preferred structure. Law. Order. A place for everything and everything in its place. While others studied the sea, she studied maritime law. Where they went out on their ships, she went into the libraries and shrines.

She is the cousin to Selene and Rythadrien and though they have tried, she never quite felt like she fit in with them. She actually moved to be amongst the Lorandi Kin by becoming a Kinessi of House Monstald, as the Ithiriel Elexia encouraged inter-kin interaction, and was brought up with them where she could better study their structure as well of that of the similar human kingdoms. There she fell in love with the practice of law, obsessed with the rules that govern society.

Since the sea was never her calling, she went instead into the priesthood of Baridon. The priesthood became her new family and she holds only a mild allegiance to her Kinship out of duty. High Priest Galahir Aenorr took the young elf under his wing and became her mentor, teaching her how to uphold the shrine's law as well as that of the various kinships. It was after his passing on the journey to Aarandor that she assumed his mantle and became High Priestess. She also returned back to the Aeran Kinship at that time to help her family establish stability in their new lands.

The shutting of Baridon's shrine on the arrival of the Portal Walkers has never sat well with her, leaving her slightly troubled and saddened. There is a bond that needs to be mended and it falls to her young shoulders to find out how to repair it. It has left her all the more determined and driven.

Marriage: Catlith married Arminel Serannar on 7/6/54 PA. Catlith joined House Serannar, becoming Queen Catlith Serannar.

Relationship Summary

  • Ingerith - The high priest of Estril is a slightly odd one as one might expect. I knew her when I was housed amongst the Lorandi in my youth and was not surprised she took the mantle of High priestess. I can rely on her help in matters of the Faith.

  • Ally:
  • Rivaron - Rivaron is second in command of the Blood Templars, who follows our god and sees to it His laws are enforced in Thelos. He is steadfast and firm and I can rely on him to carry out his duties. Perhaps he will have ideas about how we can appease our god.
  • Falron - Falron is the one the Council requested form the Blood Templars to keep our city of Thelos safe. He oversees their number with wisdom and temeperence. He shall be instrumental in restoring our God's faith in us.
  • Zenandra - She comes across as carefree, perhaps too much so, however I've found her to be dutiful when it comes to her position of High Priestess and the ruling of Thelos.

  • Family:
  • Rythadrien - My cousin. Although we have drifted apart with my time spent amongst the Lorandi, I am pleased to see he has become our Chief. I will ensure he does right by our laws and traditions, even if we have been long apart.
  • Selene - A builder and thinker, my cousin. She was instrumental in getting the ships built for our journey; she kept her word that they would get us here.

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